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Bill Kottkamp Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Who Is He?

Bill Kottkamp is an up-and-coming talent in the film and television industry who kills it as Derrick on the second season of Pen15.

Following the series premiere on Hulu on 3 December 2021, find out all about this “Chill Trill” actor/comedian in this Bio.

Bill Kottkamp As Derrick On Pen15

Pen 15 is an American cringe comedy streaming television series starring Maya Ishii-Peters (actor Maya Erskine) and Anna Kone (actor Anna Konkle).

After joining the set crew for the middle school play, Anna’s character meets mysterious high school freshman Steve (actor Chau Long), who supervises the crew. This happens in the first part of Season 2. The second part of Season 2 sees Anna and Steve’s relationship progress. Then is when Billa’s character (Steve’s arguably gross friend) is introduced on the show — as along with Maya, Derrick starts tagging along to the couple’s dates, making these two also become an item.

While Anna and Steve have real feelings for each other, Derrick has become “naive” Maya’s boyfriend for all the wrong reasons.

So, we can say Derrick goes on to become the most despised character on the show. But, this certainly does not stop actor Bill Kottkamp from nailing everything about his shabby character.

Does Bill Kottkamp Have A Wife?

Until August 2014, Bill did not have a wife but was looking for a girlfriend, he said in a tweet.

Then in April 2019, he tweeted — “Dating today, you gotta send your Nude, cross your finger, and hope 😸” — hinting he might be in the dating game back at that time.

He was speculated to have some kind of romantic ties with actress Mary Neely. A certain media outlet spotted them attending Netflix’s The Good Cop premiere back in September 2018 and called her Bill’s wife which is not true.

In October the same year, Bill took to his Twitter to wish the same Mary on her Birthday, writing — “This is Mary Neely she is very sweet and beautiful. It was her bday in April but we are celebrating it in October and it’s now her half birthday so it works out!”

With that being said, it was unclear if they were/are in a relationship.

With that being said, let us also share a fact with you, that back in October 2013, he used to date a girlfriend named Marcia Gay Harden.

How Much Is Bill Kottkamp Net Worth?

Bill Kottkamp had less than an estimated $200K net worth until December 2021.

From what it looks like, Bill’s acting career is just getting started.

Before Pen15, Bill Kottkamp appeared in a handful of small roles in big productions like Annabelle Comes Home and Fist Fight. He was a “Pizza Guy” in Annabelle Comes Home.

Meanwhile, IMDB has credited him as an actor and producer known for Annabelle Comes Home (2019), Fist Fight (2017), and Moments of Clarity (2016).

As a comedian, Bill also came on several episodes of Who Charted! podcasts counting down the Music Chart all the while busting out his best relationship with rhymes and vaudeville jokes.

Besides, his LinkedIn also says he was inspired to become a business and tech guru at some point in life.

From 2013 – 2016, he studied Improv/Comedy at Accredited Theatre School at Upright Citizens Brigade.

Bill Kottkamp Age

Reportedly born in the year 1994, Bill Kottkamp likely turned 27 years old in 2021.

Bill Kottkamp Family

Now and then, Bill Kottkamp tweeted about his parents. However, in those times, he would not reveal much about them but rather mention them during everyday jokes saying something like “My dad wanted Burger King for his birthday dinner, is he their target demographic? WHO DO THEY APPEAL TO?????” or “My mom is pissed I called my dad about my clean teeth first SMDH”.

Back in February 2020, when took his family for a rollercoaster ride he shared “My dad loves rollercoasters but can’t go on many anymore, I had to make sure he was ok.”

Related FAQs

  • When Does Bill Kottkamp Celebrate His Birthday?

It is on the 8th of June Bill that celebrates his birthday every year. That makes him a Gemini.

  • Where Is Bill Kottkamp From?

Bill is currently based in Los Angeles.

  • How Tall Is Bill Kottkamp?

Bill Kottkamp stands 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

  • Is Bill Kottkamp On Instagram?

Yes. Bill is on Instagram. Until 7 December 2021, the account @chilltrillbill had 408 posts and 11.1k followers.

Bill could be also found on Twitter @billKottkamp, on TikTok @billkottkamp (with 121.6K followers), and his ‘Bill Kottkamp’ Facebook.

Bill also shared his “comedy and music extravaganza” on his self-titled YouTube channel, on Apple Music and Spotify.

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