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Ashley Duvendack Bio, Age, Job, Family, Love In The Jungle

Ashley Duvendack had a good life. She was making “multiple six-figure”, traveling all around, and working hard and playing harder. But deep down she knew that she was destined for something more. Thus, she left everything behind, restarted her life and now she’s a part of Discovery Plus’s Love in the Jungle.

Keep reading this Ashley Duvendack Bio to know her better.

Ashley Duvendack On Love In The Jungle

Discovery Plus’s Love in the Jungle premiered on May 8, 2022, and it saw 14 “sexy” singles including Ashley Duvendack, who each identified as an animal they feel best resembled their personality and were ready to let their animal instincts find love for them.

Our star, Ashley, after a lot of soul searching, finally found herself auditioning for the show without knowing what she was getting into. Later, as she was assigned an animal persona and explained the tasks she had to do without talking, she came to see the people around her not just as potential partners, but also as “a door to unlock an experience” or life lesson.

But this wasn’t her first eye-opening experience in life.

It was August 13, 2020, when she found herself covered in blood, lying naked on her bathroom floor with no memory of what happened. Later that night, at the hospital, she learned that she had lost over a liter of blood and was on standby for an emergency transfusion. It seemed that she had had an internally bleeding causing her to faint in the middle of the night, and the impact of her face hitting the wall split her forehead open requiring 7 stitches.

So, 8 days later, Ashley then decided to discharge herself, declined further medical assistance, and went “all-in on herself.” Trying her best to being a new chapter, she then spent any penny she could on life coaches, retreats, programs, and anything that would educate her.

As a result of her commitment, Ashley claimed that she now lives a more beautiful than the one she used to dream of⁣. “I’m now my own CEO, living in my dream city. Even on my bad days, I wake up feeling free in my body and grateful for life⁣⁣,” she explained.

Is Ashley Duvendack Dating Anyone?

Ashley Duvendack wasn’t dating anyone before she joined Love in the Jungle in 2021.

However, Ashley was in a toxic relationship a year before that. Though she didn’t share her boyfriend’s name, she did label her then-relationship to be “incredibly dangerous and harmful.”

According to her, Ashley met her boyfriend at a party and fell drunk in love. Eventually, her boyfriend then pushed himself away and avoided true intimacy, which in turn got her feeling low and becoming more demanding. Ultimately, her boyfriend, overwhelmed, cheated on her. And yet, she tried to fix their relationship and the cycle continued.

But this wasn’t the first time anyone cheated on her. Infact, 3 out of 4 of her boyfriend had cheated on her, and yet she always chose to stay. Why? Well, she claims it was because she didn’t love herself.

However, things are different now. She’s made peace with her past and has taken all of those experiences and lessons that lead her to this exact moment — “To finally coming home to myself. To finally falling so deeply in love with myself – flaws and all,” she explained.

Ashley Duvendack Age

Ashley Duvendack was 31 years of age when she appeared on Love in the Jungle in 2021.

Also, her co-constant Stephan Davis was 31 then as well.

Coincidentally, they also share that same birth month.

Ashley Duvendack Family

Ashley Duvendack comes family a family of four.

For as long as Ashley can remember, her parents hated each other. “The kind of hate where phones are ripped off the wall, couches flipped, glass broken, dads sleeping on my swing set, letters with bitch written on them, and moms bags are packed not knowing when I’d see her,” she explained.

Also, she revealed that her father, Jeff Duvendack was abusive and suicidal. He had a suicide attempt when she was 10 and she was the one who found him that night. From that day, for the next 19 years, Ashley carried all that rage and sorrow with her.  “It was so painful I didn’t want to keep feeling some days. I went inward for answers and was gifted with this deep forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and self-acceptance for myself and my father⁣,” she added.

There were even times Ashley contemplated suicide herself.

But that’s all in the past. Ashley as well as her father now lives a better life. The last we checked, Jeff worked at Ohio EPA and lived in Quincy, Michigan with his wife Sandy Duvendack (Ashley’s stepmother). Previously, Jeff also used to be a part of the 180th Fighter Wing at the US Air Force.

Talking about Ashley’s stepmother, Sandy Duvendack (Scott) worked as a realtor at Branch County Association of Realtors. This Oregon, Ohio native married Ashley’s dad in May 2003.

As for Ashley’s siblings, she has a brother named Chip who was married to Lydia.

Is Ashley Duvendack On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @ashleyduvendack.

Also, here’s her Facebook @ashley.duvendack.

Ashley Duvendack Height

Ashley Duvendack stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

She admitted to using botox, extensions, and hiding her body behind shiny things.

Ashley Duvendack Job

Ashley Duvendack is a Self-Love and Embodiment Coach and a certified Breathwork facilitator and Meditation teacher. She is deeply passionate about human behavior and helping elevate human consciousness and end suffering.

As of 2022, she labeled her job as an “embodiment coach and breathwork facilitator.”

Prior to that, Ashley worked at SAS for almost 6 years and as an account manager at “twineLABS – Tech Startup / Digital Sales & Marketing” from Nov 2013 to May 2015.

As for her education, she received her business administration degree from the University of Toledo in 2015.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ashley Duvendack Birthday?

 Ashley celebrates her birthday on Jan 15, making her of the Capricorn zodiac.

  • Where Is Ashley Duvendack From?

Ashley was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio.

But as of 2022, she resided in Los Angeles, California.

Reportedly, her 800-square-foot childhood home sold for $300. Yes! It’s no typo.

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