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Beverly Todd Young, Husband, Net Worth, Tony Todd

Beverly Todd starred on 9-1-1 in 2022. This article covers details related to her personal and professional life. From her husband, net worth, to her relationship with Tony Todd, this article covers it all. Also, tag along with this article to learn more about including how she looked when she was young.

Meet Beverly Todd, The Actor Playing Athena’s Mother On 9-1-1

The television program 9-1-1 has always appreciated the value of compelling history. Given the ruthless badassery of Athena Grant-Nash (Angela Bassett), she had to come from a similar family. There’s no denying that Athena draws her sense of self from her mother, even though she frequently disagrees with her mother Beatrice played by Beverly Todd.

Beatrice has a lot of thoughts regarding her daughter’s life, such as her work, how she raises her children, who she chooses to marry, and more, but Athena consistently disagrees. In the end, after their altercation in Season 2, Episode 11, “New Beginnings,” Beatrice has more respect than ever for her daughter and her decisions.

In the show, actor Henry G Sanders plays her husband Samuel Carter.

Learn more about the actress playing Beatrice.

Beverly Todd Net Worth

Beverly Todd’s net worth is somewhere around $2 million. She was discovered starring in a straight-from-Broadway musical at Karamu Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. Bert Conway, the New York theater director of the hit Broadway play, Golden Boy, was scouting talent and offered her the lead ingenue role in the Off-Broadway revival of, Deep Are The Roots.

The play opened with rave reviews and had a successful run. Other Broadway shows followed, leading to Richard Rogers casting her in the starring role in the London, England production of the hit Broadway musical, No Strings.

She told CineMoi, “The four most important things I learned in the theatre were promptness, discipline, preparedness, and “know your lines.” The move to tv and film was made easier because those four important fundamentals were already etched into my being.”

Beverly had the lead part in Sidney Poitier’s Broadway comedy Carry Me Back to Morningside Heights. She later starred with Sidney Poitier, who served as her early career mentor, in movies including A Piece of the Action (1971), They Call Me Mister Tibbs! (1970), and The Lost Man (1969). (1977). She had frequent roles on television in the daytime soap series Love of Life from 1968 to 1970 and the PBS instructional program The Write Channel in 1977. Todd’s performance in the famous PBS series Six Characters in Search of an Author earned her a nomination for an NAACP Image Award (1976). She received her second NAACP Image Award nomination for her role in the ABC miniseries, Roots.

Beverly appeared in repeat episodes of a number of TV shows, including Having Babies (1978), The Redd Foxx Show (1986), Six Feet Under (2001), and the daytime soap Days of Our Lives (1965). She has also recently had appearances in the comedies and dramas Crash (2004), The Bucket List (2007), I Will Follow (2010), Drive Me to Vegas and Mars (2018), Turnover, and episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, 9-1-1, and How to Get Away with Murder (2019).

Who Is Beverly Todd Husband?

Beverly Todd was previously married to her ex-husband Kris Keiser. They married in 1970. On 26 October 1970, they welcomed their only son Malik Keiser Duval Smith, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When Malik was six weeks old the family returned to New York along with the family pet, Candy, a white-haired Maltese.

Malik attended both private and public lower schools. He graduated from John Boroughs Jr. High School in 1985 and went on to Fairfax Sr. High. He graduated from the program in January of 1989 with grades any parent would be proud of. All A’s and two B’s. He received all E’s for excellence in his work habits. In 1988, he received two scholastic awards presented by then Assemblywoman Maxine Waters and Senator Diane Watson.

In February of 1989, Malik enrolled in Santa Monica Community College with a Political Science and English major. He had decided on a career in law.

But then the unthinkable happened, 19-year-old Malik was beaten so hard during a fight that his life was hanging by a threat in a hospital in Salk Lake City, Utah. Malik had gone out with some buddies the night of his senseless murder to a teen dance club in a Salt Lake City neighborhood. He stuck around though when his companions left to get supper since the DJ had finally played his tune.

According to the L. A Times, “ a witness said Malik was backing away when Leota hit him so hard that Malik was lifted six inches off the ground. Malik’s head struck something as he fell. Then Leota, who testified that he had not intended to kill Malik, kicked him in the head.” Malik died on March 20, 1989.

“I said, ‘Malik, you know you’ve got more than enough, but if you run out, just call me, and I’ll send you something.’ He said, ‘OK, mom,’” Beverly recalled of their last phone conversation with the L.A Times. “Thank God, I wasn’t fussing at him.”

The seven months that followed were the hardest of Beverly’s life. She was accompanied by Malik’s father, her ex-husband Kris Keiser. They divorced in 1975.

After two years of her loss, Todd started to move on with life slowly. Since then, Beverly has taken roles in dozens of movies and series.

Beverly Todd Young

Actress Beverly Todd When She Was Young (Pic: CineMoi)

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  • Are Beverly Todd And Tony Todd Related?

Despite a popular misconception, Beverly Todd and Tony Todd are not related to each other. But they have co-starred in Lean On Me.

  • How Old Is Beverly Todd?

Beverly Todd was born on 11 July 1946. She is currently 76 years old.

  • How Tall Is Beverly Todd?

Moreover, Beverly Todd stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches.

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