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Jane Aubrun Mautin Bio, Age, Parents, Job, Boyfriend, MIC

Made In Chelsea returned with a brand new spin-off series on 13 August 2023. Its 16 original cast members came back, and the duo Jane Aubrun Mautin and Geronimo Mörtl were also newly introduced in the Corsica season. In the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about Jane who is introduced to the show through Miles Nazaire.

Jane Aubrun Mautin On MIC Made In Chelsea

Jane, in a snippet from Made In Chelsea Season 2 recalls Miles Nazaire being a “good kisser”. Right after that, the two are seen locking lips again.

In another preview, Miles says he “met a girl” and told her he was going to Corsica and she decided to tag along. He was referring to Jane, of course, his new love interest.

So, how is it that these two know each other? Jane and Miles went on a date back in London just before the MIC cast headed out to Corsica. Jane is therefore believed to have jetted out the island to see if their spark could grow.

MIC is not Jane’s first time participating in a reality TV show. Before this, she was a contestant on the French series La Villa Series 8. Back then, she seemed to be getting into a relationship with a guy named Samy. Their adventure, as described on the show, was not easy but was filled with arguments, tears, joy, sadness, betrayal, and anger. But, things did not work out of course as Jane again had to go on a TV program looking for love. Nevertheless, their steamy, loved-up pictures with the caption “lovers” can be even today viewed on Jane’s social media pages.

Jane Aubrun Mautin Boyfriend

It seems like things did not work out for Jane and Mike fast forward to today because as of now, i.e., outside of MIC (August 2023) Miles had been dating personal trainer Amélie Esquenet.

On Facebook, Jane also at this time around mentioned her relationship status as “single”.

Jane Aubrun Mautin Age

Jane Aubrun Mautin turned 20 years old in 2022 as she was born in the year 2002.

Who Are Jane Aubrun Mautin Parents?

Jane’s mother Ariann Mautin Michelon is no more. She passed away at the age of 53 on 8 November 2022. The next day, Jane had taken to her FB to write “There’s no right way to say goodbye, I thought I was prepared for it but I wasn’t. Yesterday, November 8, you left for the stars. I lost my mom but I gained a guardian angel, watch over me, I hope you will be proud. I will always love you🤍”

Per LinkedIn, the matriarch was the director of MOI, a furniture and home furnishings manufacturing in Baltimore, Maryland.

In Ariann’s obituary, Frédéric Michelon was referred to as her husband. Yet, it is still not understood if he is also Jane’s dad.

Another family member Jane that we know of is Inès Mautin, a Paris, France dweller.

Jane Aubrun Mautin Job

Jane is a professional show-jumper and has a separate profile on IG just to show people about it. It is her IG @janemautin.rider we speak of. Here, to her 11.7K fans, she also introduced herself as a blogger.

While on her LinkedIn, Jane mentioned being a student at a business school called Sup de Luxe. As per Google, Sup de Luxe is a reference institute for luxury business and management.

In addition, LinkedIn also tells us that Jane previously went to a place called “Sport etudes exellence equitation” between September 2016 and June 2020.

How Much Is Jane Aubrun Mautin Net Worth?

Jane Aubrun Mautin reportedly had close to $100K net worth as of August 2023.

Jane Aubrun Mautin Height

As pretty as in the picture Jane Aubrun stands below 5′ 2″ in height. Often-bikini-clad she appears to like the way she looks. She also has many people taking to the comments section of her posts writing that she is looking great.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jane Aubrun Mautin From?

Jane Aubrun Mautin is said to have been born and bred in Paris. Also, she reportedly moved to the south of France for better weather conditions.

On her Facebook though, Jane herself marked both her hometown and current city as Aix-en-Provence, France. Maybe this is the southern France she has been living in all along.

Jane admits to being multilingual in French and English.

  • When Is Jane Aubrun Mautin Birthday?

Jane Aubrun Mautin’s birthday is most like on October 9th. And that should make her Libra.

People born on this day are believed to be usually artistic, thoughtful, and also honest, and kind. They are supposedly idealistic and easily disappointed and likely prone to moodiness.

  • Is Jane Aubrun Mautin On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Jane Aubrun Mautin can be found on Instagram and Facebook. And judging from it, she seems to be living her best life. On her IG @jane.mautin, there were 100 posts and 89.4K followers as of 14 August 2023. She also was followed by some 2.2K people on ‘Jane Mautin’ Facebook.

At the same time, Jane also managed to have 210.8K followers and 5.4 M likes on TikTok @janemautin1.

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