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Anya Firestone Parents: Itzy Firestone And Ibi Kaufman

Anya Firestone is not only one of the cast members on Bravo’s newly dropped Real Girlfriends in Paris, but she is also the mother figure of the group that comprises her and five others — Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Kacey Margo, Adja Toure, and Victoria Zito.

Anya is an art historian who is licensed by the French government to give tours at every historical and cultural venue in Paris. Joining the show allowed her to show her girlfriends and viewers a deeper look at Paris. She is so passionate about French culture that she actually believes that she was born French in her previous life. Having said that, let’s find out who she was born to in this life in this writing that is exclusively about her parents.

Who Are Anya Firestone’s Parents?

Anya Firestone was born to her father Itzy Firestone and her mother Ibi Kaufman. The folks welcomed Anya into their lives on 11 November 1989.

Keep reading and get to know each one of them in the rest of the writing.

Meet Anya Firestone’s Father, Itzy Firestone

Anya Firestone’s father though he goes around as ‘Itzy Firestone’, his real name is I. W. “Itzy” Firestone.

Young Anya Firestone with her father, Itzy Firestone (PIC: Instagram)

Clearly, look-wise, Anya is the carbon copy of her mother. So, on Father’s Day once, she took to her Instagram an adorable picture of her and her father citing a bit of regret as to the reality that she did not get her dad’s “tan gene”.

  • Itzy Firestone Age

Reportedly born in 1953, he reached the age of 69 in likely February 2022.

Itzy also for his birthday last year, started a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

  • Itzy Firestone Job

Itzy Firestone, according to his LinkedIn and BIO on the internet, is an actor at National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene, aka Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre. Also, it turns out he has been a professional actor in this theatre for 46 years and more. He also received an acting degree back in the day. However, the details of it were not known. And likely before that, Itzy also graduated from Hunter College.

  • Is Itzy Firestone Instagram?

Itzy Firestone could not be found on Instagram. However, he was on Facebook and even seemed to be actively involved here.

Meet Anya Firestone’s Mother, Ibi Kaufman

Lately, on Instagram, Anya’s mother, Ibi Kaufman took to her social media to write she is thrilled to be part of this 5 September 2022-premiered “fantastic new show” with her daughter. So clearly, she is also appearing on RGIP and maybe also her husband.

Ibi is the daughter of the late Judka Kaufman. It was 26 October 2010, when at the age of 90, her father passed away. As per the family ritual, he was buried in Shalom Memorial Cemetary in Philadelphia.

Judka again was the son of Gitle Belfer and Joseph Kaufman and at the time of his passing was survived by his wife (Anya’s mother) Helen, and daughters Bella, Margareta, and Ibi and their children, Eric, Marc, Paul, Alana, and Anya Firestone. Alana Weiss, Paul Weiss, Eric Bernstein, and Marc Berstein are Ibi’s beloved nieces and nephews.

  • Ibi Kaufman Age

Born in July 1953, Ibi Kaufman reached the age of 69 in 2022.

For her birthday a year before, she had asked for donations to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She was hoping that her friends and family would consider this as a way to contribute to celebrating with her.

  • Ibi Kaufman Job

Ibi Kaufman, as per her LinkedIn and IMDB, is a film and stage actor known for Last Rites (1988) and Walls of Glass (1985).

She appears to have a few other television and many off-broadway and regional theatre credits. But before all that, she completed her studies. After high school at George Washington High in Philadelphia (Class of 1971), she studied Physical/Massage Therapy at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy as well as Communications and Theater at Temple University.

  • Is Ibi Kaufman On Instagram?

Indeed. Ibi Kaufman could be found on Instagram @ibifirestone where she had 9 posts and 120 followers as of 5 September 2022.

She also entertained her 322 friends on ‘Ibi Kaufman Firestone’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Anya Firestone’s Parents Still Married?

Anya Firestone’s parents are no more together and married. We can tell this because Anya’s mother mentioned being divorced on Facebook. Though interestingly, she chose not to let go of her ex-husband’s last name. Because even today she goes around mostly by the name Ibi Kaufman Firestone.

  • How Many Kids Do Anya Firestone’s Parents Have?

Anya Firestone appears to be her parents’ only child. Luckily, the folks have a son-in-law as well as Anya has been married to Matthieu Rasset. But, there likely have been no more kids and as a result, Anya also seemingly does not have any siblings.

  • Where Are Anya Firestone’s Parents From?

Clearly, because Anya Firestone’s parents are divorced they no longer stay together. But still, as of 2022, the estranged couple shared the same cities. Meaning both seemed to be inhabiting New York, New York.

As for Anya’s mother only, she was born and bred in her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also mentioned moving to the United States in 1953 and to Israel in 1973.

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