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Daniel Francis Forman Age, Job, Down For Love, Still With Emily?

Daniel Francis Forman from Christchurch, New Zealand is the cast member of Netflix’s newest offering, Down For Love. How old is he? What job does he have? He linked with Emily in the show, are they still together?

Read all about him in this article below.

Daniel Francis Forman On Netflix’s Down For Love

The cast of the Netflix series Down For Love includes several people with Down syndrome. A few young singles who are hoping to find love in New Zealand are the focus of the episode. It is the first time ever that a reality TV show on Netflix has centered on the relationships of people with disabilities.

Attitude Pictures, a business that specializes in creating a video that fosters an understanding of mental illness and disabilities, developed the series. Although production began in March 2022, Covid-19-related difficulties delayed the show’s premiere until August 2023.

One of the cast members we meet is Daniel Francis Forman. He is accompanied by his fellow cast members Josh Bradley, Lily Mae, Libby Hunsdale, Lily Harper, John Halliday, Carlos Biggemann, and Leisel Shepherd.

Is Daniel Francis Forman Still With Emily?

No, Daniel Francis Forman and Emily don’t seem to be together based on how their second date came to an end. They met in the show. Viewers saw Emily getting ready with her mom. Emily tells her mom that she is excited for her date. When asked, “What will you do when you first meet him?” Emily says, “First thing, you say hello to other people.”

Daniel was described as nice and Emily wants to be treated as a queen.

Emily’s mom says, “Emily’s been hanging out to have a date with someone special. He would need to be patient, and, um, he’d have to be Emily-centric. So he’d have to, um, focus on her wants and needs.”

On their first meeting, Daniel brings Emily flowers. He tells him that he loves tennis and soccer. He also adds that his favorite dinosaur is Stegosaurus. They also talk about their favorite chocolate, camping, and fishing.

On their second date, Daniel took his girlfriend on a fishing trip. They were enjoying themselves quite a lot and Daniel believed that Emily was going well. Despite the joy of the sea, though, there’s something missing.

Speaking about how he felt about the date, Daniel said, “If I was speaking honestly, I’d say no, she’s not a good girlfriend to have. But still, we can be friends.”

Daniel Francis Forman Age

In 2023, Daniel Francis Forman is 39 years.

Daniel Francis Forman Job

Daniel attended Mairehau High School. After Daniel explored other opportunities.

Daniel has had the goal of taking an early retirement since he was in his 20s and using the opportunity to travel. The reality TV personality began working directly with Kilmarnock Enterprises in his early 20s. In some of his tasks, Daniel had to coil transparent plastic hoses that were used to pump fluids into test kits and tiny loops.

Daniel aspires to concentrate on other things when he gets closer to his forties. The reality star has benefited in a number of ways from his practical job. In addition to having fun with like-minded individuals, he also gets to spend time with his coworkers. Daniel still aspires to early retirement, like many others in the workforce, so he can spend more time doing the things he enjoys.

Daniel also loved doing puzzles and coloring. He is a keen performer with Jolt an interpretive dance for people with disabilities – and they are now training to be instructors. He also volunteers at the retirement village.

Is Daniel Francis Forman On Instagram?

No, Daniel Francis Forman is not on Instagram or Facebook.

Daniel Francis Forman Family

Daniel Francis Forman belongs to a big family. His parents already had eight children when his parents adopted his brother Joel as their son. Daniel now lives with his brother Joel who is 35 years old and also has Down syndrome. They are often met with surprise when they proudly tell people they live independently together and have done for four years.

Another sibling we know of is Vicki Crequer who is also their support carer. Vicki bought a property in Burnside, built the brothers a two-bedroom flat to rent, and she helps them with groceries, meals, housework, and appointments. They now have plans to build two more on the property, for other friends with special needs.

Vicki said of her brothers, “I just think that they are such awesome people, and the world is such a better place for having them in it. Daniel and Joel have always just been treated like everyone else in the family.” She added, “It was quite scary letting them go out and go flatting. So many things could go wrong…but you have to be brave and let them go on and experience life.”

Joel’s dream is to marry his girlfriend of six years, Maria. “We have been together forever. We love living here, doing stuff together,” Daniel says.

Speaking to Stuff on World Down Syndrome Day, Crequer said her brothers “surprise you with what they can do”.

“They’re such lovely people, they’re good fun. It’s so nice to see them so happy, they are both the happiest they’ve been now that they’re living independently.” The brothers were keen bike riders, and with “maps inside their brains”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Daniel Francis Forman From?

Daniel Francis Forman hailed from Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • When Is Daniel Francis Forman Birthday?

Unfortunately, Daniel’s birthday is not available.

  • How Tall Is Daniel Francis Forman?

Daniel Francis Forman’s height measures under 5 feet 8 inches.

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