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Imogen Bloom Bio, Age, Family, Job, MIC, Still With Temps?

It has been only a few episodes since Imogen Bloom was seen on Made In Chelsea but she has already made a strong start. Who is she linked to? What has she shared about her family members? What job does she have?

Find out more in this article below.

Imogen Bloom On MIC Made In Chelsea: Corsica

Imogen Bloom a cast member of Made In Chelsea: Corscia described herself as friendly, outgoing, and opinionated. Before joining the show, she was already friends with Ruby, Rez, Lily, Liv, Tristan, and Issy.

Furthermore, Imogen’s IMDB states she appeared in 5 episodes of Made In Chelsea and two episodes of the specials.

Speaking on joining the cast, Imogen said, ‘Totally – half the cast were my friends before I joined! I knew a multitude of them and I’ve lived in Chelsea for five years. It was a great experience coming into the cast. I would say I’m closest to Yasmine Zweegers and Ruby Adler out of everyone.”

Regarding the filming of Corsica, She said, ‘It has been a whirlwind. We’ve only been here for three weeks out of six, so there have been some really high highs and some really low lows. But it has been a fantastic experience so far. But there has been plenty of drama, watch this space – sh*t is about to hit the fan.”

Imogen Bloom Boyfriend: Is She Still With Temps?

Imogen Bloom slept with Harvey Armstrong, but in the first episode of the show, she was mugged. She said on the show that they had been dating since January of this year, but it appears that their relationship has come to an epic conclusion once Imogen learned that Harvey was seeing Willow Day, too.

Imogen was interviewed by Grazia about the dramatic break-up with Harvey and Willow, her friendship with David Templar, and other topics.

Imogen told Grazia that she loves Temps and finds him absolutely hilarious. He added, “Also, there are a lot of boys on the show but Temps is a man. He is 32, very successful, he has got his shit together and he is so genuine. Temps is the one and I will do everything I can to keep him in my life.”

David joined MIC as a best friend of Miles Nazaire. Temps called out his friends for their ‘showmance.’ “It’s a showmance,” he mocked, “It was a showmance, I get it. You’re just friends on screen, it’s fine. If you want to buy friendship bracelets, then forget when we’re back…”

However, David’s best friend Miles distrusts Imogen. Her abrupt switch from wanting Harvey to choosing Temps appears to be the root of everything, with Miles effectively informing his BFF that she is doing it to make Harvey envious. But this week, the continued conflict sparked a significant discussion, which Imogen brought up on social media today while talking about how others reacted to the situation.

Imogen revealed to her castmates that she is bisexual and that she frequently yearns for other women even when she is exclusively dating a man in the show. But context is crucial; she was essentially saying that with David, everything is different for her and that, for the first time, she is only interested in Temps.

Everything changed when Miles and David claimed in a separate conversation that they had actually seen Imogen flirting with other ladies while out on a night out. Temps said to his buddies, “Being bisexual is part of who she is so I wouldn’t want to suppress that,” but Miles pointed out how dangerous that perspective may actually be.

Essentially, it seems as though Imogen is frustrated her conversations with other women have been presumed to be sexual in nature by Miles – misinterpreting her behavior as untrustworthy purely because she’s bisexual.

David has close to 600k followers on TikTok and is known as the Shirtless Chef after he rubbed olive oil all over his six-pack while cooking bruschetta on ITV back in 2018. Temps has essentially created his own exercise regimen, which he refers to as “litness”. In essence, he advises his followers to employ LIIT (longer interval intensity training) rather than HIIT (high interval intensity training), where you can eat larger, less-restrictive meals but still have to work out harder.

Before becoming an internet and reality TV star, Temps went to Portsmouth Uni. “I studied international business and marketing and got a first-class degree and went down the route that I thought I was supposed to. Finish university, go and get a graduate scheme and then work for the rest of my life,” he said.

But after working three years full-time and taking a year off to travel, Temps realized the corporate world wasn’t for him and sacked it all off to get fully into Instagram and, eventually start his fitness business.

Imogen Bloom Age

Imogen Bloom reached age 25 in October 2022. Her birth year is 1997.

Imogen Bloom Family

West Sussex’s Goodwood is where Imogen Bloom was raised. She is the oldest of four siblings and had a wonderful upbringing. Her mother is an interior designer in Chelsea, and her father is a director of a bank. Her parents split when she was 18 years old.

In January 2023, Imogen mentioned having a night out with her family. However, she didn’t post pictures of any of them.

Imogen Bloom Job

Imogen Bloom works as a wealth manager for high-profile clients while on the side he works as an influencer. She admits to being completely fixated on the gym. She has nine years of training experience and brand partnerships with Protein World and a few fitness apparel companies.

Moreover, She is presently enrolled in a PT course.

Her LinkedIn informs she worked as a sales manager at St. James’s Place.

Glassdoor reports that a wealth manager makes £69,807 a year.

How Much Is Imogen Bloom Net Worth?

With multiple sources of income, Imogen Bloom has surpassed an estimated net worth of $150K.

Imogen Bloom Height

With a petite figure, the Brit beauty Imogen Bloom stood tall at a height of 5’4”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Imogen Bloom Birthday?

Imogen Bloom’s birthday is on 5 October.

  • Where Is Imogen Bloom From?

Imogen Bloom hailed from West Sussex’s Goodwood.

  • Is Imogen Bloom On Instagram And Facebook?

Of course, Imogen Bloom is on various socials. Her IG handle is (@imogensarahbloom) and TikTok (@imogensarahbloom).

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