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Jade Bender Parents: Arthur And Peggy Bender! Age, Job

Young up-and-coming actress Jade Bender stands out in the role of Bri on Netflix’s original series Senior Year which premiered on 13 May 2022. So while all eyes are on her, many of her fans have been wondering about her parents, their age, and jobs. All of these, we shall explore in the rest of the writing.

Who Are Jade Bender’s Parents?

Jade Bender’s parents are Arthur and Peggy Bender and she clearly loves them very much. And the folks are also proud and supportive of their daughter who before getting a break on Netflix was known for Night School (2020) and Major Crimes (2012).

Jade’s parents were with her through everything, especially when she survived r*pe back in the day. She talked about this experience and her pursuit of legal action on TEDx at Tulane University. Jade was a freshman there at the time, a Communication student majoring in Music. For more about Jade, you may give her a follow on her Instagram and Facebook.

As for now, the rest of the writing is about her parents.

Meet Jade Bender’s Mom, Peggy Bender

Jade Bender often mentions her mom on her social media and Peggy Bender to does the same with her daughter. They seem to love to capture candid moments of one another when the other is not aware of it. (Of course) the mother-daughter are also fond of their old memories caught in photographs.

So, their bonding is really especially. For instance, Peggy would suggest her daughter put a picture of her new haircut on Instagram when she gets one. They also seemed to love to go out just the two of them. And Peggy, among other things, loved hand-knitting beautiful sweaters for her “cutie patootie”.

  • Peggy Bender Age

Born sometime in June 1962, Peggy Bender reached the age of 59 in 2021. Also so you know, her maiden name seems to be Peggy Pei Sha.

  • Peggy Bender Job

According to LinkedIn, Peggy Bender had been working as an accounting manager at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica, California since 2011 (as of 2022).

And if you also need to know about her educational background, she studied for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics at the University of California and at Ulysses S. Grant High School.

  • Is Peggy Bender On IG?

Peggy Bender did have an Instagram account (@peggbender) but had not posted anything on it as of 18 May 2022. So far, she only felt putting her thoughts across and sharing glimpses of her life on her ‘Peggy Bender’ Facebook.

Meet Jade Bender’s Dad, Arthur Bender

Then, there is Arthur Bender, Jade’s dad. Arthur also often shows up on his daughter’s social media. They seem to hang out a lot and because his daughter making her way through Hollywood, Arthur gets to be her plus 1 at Coachella or at the Hunger Games World Premiere, where he also got to pose next to none other than Sylvester Stallone.

Anyway, these two have to be what they call a “like father like daughter” pair.

Speaking of Arthur’s family, we found out that he has a brother named Lon Bender, who according to his Facebook is a sound supervisor and re-recording mixer at Formosa Group, a performance and event venue. Also, he was married to Heidi Bender (as of 2022).

  • Arthur Bender Age

Born in January 1958, Arthur Bender reached the age of 64 in 2022.

  • Arthur Bender Job

Arthur Bender has been a president of Plan B Construction, Inc., a full-service design-build firm specializing in commercial, residential, historic restoration, remodel/additions, for the past four decades (and counting).

Like his wife, he also has a bachelor’s degree in Economics, but from US Santa Barbara. He then also graduated with an MBA in Business (with Summa Cum Laude grade) from the University of Phoenix.

  • Is Arthur Bender On IG?

Arthur Bender could be found on Instagram ( and he called it the official Instagram account of “Stupid Dad”.

He also shared glimpses of his life on Twitter @_Stupid_Dad and ‘Arthur Bender’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Jade Bender Parents Live?

Jade Bender’s mom hails from Calabasas, California, and is based in the same hometown even today. As for her husband, he was originally a Los Angeles, California native. Now, the folks could be based together in Calabasas.

  • Are Jade Bender’s Parents Still Married?

Jade Bender’s parents got married on 17 August 1986 and have been together and inseparable ever since.

The last time they pose for a family picture with their kids was the 1st of January in 2021.

  • How Many Kids Do Jade Bender’s Parents Have?

Jade Bender’s parents have two kids, that is including her. So, Jade only has a brother and he is called Chasen Bender.

Based in New York, New York, Chasen had been working as a full-time senior associate of equity research at Citi since July of 2018. And before pursuing a career in financial services, he got his BBA in Finance and International Business from George Washington University (2010 – 2014). For a year in 2012, he also accepted a study abroad program to go study International Business Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Argentina.

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