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Who Is sMothered Ashley Hefner? Her Age, Job, Instagram

It’s not surprising to hear about mothers and daughters who share a tight-knit bond. But on sMothered season 4, the cast took the “mother-daughter” relationship to a whole another level — sharing bathwater and even the guys they date. Yes! And it was no other than Ashley Hefner who dated the same guys (twice) as her mother.

Let’s get to know her better as this article proceeds.

Ashley Hefner On TLC’s sMothered

sMothered season 4 cast, Ashley Hefner was unusually close to her mother, Cathy. The two even bought their house next to each other in a subdivision in Jonesborough and fenced their yards in together so it’s “one big yard.”

And it wasn’t just Ashley’s mother who lived next to her. Ashley’s aunt and grandmother also lived in the same neighborhood.

However, the mother-daughter wasn’t always this close. The two only took their relationship to next level after Ashley graduated from college and became a young mother herself. Since then, the duo has shared dates, and also have had matching nipple piercings and tattoos together.

According to Ashley, their first body-modification experience was Cathy’s idea. But though they both decided to get floral tattoos, Cathy’s ended up looking like a v*gina, which they laugh about to this day.

So, how did they join sMothered? Well, while in Tampa Florida, Ashley’s family co-incidentally met a producer whose friend was a producer for sMothered. Then, “one thing let to another” and the producers asked them to send them their bios telling them a “little bit about (themselves) and (their) closeness.”

“This all transpired down in Florida, then they found out we were moving as a pack to Jonesborough and they just thought that was awesome,” Cathy recalled.

This means that the duo didn’t actually start filming for the show until they were in Jonesborough.

Joining Ashley and Cathy for the fourth installment of sMothered were their co-stars, Cher and Dawn, Cristina and Kathy, Angelica and Sunhe, Paula and Francia, Shay and Angie, and Lauren and Lisa.

Who Is Ashley Hefner Father?

Ashley Hefner didn’t reveal her father. And from the looks of it, her father is no longer in their lives.

But she is close to the rest of her family.

In September 2022, her bother Cameron Ellison even surprised her with a pumpkin spice latte, coming all the way from Tampa, Florida. Here’s his FB @cameron.ellison.9022 and IG @cam101298.

Unfortunately, Ashley didn’t a good relationship with her sister, Samantha J Ellison (born: Jun 1987).

Samantha’s a mother herself and lived in Johnson City, Tennessee with Ashley.

Find her on FB

Ashley Hefner Age

Ashley was 36 years of age when she appeared on sMothered in 2022.

She is 20 years younger than her mother Cathy.

Ashley Hefner Job

Ashley Hefner is a Nurse Practitioner Specialist who working at Doctor On Demand in 2022. She has over 10 years of experience in the field and has also previously worked with the Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Besides her job, Ashley also owned an unincorporated business by herself.

As for her education, she got her nurse practitioner degree in 2012. Also, she has ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner) certificates — Nurse Practitioner/Primary Care (ARNP9322378) and Nurse Practitioner/Family (ARNP9322378).

Is Ashley Hefner Dating Anyone?

Ashley Hefner is single as of 2022. She even spent Valentine’s day this year in her office.

But before this, Ashley dated multiple guys amongst which two were the same man her mother dated. However, it was an honest mistake — since she didn’t know about their relationship and neither did her mom, until much later.

To recall in detail, Ashley was on a dating site and her mother decided to get on it a few years later. So, one day, Cathy boasted to he daughter about one of the gentlemen she went out with. “I was telling Ashley all about the date and she was like, ‘That’s familiar! It sounds like one I went on.’ She asked me his name and I told her. She then asked what his number was and I told her and she went ‘Mom! I used to go out with him several years ago!’ I had no clue,” Cathy explained.

So, now, they check with each other before any dates.

Also, another problem Ashley has had with dating was her boyfriend falling in love with her mother. Yes! “Every single guy I have ever dated or brought home, they either fear my mother or fall in love with her. So that’s been an issue,” Ashley shared.

Ashley Hefner Kids

Ashley Hefner gave birth to her first kid Carson while she was still in college.

A few years later, she then welcomed her daughter Lily on May 22, 2012.

Sadly, we have no information about her baby father.

In 2022, Carson and Lily were in 10th and 3rd grade respectively.

Ashley Hefner Height

Ashley Hefner stands tall at a height under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Is Ashley Hefner On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram at @ash.hefner.

Also, here’s her Twitter @dukeblonde and Facebook @ashley.hefner.31.

  • When Is Ashley Hefner Birthday?

Ashley receives her birthday wishes on February 1 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • Where Does Ashley Hefner Reside?

Ashley resided in Jonesborough, TN as of 2022.

Prior to that, she resided in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina.

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