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Mikaela Florence Bio, Age, Job, Family, Love In The Jungle

When you’ve got no luck with the modern dating game, it’s time to let your inner animal out, literally! And this was exactly what Mikaela Florence did on Discovery Plus’s Love in the Jungle.

Follow this “Mikaela Florence Bio” to learn more about her.

Mikaela Florence On Love In The Jungle

Discovery Plus’s Love in the Jungle aired its pioneer ep on May 8, 2022, and it saw 14 “sexy” singles including Mikaela Florence, who each identified as an animal they feel best resembled their personality and were ready to let their animal instincts find love for them.

“This is it! The jungle or die,” Mikaela shared on the show’s trailer. Guess, she was fully prepared not to come out of the jungle alone.

And like she said, “the jungle or die,” the show demanded contestants to shed away their old concept of dating, fear, and reluctance to roar out loud. However, by “roar out loud,” we mean making animal noises since the show prohibited them from talking.

But on the bright side, it gave participants a very unique way to look at things. Being stripped of every kind of superficial peripheral thing, the contestants learned to trust their gut not only with physical attraction but emotional as well. They came to see the people around them not just as potential partners, but also as a door to unlock an experience or life lesson.

The inaugural season of Love in the Jungle was filmed on a private eco-reserve in Colombia. From astronomically impossible tasks to outrageous animal mating rituals, the contestants were subjected to some cringeworthy moments only to discover if they could find a partner through physical connection alone.

“They’ll fight like aggressive toads, strut like flamingos, and bellow like red deer – all in the hope of finding love,” a press release read.

Is Mikaela Florence Dating Anyone?

Mikaela Florence wasn’t dating anyone before she joined Love in the Jungle. No wonder, she flirted without care with Jordan Rosengarten on the show. Likewise, Jordan was also spotted making “animal noises” into Mikaela’s ear during a challenge. Meaning, that something could be up between the two.

In case you’re interested in Mikaela’s potential boyfriend, Jordan is a self-proclaimed bodybuilder, fitness trainer, online fitness coach, and “failing” open mic comedian. Now there is also a ‘reality TV star’ added to this list.

Over his YouTube Channel, he claims he has trained some of the funniest standup comics in the industry by putting them through intense workouts and even more rigorous interviews. About the interviews, he must be referring to Dark Horse Podcast.

Then, on his official website, Jordan goes into detail to explain the “Yes, I Do Know How It Feels” approach that he bides by as a trainer. And he was not just saying that for his business to flourish. He actually went through an overweight problem himself. There used to be a time when a 12-year-old him dreaded taking off his shirt at the pool during summer camp; worried what the other kids would say.

Mikaela Florence Age

Mikaela Florence was 31 years of age when she appeared in Love in the Jungle in 2022.

She is the same as her co-contestants Stephan Davis and Ashley Duvendack.

Mikaela Florence Family

Mikaela Florence comes from a family of “good teeth.” Or at least this was what she said.

Her small brother, Malik Florence was born on May 17, 1993. As of 2022, he lived in  Jacksonville, North Carolina, and played guitar in the band Something to abide by.

Here’s his FB @XxRhythmGuitarxX.

Is Mikaela Florence On Instagram?

Yes, as of May 2022, Mikaela entertained 754 followers over Instagram @mikaelabianca_. Sadly, her account was private.

Also, here’s her Facebook @magnificent.mikaela.

Mikaela Florence Height

Mikaela Florence stands tall at a height under 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

Mentioning her district features, Mikaela has short dark hair, tattoos over her shoulder and arms, and a beautiful smile.

Mikaela Florence Job

Mikaela Florence claims to be an exceptional collaborator and communicator who’s driven by solutions and results. She has over 7 years of experience in the dynamic hospitality field.

As of 2022, she was working as an assistant front office manager at Sagamore Hotel South Beach. Also, was the owner of Fluorescence Faces L.L.C then, which was incorporated in March 2021.

Prior to that, Mikaela had a job in the sales-marketing at The Doyle Collection. Also, she’s worked with hotels like Gaylord Hotels, Joie de Vivre Hotels – Two Roads Hospitality, and Intercontinental Hotels Group.

From Jan-June 2014, she also worked as a legal assistant at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

As for her education, Mikaela received her bachelors in political science and government degree from Morgan State University in 2012.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mikaela Florence Birthday?

Mikaela celebrities her birthday in July.

Her full name is Mikaela Biance Florence.

  • Where Is Mikaela Florence From?

She hails from Washington, D.C.

But as of 2022, Mikaela resided in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

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