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Robert Farley Bio, Cause Of Death, Job, Caleb Farley Father

NFL star Caleb Farley’s father Robert Farley is no more. What is the cause of his death? What was his job and age at the time of his death? Who were his parents and siblings?

Read all that we know about Robert Farley in this article below.

Meet Robert Farley, Caleb Farley Father

NFL star Caleb Farley’s father Robert Farley was killed in a massive explosion at the player’s North Carolina home. Robert Farley, 61, was found dead after first responders combed through the multimillion-dollar house’s wreckage. At the time of the explosion, the cornerback for the Tennessee Titans was not at home. There is no suspicion of wrongdoing; the probe is only focused on the property’s natural gas lines.

According to a statement issued by Iredell County, Christian Rogers, a 25-year-old family friend who was also present at the house, was brought to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. All of the cars that were parked outside the 6,300 sq ft (585 sq m) lakeside residence in Mooresville, a Charlotte suburb, were destroyed.

“There’s a lot of devastation,” Iredell County director of fire services and emergency management Kent Greene told the Tennessean. “There’s nothing left of this structure except a partial wall.” Caleb was spotted on the scene speaking to authorities after the blast on Tuesday morning.

The local news source Queen City News was informed by neighbors that they had heard the explosion and smelled gas.

“A loud boom, about five minutes to midnight,” said neighbor Clay Wild. “I can’t believe it.”

“I know he lost his mother at a young age as well,” his teammate Kevin Byard said. “He’s dealt with a lot of adversity. It’s very tragic. It’s an unimaginable tragedy.”

Son Caleb, who starred at Maiden and plays now in the NFL, says he knew his father had a wonderful reputation.

“Growing up I knew my father was always loved in this community, I knew my father was well respected,” Caleb said. And that’s one reason you see so much love being shown to the family now.

Tennessee Titans cornerback Caleb said his father “wasn’t supposed to go out like this” after the elder Farley was killed Tuesday during an explosion at Caleb’s $3 million North Carolina home. “Daddy, you a legend. I love you,” Caleb said in a series of videos on Instagram following the tragedy.

Robert Farley Cause Of Death

The precise case of the death of Robert Farley is yet to be revealed. However, it is likely the injury was caused by the fire.

Robert Farley Age At The Time Of His Death

At the time of his death, Robert Farley was 61 years old.

Who Were Robert Farley Parents?

Robert Farley was born to his parents Elijah Farley and Corine F. Farley. He was born to his folks on 12 December 1961 in Catawba County.

Corine, his mother, is 81 years old. She was born in August 1942. She is available on Facebook.

His dad Elijah was born in February 1943 which makes him 80 years old.

Robert has one brother named Elijah S. Farley and is engaged to his fiancé Tammy. He works at  Superior Barber Styling Center and attended Black World Barber College. Elijah is 34 years old.

Elijah spoke to a local news and shared that Robert will be remembered for a genuine desire to do good, and to have others do good. He credited his parents for their Christian faith as the reason they sought to give back to the community.

“She (their mother) would go into her room and then she would get on her knees and pray for like hours, hours at a time,” Elijah said. “We believe in doing good things in life. Our life ain’t just for us, we want to see everybody do good. It’s not just about us, it’s about everybody.”

“My brother would always tell me, like bruh, that guy that’s out there that’s homeless or whatnot, you give him the same respect that you would a rich guy because he has just as much value in this world as a rich person,” Elijah added. “My brother…if he would see anyone in need he would go in his pocket and give them say, something to eat, and never owe him anything in return.  He didn’t do it for a show he did it because it was genuine, that’s how we were raised by our momma and daddy.”

Meanwhile, Robert has four sisters Kathy F. Lewis and her husband Glenn Lewis, Sandra F. Phelps and husband Patrick Phelps, Jacquelyn F. Davis and husband William Davis, and Cynthia F. Robinson and husband Tracy Robinson.

Robert Farley Job

Robert Farley was in the Maiden High School football team that won the state championship. “They would argue that Robert was faster than Caleb,” said head coach Will Byrne. “It’s still an argument to this day, who the fastest was.” However, according to Elijah, he decided to leave football and get into the barbering business to help him.

Elijah had a large clientele because of his talent for haircutting. He claimed that when Robert saw him strain to keep up while staying up late every night, he came to the conclusion that something had to give.

“My brother, tired of seeing me struggle and whatnot, he stopped his career which he made good money doing what he was doing, he put aside that and he went to barber school just so he could help.”

In Newton, Robert Farley operated a barbershop. He frequently provided assistance to customers who arrived at his barbershop hungry, according to his brother, but he did it in a way that the customers wouldn’t realize it was coming from him.

“If we ever get blessed in our life give back, it is better to give than receive, that is just the mentality my brother had with the community,” Elijah said. “That’s why he was loved so much because he would give the shirt off of his back.”

Related FAQs

  • Is There An Obituary For Robert Farley?

Yes, there is an obituary for Robert Farley.

  • Where Was Robert Farley From?

Robert Farley hailed from Maiden, North Carolina.

  • When Was Robert Farley Birthday?

Robert Farley’s birthday was on 12 December.

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