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Braydon Pettigrew Age, Job, Down for Love, Still With Leisel?

Braydon Pettigrew is the boyfriend of Leisel Shepherd, the hopeful single from Netflix’s Down For Love. The show suggests they are still together. But, some of the viewers wish to learn more about him.

Well, here is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know Braydon better.

Braydon Pettigrew On Netflix’s Down For Love

Brayden Pettigrew was the date of Leisel Shepherd on Netflix’s Down For Love. Netflix’s Down For Love has a lineup of cast members who have Down syndrome. The show centers around a few hopeful singles as they look for love in New Zealand. This is the first reality TV program on Netflix to ever focus on the relationships of individuals with disabilities.

The program was created by Attitude Pictures, a company that specializes in producing media that promotes understanding of mental illness and disabilities. Filming started in March of 2022, but Covid-19-related delays prevented the show from airing until August 2023.

One of the cast members we meet is Leisel Shepherd. She is accompanied by her fellow cast members Libby Hunsdale, Lily Harper, John Halliday, Carlos Biggemann, and Josh Bradley.

Is Braydon Pettigrew Still With Leisel Shepherd?

Yes, Leisel Shepherd and Brayden Pettigrew are still in a happy relationship. The couple began dating one year ago and immediately found that they liked one another. Leisel claims that they go out to have fun and cook together. They also communicate via TikTok because Brayden lives on the other side of Auckland.

Leisel was pretty eager to go on her blind date since she was hoping to find her perfect match, and when she finally met Brayden, her hopes looked to have been realized. Both of them thoroughly loved a day of mini-golf and undoubtedly sensed something that left them wanting more. Leisel and Brayden couldn’t help but compliment each other on their beauty and personalities as their evening came to a close.

On their second date, Leisel and Brayden went to a pottery studio where they made their own clay sculptures, which they really enjoyed. Their chemistry from their first encounter grew stronger, and they appeared to fall even more in love with one another. Leisel asked Brayden to her house so they could spend some time in the spa tub after their third beach date.

Brayden made the decision to be honest with Leisel about his feelings when they were spending quality time together in the spa tub. Leisel enthusiastically agreed when he proposed to her. They also shared their first kiss as a result of this, and they appeared to enjoy it.

Eight months after their relationship began, Leisel and Brayden were still going strong. The latter even joined his girlfriend’s skincare company and launched a line of products specifically for males. They went to see sexuality educator Carolyn O’Neil at this stage, who gave them insight into what it may mean to have physical intimacy and how communication was essential to creating a strong relationship. Leisel and Brayden began to prepare for their first sleepover while feeling happier than ever.

In fact, the two spent the night together after going to a natural hot spring to celebrate the latter’s 21st birthday. The birthday kid declared his desire to be married to Leisel after blowing out the candles on his cake.

Braydon Pettigrew Age

In the show, Brayden Pettigrew celebrated turning 21. Now, in 2023, Brayden is 22 years old after celebrating his birthday this year.

Braydon Pettigrew Job

According to Brayden Pettigrew’s LinkedIn, he is a student at Te Hapori and is into Public Speaking. Moreover, he was a consultant on Nutrimetics Australia & New Zealand since August 2021. However, his profile is no longer available.

On his IG bio, Brayden states that he is a local image consultant. Back in 2014, while Brayden attended Tua Marina School, he helped Mayor Alistair Sowman cut the ribbon and declare the hall open.

Brayden has also attended Howick College, Nayland College Official, and is currently attending Manukau Institute of Technology – Te Pūkenga.

Is Braydon Pettigrew On Instagram?

Yes, Braydon Pettigrew is on Instagram (@braydonjamespettigrew) and Facebook.

Braydon Pettigrew Family

Braydon Pettigrew is the son of Virginia Pettigrew. There are no details about his dad and seem to have taken his mom’s last name.

Virginia is working as a hair artist at Kafune since September 2022. She is also employed at Common Thread Hair Studio since 2021.

Virginia had previously worked for Davroe NZ, Beautiful Environment, BOUTIQUE BRANDS LIMITED, Black Sheep Brands, Community Colleges NZ, Rouge Hair Design, and Beyond the Fringe Hair Designs.

Virginia completed her education at Marlborough Girls College. She earned her Ruben Blades Hair Academy.

Talking about siblings, Braydon has one younger sister named Willow. Willow reached age 11 in May 2023.

Virginia is the daughter of Ro Pettigrew. On Mother’s Day 2022, Virginia wished her mom, “Happy Mother’s Day to this incredible mum. She taught us how to be strong independent women, push social norms, and dress like the badasses we are! She taught us how to love, how to hold our heads up high, and how to laugh till our belly’s ache.”

Ro lives in Masterton, New Zealand, and went to Taupo nui-a-Tia College.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Braydon Pettigrew Birthday?

Braydon Pettigrew celebrates his birthday on 3 June.

  • Where Is Braydon Pettigrew From?

Braydon Pettigrew hailed from Blenheim, New Zealand. He is now living in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • How Tall Is Braydon Pettigrew?

Braydon Pettigrew’s height measures under 5 feet 8 inches.

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