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Robbie Mullett Bio, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Ethnicity, MIC

Robbie Mullett made headlines after being one of the three males who had a three-way kiss on Made In Chelsea. The incident was a TV history moment to broadcast a three-way kiss as Channel 4 hired ‘Queer Expert’ to oversee the storyline.

Who is he? Who are his parents? What is his ethnicity?

Robbie Mullett On MIC Made In Chelsea

Robbie Mullett joined Made In Chelsea Corsica as a friend on the show during series 20 in 2020 alongside his good friend Paris Smith. Since then, he has appeared in stirring narratives, from openly disclosing his sexuality to Ollie Locke-Locke to expressing his choice to begin PrEP. Viewers have enjoyed following Robbie on his struggle to accept his sexuality over the years; last week on the show, he even performed a famous drag makeover.

Robbie told the Tab, “Sharing my coming out journey was a defining moment in terms of my confidence. No longer having to hide behind a fake, straight persona because I was scared of people knowing the truth. I am happy to be a flamboyant, fabulous, gay man, that I always knew I was underneath.”

According to IMDB, Robbie has appeared in a total of 38 episodes from 2021 to 2023.

In one episode, Robbie shared that he lost one of his family members to HIV. His discussion about the issue has earned him praise from his fans too.

Robbie Mullett Boyfriend

Robbie Mullett is currently dating his boyfriend Joel Minott, who viewers also met on the show. Model Joel meets the cast of the show for drinks with some of the actors. He adds a touch of the north to the London atmosphere and appears to be a breath of new air for the production.

While Robbie calls Joel a “party animal” and says he calms him down in their relationship, the two first met at a club in London. Their respective socials reveal that they were together at least since 2021. The two have recently been experimenting as they choose to include a third party in their relationship.

Robbie told Maeva and Inga that they had made up their minds to have a threesome. He said: “The other day…we had a threesome. I had a really fun time.” However, although Robbie thought it was fun, Joel was starting to feel insecure.

Robbie later told his friends Paris and Liv: “Obviously for me, I am completely comfortable with, on the odd occasion inviting someone into our relationship. But it seems that Joel is getting a bit put off.”

The three-way relationship also includes newcomer Geronimo Mörtl. Joel tells Grazia, “Robbie and I are exploring what consensual non-monogamy looks like and we’re dipping our toes into what an open relationship might look like for us. It’s difficult but it’s exciting at the same time.”

Their current relationship status appears conflicting based on their respective socials. Robbie’s social hints that they are still together meanwhile, Joel has said that she is single.

Who is Joel?

Joel is a native of Leeds, Yorkshire. At Leeds Arts University, Joel also pursued a fine arts degree. On Instagram, he frequently posts a lot of his artwork, including canvas paintings he made in a graphic style. He works as a DJ and model. He began modeling at the age of 17. Joel claims on Made in Chelsea that he recently relocated to the UK from Los Angeles, however, it appears that he did so in 2020. (Ultram) He had both DJ’d and taken pictures there.

Joel attended Leeds Arts University to study fine arts. He frequently posts works of art on Instagram, including paintings on canvas in a graphic manner.

Robbie Mullett Age

Robbie Mullett as of this article is 23 years old. In August 2023, he celebrates turning 24.

Who Are Robbie Mullett Parents?

Robbie Mullett frequently discusses his parents on Married In Chelsea, while never disclosing their identities or posting photos of them on Instagram. He told Ollie Locke about his coming-out experience and how his parents were incredibly happy with him, even though his mother initially assumed he was joking.

“My mum, bless her, she thought I was joking,” Robbie said on the show. “I went up to my room to just cry. My mum must’ve immediately realized her mistake. She must’ve called my father. He came home early and gave me the biggest hug and said that it must’ve taken a lot of courage to have said that and that he was proud.”

Robbie confessed to The Tab that he initially talked to his parents after coming out to his buddies. “My dad was also very accepting,” he said. “I am eternally grateful to be surrounded by such supportive people.”

Robbie has expressed his gratitude for his parents’ support and said that their reaction to his being gay has inspired other people to do the same.

“I was quite blessed to have received a wonderful message on Instagram,” he told The Tab. “It was from a viewer who came out to everyone but their father. Upon hearing my story about how well my father received the news and how accepting he was, this person said that they came out to their Dad after ten years of hiding, because of my scene. It was incredible to read that.”

What Is Robbie Mullett Ethnicity?

Robbie Mullett’s ethnicity is unclear. He hasn’t opened up about his heritage publicly yet.

Robbie Mullett Height

Per his pictures, Robbie Mullett stands to turn around the height of 5’10”.

Robbie Mullett Job

Robbie Mullett is a “Future trainee solicitor at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP and television personality focused on normalizing queer experiences and raising LGBTQ+ awareness.” He landed an internship as a vacation scheme student. As for being a reality star for Channel 4, he has recently appeared on a podcast for Fubar Radio, where he shared that being a reality star is one of the hardest jobs out there.

Besides his job, Robbie has also done some volunteer work at QUEER BRITAIN: the National LGBTQ+ Museum, and Terrence Higgins Trust in 2022.

Furthermore, Robbie revealed on his LinkedIn that he earned a CACHE Level 2 Certificate In Understanding Working With People With Mental Health Needs from NCFE.

How Much Is Robbie Mullett Net Worth?

As of 2023, Robbie Mullett has accumulated a total net worth of under $100K.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Robbie Mullett Birthday?

Robbie Mullett’s birthday is on 25 August.

  • Where Is Robbie Mullett From?

Robbie Mullett is originally from Camden and was raised in London, England. However, he moved to Essex before returning to the city to study law at UCL. “The diversity in London simply does not compare to anywhere else,” he told The Tab. “You see people walking down the streets wearing whatever they like and it is embraced. Being gay is celebrated and sadly not as much in Essex.”

  • Is Robbie Mullett On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Robbie Mullett is on Instagram (@robbie.mullett).

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