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Ben Trane Today, Age, Wife, MidWest Academy Director

Ben Trane was the MidWest Academy director who was charged with multiple counts. Where is he now? Who was his wife? How old is he now?

We got all the answers to the question in this article below.

Meet Ben Trane, MidWest Academy Director

Ben Trane served as both Midwest Academy’s director and seminar facilitator. Ben said his background working at two “similar schools” in Ohio and Southern Utah gave him the qualities to lead the Midwest. In addition, he is the manager of a gas station and condominiums located in Montrose, Iowa, “right across the river from Nauvoo.”

Ben insisted that Midwest had changed while he was in charge, but he carried on with the same practices at the school, employing underqualified staff, keeping up a program that routinely mistreated kids, and denying them the ability to report abuse to the police.

Benjamin, sometimes known as Ben, is said to have began his career in the boarding school industry in the 1990s by getting hired at WWASP Founder Robert Lichther’s Cross Creek disciplinary programs. But according to his account in an interview with Woodbury Reports, he quickly cut relations with them after a number of associated facilities shuttered due to accusations of child abuse.

He continued by saying that his Midwest Academy in Keokuk, Iowa, had never been a part of this contentious organization, but in actuality, Robert had thrown the dice to establish it in 2003.

Robert reportedly worked with Lee County development officials to purchase an abandoned county house, and then he collaborated with past legislative leaders to transform it into the school. In reality, he had managed the property’s $500,000 partnership, which was later freely transferred to Midwest Twister Limited Liability Corporation, with Ben eventually rising to the position of owner-director. It is therefore not surprising that the latter has been the one to consistently claim in public that they are a company created to assist parents in assessing programs for their troubled teenagers ever since.

However, all changed in 2009 when a federal case was brought on the basis that all of the defendants, including Midwest Academy and WWASP, were blatantly abusive. Allegations included stripping and cavity searching all of their younger students in public, depriving them of food, medication, relaxation, bathing, and other privileges, and isolating them from their loved ones.

There were a few more allegations, but in 2011 a judge rejected the case entirely due to a technical problem with it being filed in the incorrect jurisdiction, not because of any potential consequences or merits.

However, as it was shown that they weren’t even giving the hundreds of children in their care a sufficient education, the criticism of Midwest or Ben didn’t go away. Although it had expired in 2011, the academy’s website made it apparent that they had “a unique dual enrollment agreement” with the Keokuk school system, “that allowed for a variety of educational opportunities, resources, and support not available at other private schools.”

Where Is Ben Trane Today?

In late January 2016, a student reported that she had been s*xually attacked at the highest level—that is, by Ben—which led to the eventual two-day government raid of the entire estate.

Following a claim of s*xual abuse against Ben Trane, Midwest Academy was raided and shut down by police in February 2016. Eventually, Ben was taken into custody and charged with child endangerment, s*xual assault of a minor, and s*xual exploitation of a juvenile by a counselor. The event took place in December of 2017. Following a conviction on all counts, Trane may spend a maximum of nine years in prison and be required to register as a s*xual offender.

According to official statistics, since January 2013, law enforcement has received over 80 calls regarding Midwest Academy. Surprisingly, five of those calls included allegations of s*xual offenses. But until early 2016, no state agency ever observed or paid a visit to the facility, not even the Fire Marshals or the Iowa Departments of Human Services, Education, or Inspections and Appeals.

Ben was then placed under arrest, and in December 2017, he was found guilty by a jury of assault with the intent to cause s*xual abuse, s*xual exploitation by a counselor, and endangering the welfare of a child.

All of them were a result of the initial charges that Ben had imprisoned two male pupils for protracted periods of time and s*xually assaulted a female student who was seventeen years old. As a result, he received a total term of nine years in jail. However, he was released on appeal, thus he remained free until the Iowa Supreme Court adamantly affirmed the decisions of the lower court at the beginning of 2023.

After being forced to surrender to Lee County police, the former director and owner of a boarding school is currently detained at the low- to medium-security Newton Correctional Facility located in Jasper County, Iowa. His projected release date is still February 9, 2027, however, he will be eligible for parole in 2025.

Ben Trane Age

Reportedly born in 1978, Ben Trane turned 45 years old in 2023.

Who Are Ben Trane Parents?

Benjamin G. Trane appears to be the son of Calvin Trane and Jane Trane. In August 2023, Jane turned 74 whereas Calvin reached 74 in April 2023.

Ben’s paternal grandfather Glen Austin Trane passed away on March 21, 2001, at the age of 89. He was born June 16, 1911, to Andrew and Gladys South-wick Trane.

Glen married Vera Anderson, Dec. 16, 1939. Marriage solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple on Feb. 18, 1948. In 1977-78 they served together in the Chicago, Illinois mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Upon returning they served as workers in the Provo Temple for ten years.

During the Great Depression, Glen assisted his father in shearing sheep and afterwards worked at the U.S. Mine in Lark, Utah. Later on, he was employed as a machinist by Kennecott Copper and the Union Pacific Railroad. After 29 years of service, he retired from the Alpine School District in 1976, capping up his career there.

Ben’s uncles and aunts are named Kenneth (Keven) Trane, Taylorsville; Stephen (Lorraine) Trane, American Fork; and Blake (Barbara) Trane, Highland.

Ben Trane Wife

Ben Trane was married to his wife Layani Trane. They got married circa 2000s when she was working at a school. In the fall of 2002, Benjamin Trane and his wife moved from Utah to Iowa with hopes of establishing a private, therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. Their efforts paid off, and Midwest Academy opened its doors in June 2003 in Keokuk. Eventually, Trane became the sole owner of the school.

At trial, Ben and his wife testified that there were surveys taken on various subjects, not just s*xual subjects. Both Ben and his wife testified for the defense.

“We’ve heard from some very upset Midwest Academy students and disgruntled employees,” said Schaefer during a trial. “For the next day and a half, we’re going to hear from Layani Trane and finally you’re going to hear from Ben Trane. What his goals were and his mission in helping troubled teens.”

The pair were married around the time the school opened in 2003, according to Layani, who testified before the jury. She verified that upper-level pupils could go shopping under supervision. Additionally, Layani stated that students had the option to enter the Out-of-School Suspension rooms and leave once they had calmed down.

Layani is 45 years of age. She and her husband share four children.

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  • When Is Ben Trane Birthday?

Ben Trane celebrates his birthday in June.

  • Where Is Ben Trane From?

Ben Trane is originally from Utah and later moved to Keokuk, Iowa.

  • Is Ben Trane On Instagram?

No, Ben Trane is not available on Instagram.

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