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Nick Davis Bio, Age, Job, Height, IG, Seeking Sister Wife

Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife dropped on TLC on 6 June 2022 documenting the journeys of several unique families in various phases of polygamous relationships. The new season sees returning couple Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield, the Foley couple, the Jones couple, the Epps family, and lastly the Davis family, whom we shall discuss in the rest of the writing.

The Davis family consists of ick, April, and Jennifer. And now, in this ‘India Epps Bio’, we shall especially discuss Nick Davis, his age, height, job, as seen on Seeking Sister Wife, and more.

Nick Davis On Seeking Sister Wife

Nick Davis and the two women in his life April and Jennifer Davis practice polygamy, but with a twist. The two women of the triad, instead of being married to Nick are legally married. Albeit, they do consider themselves Nick’s wives as they even took Nick’s last name to show others how committed they are to the relationship.

And so, the triad also explained their sex schedule of sleeping in one bed. Both Jennifer and April shared that Nick is a lot to handle especially when it comes to the bedroom. So, despite claiming that they are not polyamorous, the sleep arrangement was such that Nick slept with both April and Jennifer in the same bed every night.

(Of course) the viewers also got to know about Danielle, the third wife-to-be. The Davis family was actively searching for a third wife before they found her. Fans, however, were still very concerned about how young Danielle is as compared to Nick. Some even found it “predatory” that all of Nick’s wives had come into the family as teenagers or as women in their early 20s.

Nick met April when she was in college so they have been together for over 14 years. As for Jennifer, 24 as of 2021, she has been in the picture since she was 19.

On 29 May 2022, the Davis celebrated their fifth anniversary on this day, as someone wrote on their IG “Happy Anniversary to the loves of my life!”.

Also, as it turns out Nick and the wives have been together for likely over 15 years.

Moreover, there is also a kid in the scene. It is April’s son William. And even though Nick is likely not the biological dad, April is proud and beyond grateful that Nick decided to take William under his wing and show him how to become a young man.

Nick Davis Age

Nick Davis was 38-year-old when the TLC viewers knew him for the first time in 2022.

Is Nick Davis On IG?

Yes. Nick Davis could be found on Instagram @nicky2times_twotimes which had 3 posts and 123 followers as of 13 June 2022. Another account with 19 posts and 210 followers also featured him very often, and its BIO greeted people as “We are a proud polygamous family đź–¤”.

At the same time, Nick also shared glimpses of his life on ‘Nick Davis’ Facebook.

Nick Davis Job

The way it showed on the TLC show, Nick stayed at home to do “research”; and his “wives” actually were the breadwinners of the family. And Nick clearly did not feel bad about this. He had even told the cameras that “If you look at a chessboard, the King doesn’t really move much.” Not to miss, even these wives seemed content with the arrangement. Followers of Seeking Sister Wife, however, have not been fans of Nick’s unconcerned attitude. People have actually taken to revolt on social media about why Jennifer and April would willingly hand over their paychecks to Nick.

Nick, meanwhile, continued to remain nonchalant proudly saying things like money has never motivated him to do anything.

With that being said, Nick, for someone who proudly did no job, certainly made it look like he is a professional person as his BIO on IG read, “As a neuro-quantum adept, I have mastered the metaprogramming circuit, and attained neurogenetic consciousness.”

Nick Davis Height

Nick Davis stands around 5’10” tall in height.

Who Are Nick Davis’s Parents?

Nick’s father is George Davis IV. From Denton, Texas, and based in Denver, Colorado (as of 2022), George was a postal clerk at US Postal Service, also worked at Mercy Hospital, and went to East High School. He also emphasized the ‘single’ on his Facebook BIO.

Nick’s mother is Vanessa Davis Robinson and she attended East High School with Nick’s dad back in the day, albeit they may not be together now.

As for siblings, Nick has a brother named George Davis (George Davis V) who could be found based around Aurora, Colorado as of 2022.

The other family members/relatives of Nick that we know of are Lawanda Davis, Kenya Davis, and Tye Howse.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nick Davis From?

While TLC introduces Davis as the native of Aurora, Colorado, Nick on Facebook precisely mentions that he is from Denver, Colorado has always lived there.

  • When Is Nick Davis’s Birthday?

Nick was yet to tell the internet about when is it that he celebrates his birthday.

  • What Religion Does Nick Davis Follow?

By the look of things, Nick Davis is a Christian and so he maybe bides by Christianity.

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