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Bobby Prothero Bio, Net Worth, Daughter Tessa, Age

Viewers of HGTV know Bobby Prothero from Rehab Addict but for those who are newly introduced to him, here are a few things you should know about him. Here we cover his age, job, net worth, wife, what happened to his daughter Tessa, and more.

So, keep scrolling down and find out everything here.

Bobby Prothero On Rehab Addict

Bobby Prothero has served in Rehab Addict as a lead contractor since 2017. He worked alongside Ryan Sawtelle and Nicole Curtis on the show for many seasons. Nicole shared that she has known Bobby since 2015. He previously appeared on 14 episodes of the show from 2017 to 2019.

After two years of hiatus, Bobby and Nicole with other crew members returned in 2022 on the original show’s spin-off, Rehab Addict: Lake House Rescue.

Bobby Prothero Net Worth

In 2022, Bobby Prothero’s estimated net worth should be above $350 thousand. He is the owner of Prothero’s Construction and a graduate of Berkley High School. Per his LinkedIn, Bobby founded his construction company in January 2012.

With his regular work on the side, Bobby is also working as a childhood cancer advocate. He also shares posts on the “gram related to the HGTV show and it’s lovely to hear he “loves his job”.

Is Bobby Prothero Married?

Yes, Bobby Prothero is a married man. Fans of the show know that his wife or “the love of his life” is Karin Prothero. On 22 May 2022, Bobby wished his wife her 32nd birthday. He posted on his IG, “Happy birthday to this hot mom❤️❤️ Hope you have a great day 😘 I can’t believe your only 32.” Karin’s actual age is 42.

Bobby and Karin have reportedly been together at least since 1997. They exchanged their wedding vows in April 2012. Roughly, they have been together for more than 25 years and married for 10 years. On their 9th anniversary in 2021, Bobby posted on his IG, “Can’t believe she has kept me around this long 😁 all I know is that I love her to the moon and back love you, baby, ❤️❤️❤️.”

Karin and Bobby are parents to three children; two daughters named Marley (9-year-old) and Tessa, and their youngest-born son Jay, a 5-year-old. In addition to being a devoted husband, he is also a doting father who features his kids regularly on his socials regularly.

What Happened To Bobby Prothero Daughter Tessa?

Bobby Prothero’s daughter Tessa Prothero was born on 25 February 2008. In 2016, when Rehab Addict’s season 7 aired, the team dedicated the last two episodes to Tessa who was battling pediatric cancer. Tessa passed away on 17 June 2017 at the age of 9. According to Press & Guide, Tessa attended Upton Elementary School, and the members of the Upton Elementary School community in Royal Oak and beyond mourned the death of third-grader Tessa Prothero.

Tessa died almost four years after she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of cancer. “She was always happy and kind-hearted and people just gravitated to her,” said Upton Principal John Grzywak. “Everybody knew her. I think she really helped us understand what it is to live, even though her life was short she taught us to persevere and embrace every moment.”

Tessa was only in kindergarten when she was diagnosed. She wore a scarf after losing her hair from cancer treatments but she lived with the same enthusiasm as other children her age. For her birthday on 25 February, Gilda’s Club arranged for a flash mob of 300 dancers to show up outside Tessa’s house and surprise her.

“She loved to dance,” Bobby spoke of his daughter, as he and his wife Karin were picking out Tessa’s burial plot. “She was happy all the time and she made other people around her happy. In a way, she was an old soul. She loved everybody and she changed people’s lives.”

Bobby said Tessa enjoyed trips to California, one of them through the Rainbow Connection in Rochester to see actress and singer Debbie Ryan, who she watched when Ryan starred in the Disney TV show “Jessie.”

Famed actress and singer Kristen Bell, a Huntington Woods native, also arranged trips for Tessa to Hollywood where she visited the Disney and Universal studio lots. Bell, who went to school with Tessa’s mother, Karin Prothero, also arranged for the actor who did the voice for Olaf in the movie “Frozen” to talk to Tessa.

Bobby’s wife Karin remembered their daughter via a post. She wrote, “Tessa was like no other person I’ve ever met,” she said. “Of course I’m biased, but still everyone loved her. She had sass and charisma and kindness and stubbornness and a love for life like I’ve never seen … she was our hero and pushed us to be better.”

Go Fund Me page was set up to raise funds for Tessa’s treatment but, sadly, that same month Tessa passed away aged just nine on June 17, 2017. Her obituary read: “She didn’t ‘lose’ her battle. She ‘won’ four years of her life while diagnosed with stage four cancer.”

Bobby Prothero Age

In 2022, Bobby Prothero is 45 years old. He was born in September 1977.

Bobby Prothero Family

Bobby Prothero was born to his parents Bob and Sue Prothero. Bobby’s parents married for 46 years in May 2022. His parents hailed from Michigan but are currently based in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Additionally, Bobby’s dad worked as Branch Operations Manager at Brehob Corporation. He also served as a Former Parts Distribution Manager at Carleton Equipment Company. Bobby’s mom graduated from Dondero High School in 1972. She worked at Birmingham Public School.

Bobby has a sister named Missy Prothero Winter and a brother named Steven Prothero.

Where Is Bobby Prothero From?

Bobby Prothero calls Berkley, Michigan his hometown. He is currently based in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Related FAQs

  • Is Bobby Prothero On Instagram?

Yes, Bobby Prothero is active on social media. His IG handle is (@bobbyprothero) and his Facebook is (@robert.prothero.35).

  • When Is Bobby Prothero Birthday?

Bobby Prothero celebrates his birthday on 5 September.

  • How Tall Is Bobby Prothero?

Bobby Prothero’s height measures around 6 feet.

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