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Brenda Foley Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Seeking Sister Wife

Meet Brenda Foley, one of the stars appearing on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife in season 4. She and her husband Steve are looking for a younger sister-wife, but then it is not going to be easy, because Brenda has a history. In this article, you’ll learn about her age, job, and Instagram.

The other couples who are joining them in the season are The Jones Family (Sidian and Tosha), The Epps Family (India, Taryn, and Marcus), The Davis Family (Nick, April, and Jennifer), and The Merrifield Couple (Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield). The show premiered on 6 June 2022.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn about Brenda Foley from TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.

Brenda Foley On Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife is ready to premiere its season 4. The show’s premise of living a life in a polygamist family gives viewers the idea and a closer look into lifestyle and practice. It is one of the hit show that has captivated the attention of millions since the first season aired on TLC.

Brenda Foley is one of the families getting introduced in the new season. They are looking to expand their family. Brenda and her husband Steven had the experience with polygamist relationships and are willing to jump back into that lifestyle again. This means they should look for somebody who is perfect for them and the family.

Brenda and Steven celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary on 1 December 2021. Having known about polygamous past, they are comfortable about being in a polygamous marriage and are looking for a younger sister-wife. But they know what to expect.

Steven and Brenda considered bringing a woman named April into their marriage. They have already experienced the pitfall of embracing plural marriage. In the 13 June 2022 episode, viewers took the same thing. It also gave some complicated feelings for Brenda.

In addition, the route to polygamy for this Texas couple began while Steve was still married to his prior wife. Brenda was introduced to them and soon became a member of the family. However, they encountered a lot of criticism for their decision to live a plural lifestyle, which caused Steve and his wife to divorce.

Steve shared, “My wife at the time made the decision to not be a part of the relationship anymore”.

They’ve started dating April, a woman more than two decades Steve’s junior. The married couple feels a connection to April who is 21-years-old from Texas. April started working at a hospital in Livingston. The age came as a shock to Steve’s son Preston. “Even if the kids don’t understand, it’s up to us to continue on with what we know is right,” Steve explained in the trailer.

Steve also has another offspring.

Moreover, adding a new member to their marriage is easy. In the preview of the new episode, viewers saw that Steve gets one-on-one time with soon-to-be new addition April, Brenda finds herself alone in a restaurant.

“I can say at this point in our relationship that, yeah, I do love April,” Steve during confessional. “Steve is the love of my life,” she says. “I know that he’s going to fall in love with someone. That’s the goal. We both know that. But some things can be a little bit hard. It’s like, ‘Does he love her more than me? Is he going to stop loving me?”

“It’s hard,” Steve added. “I hope it’s going to be worth it”.

Brenda Foley Age

Brenda Floey was born in June 1983. She is 39 years old in 2022.

What Is Brenda Foley Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Brenda Foley is Arévalo. She is the daughter of Alina Arevalo. On 29 June 2021, she wished her mother a birthday via a Facebook post. Another family member is Natalie Arevalo.

Brenda Foley Job

Brenda Foley started her career as administrative officer manager at Perferred Health Services, Inc in 2006. She worked for the company until February 2014 in Houston, Texas. A month later, in March 2014, Brenda started working for Inhance Technologies (formerly Fluoro-Seal International).

He served in the HR/Payroll till February 2016.

For two years from 2016 to 2018, Brenda didn’t document what she did in that period. Since April 2018, Brenda has been working for Pineapple Compass by Dream Vacations as a vacation specialist.

According to the company website, Dream Vacations is passionate about creating experiences for their clients that are both exceptional and memorable. The bio reads, “Whether it’s an Alaskan or Hawaiian dream cruise or an all-inclusive resort in the Tropics. Call us today so you can start your journey. That’s why at Pineapple Compass we say, ‘Search the Extraordinary!'”

In 2020, Brenda completed the diploma program of study approved by USVI to be recognized as a USVI Specialist and was entitled to all benefits therein. She wrote, “Just received my US Virgin Island Specialist Certification!! I’m ready to book your dream vacation to the Virgin Islands”.

Brenda Foley Height

Standing under the height of 5’3”, Brenda Foley is often seen on pair of specs to enhance her sight. She is a Latina beauty.

Is Brenda Foley On Instagram?

Yes, Brenda Foley is on Instagram (@blulv) and Facebook (@blulv).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Brenda Foley Birthday?

Also, Brenda Foley’s birthday falls in June every year.

  • Where Is Brenda Foley From?

According to Starcasm, Brenda Floey is from near Houston, Texas. Some sources reveal that she is living in Garland, Texas.

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