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Jordan Rosengarten Bio, Age, Height, Job, Love In The Jungle

Meet Jordan Rosengarten one among the fourteen singles who are ditching modern dating to get in touch with their animal instincts on Love in the Jungle, a new series that launched on discovery+ on 8 May 2022.

Now let us take you through this read about Jordan; to find out why he decided to go on this unique dating experience where the rules asked him and his mates not to talk at all and instead perform animalistic mating rituals to find romantic connections.

Jordan Rosengarten On Discovery Plus’s Love In The Jungle

Love in the Jungle called on 14 singles to deliver their most accurate animal impressions. Jordan Rosengarten chose to become a turtle as he has always been fascinated by this species in the animal kingdom. Hyping up the new show on his social media, he said turtles are awesome and he is awesome and that is the reason he chose to become one.

And while taking on the new form of communication does sound tough, Lynsey, another singleton, revealed that it only took about 20 minutes for everyone to get used to their more animal ways of getting their point across.

Season 1 of Love in the Jungle was shot on a private eco-reserve in Colombia as the South-American country boasts a vast range of eco-reserves. The premises took place, especially in and around Bosque Colibri, a family-owned business located near Cali. And in the jungle, Jordan and the others flirt and participate in mating rituals pulled straight out of the animal kingdom. That is of course without getting to verbally communicate.

Is Jordan Rosengarten Dating Anyone?

The very beginning episodes of Love In The Jungle saw Jordan making animal noises in women’s ears as part of a mating challenge. And then he was also especially noticed as he flirted with Mikaela Florence. So, does it mean that he is dating her now? It was of course kept secret.

Jordan might have brought home a girl from the show. But he likely was not dating anyone before he went on this dating game show.

Jordan Rosengarten Age

Reality star Jordan Rosengarten of Polish heritage reached the age of 36 in 2021.

Jordan Rosengarten Job

Jordan Rosengarten is a self-proclaimed bodybuilder; fitness trainer; online fitness coach; and “failing” open mic comedian. Now there is also a ‘reality TV star’ added to this list.

Over his YouTube Channel, he claims he has trained some of the funniest standup comics in the industry by putting them through intense workouts and even more rigorous interviews. About the interviews, he must be referring to Dark Horse Podcast.

Then, on his official website, Jordan goes into detail to explain the “Yes, I Do Know How It Feels” approach that he bides by as a trainer. And he was not just saying that for his business to flourish. He actually went through an overweight problem himself. There used to be a time when a 12-year-old him dreaded taking off his shirt at the pool during summer camp; worried what the other kids would say.

Is Jordan Rosengarten On Instagram?

Indeed! Jordan Rosengarten could be found on Instagram @jordanrosengarten where he had 397 posts and 1,028 followers as of 11 May 2022.

Jordan also shared glimpses of mostly his workouts and playtime with his adorable dog on TikTok @jordanbrianroseng; on ‘Jordan Brian Rosengarten’ Facebook; on Twitter @Jordanroseng.

Jordan Rosengarten Family

Jordan’s dad is 70-year-old Jeffrey Rosengarten. As per his LinkedIn, Jeffrey has been the senior vice president at Touro College and University System; in New York, New York since June 2015. Also, back in the day, from 1970 through 1974, he got his bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Queens College.

Then, there is Jayne Rosengarten, Jordan’s mum, who like her husband attended Queens College. Speaking of her career, she left her last job as a Vice President at Northeast Region at Birthright Israel Foundation in July 2021.

She also is the former Vice President of Marketing and Development at John Jay College of Criminal Justice; and a former Executive Director of Development at Huner College.

Anyway, Jordan’s parents had been together for more than 47 years and they were still going strong.

For siblings, Jordan has two brothers. They hey are Joshua Rosengarten (turned 40 in December 2021) and Jason Rosengarten (turned 46 in January 2022). Jordan also has a nephew called Shalom Rosengarten.

Jordan Rosengarten Height

Tall, fair, and handsome Jordan Rosengarten stands above 6 feet tall. At one time, he shared a throwback picture of himself, where he appears with no toned muscles and much belly fat. And then he revealed how walking into a gym back when he was 17 and eventually getting a trainer changed his life for the better.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jordan Rosengarten From?

Jordan Rosengarten is a native of his hometown in New York, New York.

  • When Is Jordan Rosengarten’s Birthday?

Jordan Rosengarten celebrates his birthday on the 22nd of October. And for people born on this day, their zodiac sign is Libra.

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