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Big Mike Bio, Age, Job, Mama June Best Friend, Still Alive?

Like Mama June earned her spotlight thanks to her daughter Alana, her best friend Big Mike garnered his well-wisher thanks to her. Appearing on Mama June: From Not to Hot,  Mike was loved by the viewers not only for how deeply he cared about his best friend but also for the courage to even go out of his way to stop her from “ruining her life.”

Get to know him better as this Big Mike Bio proceeds.

Meet Big Mike, Mama June Best Friend

Big Mike was the recurring cast during the early season of Mama June: From Not to Hot. But even before he joined the show, this sharp-tongued persona was Mama June’s friend for many years — long before she and her family got famous. Infact, he was June’s biggest advocate. He was always there to lend a supportive shoulder and give his honest opinion. And for anyone who’s been a long-time fan of Mama June: From Not to Hot, they know it better than anyone.

For instance, during the Season 3 finale, when Alana’s father, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, wanted full custody of Alana alleging that June was messing with drugs, Mike attended a meeting to share concerns about his best friend’s tragic state. There he said, “I hate that she’s ruining her life … Everybody makes mistakes but you gotta bounce back.” This was certainly impactful as later Alana asks her big sister Lauryn if she thinks their mother will ever get herself together. 

So, by now, it should also be clear that he had also cultivated tight-knit relationships with June’s kids.

But sadly, he disappeared from the show after season 4. However, given neither of the best friends was a stranger to controversy, it’s not that surprising if something happened to cause a rift in their friendship. Or, Mike may have simply just decided to step away from the spotlight.

Is Mama June’s Best Friend Big Mike Still Alive?

Yes, Mama June’s best friend, Big Mike is still alive as of 2022.

The last we saw him, he was on a trip with Doe Doe (June’s sister) to find June in Alabama following her arrest alongside Geno Doak. Their journey to Alabama was documented. However, when they arrived at the casino, no cameras were allowed in, because of which we may have missed an important part.

Reportedly, he may have hurt Geno. He even discussed doing something like that in a confession on Mama June: From Not to Hot. But he was not happy about it and what he did to Mama June and her girls.

Fans never saw him after that. Well, at least till the time of writing this article.

Big Mike Age

Big Mike was born on March 7, 1972. That made him 50 years of age in 2022.

He is 8 years older than his best friend June (born: August 10, 1979).

Big Mike Job

Big Mike was always secretive about his work. Even on his Facebook, he mentioned that he was “self-employed” ever since April 18, 2018.

Also, we weren’t able to find his LinkedIn.

As for his education, he graduated from Griffin High School.

Is Big Mike Married?

Yes, Big Mike has been married three times in the past! But as of 2022, he was single. Or at least that was what his FB relationship status mentioned.

Also, Mike’s already a father. He had flooded his socials with pictures of his young ones. Though we couldn’t recognize all of them, Shannon McLarty (who attended Griffin Technical College) could be his daughter.

As for his past flings, he likes to keep them a secret. But as a man who’s older and wiser, he definitely doesn’t hesitate to share some dating tips with the young ones.

Tip no 1 — Don’t piss the b**ch off.

Tip no 2 — Always say I love you.

Tip no 3 — Keep your business to yourself.

Tip no 4 — Can’t live without the muthaf***er, can’t live with them

Tip on 5 — Marriage is a down payment on goddamn divorce.

Big Mike Height

Big Mike stands tall at a height above 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Mike has brown eyes, dark hair, and a plus-sized body.

According to the star, he’s not happy about being overweight and even went through several programs to lose some fat. Back in September 2017, Mike even lost around 27 kg (60 lbs), thanks to the fitness trainer Kenya Crooks.

Big Mike Tattoos

Big Mike is a tattoo fanatic. He’s covered his hands and arms with art — one of which also flaunts a SWASTIKA! Moreover, upon closer inspection, there was a “SS” inscribed above the Swastika, which looked like the logo of Hitler’s Schutzstaffel paramilitary police.

Naturally, he was then slammed for this tat.

“@WEtv this dude has a swastika tattooed on his arm and y’all are a ok with blasting it on tv? #mamajune #FromNotToHot,” a fan comment.

While another added, “This needs to go viral. @WEtv is paying a nazi with a swastika tattoo. I was going to check this show out. Not anymore #MamaJune.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Big Mike Live?

Mike hails from Griffin, Georgia.

But as of 2022, he resided in Temple, GA.

  • What Is Big Mike Real Name?

Big Mike’s real name is Michael B Mclarty.

His family members include Thomas McLarty, Rocky McLarty, and Maggie Mclarty-Ebberman.

Sadly, his father has long passed away.

  • Is Big Mike On Instagram?

Yes, as of July 2022, find Mike on Instagram @bigsexymike1 with 4.6K followers. But he was inactive over it. The last post he made was dated August 2017.

Also, here’s his Facebook @michael.mclarty.927 and Twitter @WetvBigSexyMike.

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