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Bella Sharpe Bio, Age, Parents, Nationality, Job, Made In Chelsea

Bella Sharpe is the star of Made In Chelsea introduced as the new flame of Reza Amiri-Garroussi. Who are her parents? How old is she now? What is her nationality? What job does she have?

The answer to all these questions unfolds in the article below via this bio.

Bella Sharpe On MIC Made In Chelsea: Corsica

Bella Sharpe is the cast of Made In Chelsea: Corsica. The drama on Made in Chelsea hasn’t exactly been as compelling as in previous seasons, but now that Bella has arrived, it finally seems as though things might get going. Bella has already made a beeline for Ruby on a night out while she is dating Reza, who we haven’t seen with anyone else since the terrible breakup he had with Ruby.

The couple has stated that they are currently not labeling their relationship and that it is somewhat casual, but they have been dating for six months. Reza hasn’t started dating Bella exclusively, but she’s the first person he really likes since his lengthy relationship with Ruby. On the show, Bella approached Ruby in a club directly to speak with her.

Bella Sharpe Boyfriend

Bella Sharpe and Reza Amiri-Garroussi are a new couple now. During the most recent season of MIC, the two had an on-and-off relationship, but Reza ended things when Bella acknowledged she wanted “more.” The likelihood of the affair being completely ended, though, is minimal to none because Bella revealed she will be traveling to Corsica with Reza and the other Chelsea team members this summer.

There are no specific details of their relationships as of this article but were together for more than 6 months.

But in the show, Bella confronted Reza and his X-rated lies during the Corsica special. He promised to bed her while on the opulent French vacation, he informed the other members of the swank gang. He told the other members of the posh gang that he planned to bed her during the lavish French holiday.

Joining the group Reza asked: ‘Hi gang! how is everything?’. Only for Bella to snap: ‘Yeah not great,’

Still oblivious to the situation Reza replied: “Oh golly, that’s not a good start”. Bella then went on: “Yeah, not great, Rez. Not great. [I’ve] heard some things.” The others looked at him in shock as he abruptly ended the talk to take a sip of champagne.

Bella continued: “You’ve been telling people that you were gonna sleep with me the first day that I got here.”

Taking to Twitter one viewer said: “Rez is the most cringe-worthy, cretinous slime ball ever to appear on this show…. and I remember when Spencer [Matthews] was in it”. While a second wrote: “Rez makes me so uncomfortable and he’s unbelievably cringe ‘wheeh hosey’ what’s that even mean?”.

A third commented: ‘Rez’s attitude towards Bella is VILE, can it little guy’. With sixth said: “Rez is like the creepy older brother in his 30s who doesn’t have friends his own age so he hangs out with his younger brother and his mates all in their 20s”.

Before Bella, Reza was previously linked to Ruby Adler. Ruby and co-star Reza spent TEN years in a notoriously tumultuous, on-and-off romance. Reza learned Ruby had slept with one of his friends during Made in Chelsea: Mallorca, putting a stop to their ten-year relationship for good. Reza didn’t believe Ruby when she tried to explain what had happened when they weren’t together.

The MIC star rose to recognition as a result of his cast appearance on Made In Chelsea. Although he was born in America, he went to Epsom College with many of the other members of the MIC cast, which may be how he got to know them and how he got on the show. He and Sam are great friends, and he was portrayed in the show as Sam’s best friend.

Reza Amiri-Garroussi has a job in technology in addition to reality television. As VP of Business Development EMEA (dang, that sounds so official), he has been employed by Unruly since 2016. According to their LinkedIn page, Unruly was established in 2006 and leverages “emotional data to deliver brand-safe awesome advertising to 1.2bn people.”

Bella Sharpe Age

As of 2023, Bella Sharpe is 26 years old.

Who Are Bella Sharpe Parents?

Aron Sharpe and Julia Sharpe are the parents of Made In Chelsea star Bella Sharpe. Her parents have been happily married since June 1994 hence they are together now for 29 years.

Aron works at Options Fashion Distribution Ltd. He is now in London, United Kingdom. His father is on FB and IG.

Julia works at Osteopath since 1991. She went to the City of London School for Girls Alumni and the British School of Osteopathy. On Julia’s birthday in October 2016, Bella wished, “Happy Birthday mumma ❤️.” Meet Julia on IG and FB.

Bella has one brother named Joe Sharpe. Joe works as a Sales manager at Options Fashion Distribution Ltd. He went to Business management at King’s College London. Joe is single and lives in Goffs Oak, UK.

Bella Sharpe Job

Bella Sharpe is working as a PR Manager at FLANNELS. She quit her job in June 2023. Glassdoor reports that PR Manager in London, UK from $53,280 a year.

Bella’s career began with landing an internship at Surgery Group in 2013. From 2015 to 2016, she worked as a PR Assistant at Arcadia Group Ltd. She went on to work for River Island as PR Co-ordinator and Axel Arigato as PR and Communications Lead.

Before her last job, she worked at CREATIV HOUSE as Public Relations Consultant and Options Fashion Distribution as Head of PR and Marketing.

How Much Is Bella Sharpe Net Worth?

$150K and under is likely a figure that sums up the total net worth of Bella Sharpe as of 2023.

Bella Sharpe Height

Bella Sharpe’s height measures above 5’7”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Bella Sharpe Birthday?

Bella Sharpe’s birthday is on 26 November.

  • What Is Bella Sharpe Nationality?

Bella Sharpe is a British citizen. She is residing in London, England.

  • Is Bella Sharpe On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Bella Sharpe is available on Instagram (@annabellasharpe) and also on Facebook (@bella.sharpe.98).

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