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Nathaniel Lichfield Today, Age, Married, Narvin Lichfield Son

Meet Nathaniel Lichfield, the son of Narvin Lichfield, the programs director at WWASP. Who is Nathaniel? Is he married? How old is he now?

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Meet Nathaniel Lichfield, WWASP Programs Director Narvin Lichfield Son

Nathaniel Lichfield is the son of WWASP Programs Director Narvin Lichfield. In the documentary, he disclosed that at the age of five or six, he observed a notable surge in their household’s fortune. The family started living a better lifestyle, going on expensive vacations, and enjoying other comforts. In his professional capacity, Narvin was a key player in marketing and shown proficiency in early search engine optimization (SEO), which greatly increased the program’s reach and influence.

Narvin subsequently asked and was granted permission to relocate to South Carolina to take on additional responsibility. He founded the Carolina Springs Academy in 1998, which is one of WWASP’s behavioral correctional initiatives. Later, he also took on the role of director of the Academy at Dundee Ranch in Costa Rica. Additionally, he enrolled Nathaniel in the program there for a few months. Just 19 months after it began, however, the Costa Rica program came under legal fire when officials carried out a raid in response to reports of mistreatment and abuse of children.

After the Academy at Dundee Ranch was shut down and Narvin was arrested on suspicion of abusing children, the trial resulted in a verdict of not guilty because there was insufficient, conclusive evidence against him. Just seven months after the academy closed, he reorganized the initiative and called it Pillars of Hope.

Although there have been allegations that youngsters under age 18 were also enrolled, this program is said to have admitted those between the ages of 18 and 22. Additionally, Narvin named his son Nathaniel the Mississippi Gulf Coast Academy’s principal. Nathaniel acknowledged that his father had put him in the role despite his lack of educational background.

Nathaniel was born to Narvin and his mother Catherine Eames. He first married Catherine Eames in the LDS Logan Temple in December 1984. The marriage only lasted for 17 years and they shared four children from that marriage.

The siblings and other siblings of Nathan are Natalie Lichfield Clark, Josue Lichfield, Brittney Lichfield, Becca Lichfield, and Maria Lichfield. Then, he married Flory Alvarado and they were together at least until 2019.

Furthermore, Nathan recently took to his Facebook and wrote, ” what an absolutely wild week. despite knowing that the documentary was a powerful, deeply personal and important work, I don’t think any of us involved expected the level of immediate response it’s gotten, and we have just been in stunned awe of the people reaching out to us with so much warmth and compassion. thank you all SO much for the kind words, it has been intensely healing!”

He continued further, “it’s been almost two years since Katherine, Molly, Pete, Ryan, and the Netflix crew came out to meet me and that period of waiting was a time of intense anxiety, something my friends and family can probably attest to. but now that it’s out there, I am in a place of surprising zen. I am so so proud of the RCAA gang and so grateful for how they’ve welcomed me in with open arms; love y’all with all my heart.”
In conclusion, he wrote, “Row INSISTED we watch all three episodes together (and he’s wanted to watch it all again since, lol) and my little dude took it in with so much gravity and heart; by the end, I asked him what he thought, and he took a minute to let it percolate before just nodding and saying, “well, I’m glad the truth is out there.” Could not agree more, kiddo.

Where Is Nathaniel Lichfield Today?

In retrospect, Nathaniel Lichfield said that as he approached his twenties, he become more conscious of the negative effects that these groups and initiatives had on the kids and families they served. He chose to break off contact with his father after coming to this disturbing discovery, and he now only sees him in passing every few years through other family members like his sister.

Nathaniel claimed that, despite going by new identities, his father is still in charge of managing and running adolescent programs all over the world. As a father now, Nathaniel, a native of Ogen, Utah, actively helps other survivors who went through similar adolescent programs. In addition to writing a novel, he describes himself as a “fanatical leftist, socialist, and atheist.” He regularly participates in fundraising events and offers insights into the structural problems that support the continuation of such initiatives.

Nathaniel Lichfield Age

In March 2024, Nathaniel Lichfield is 37 years of age.

Is Nathaniel Lichfield Married?

It is not clear if Nathaniel Lichfield is married or single. But he is a dad to a son who you can see on his Facebook.

Is Nathaniel Lichfield On Instagram?

Nathaniel Lichfield appears to be on Facebook (@badgerconda).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nathaniel Lichfield From?

Nathaniel Lichfield lives in Ogden, Utah.

  • When Is Nathaniel Lichfield Birthday?

Nathaniel Lichfield’s birthday is in February.

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