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Meet FLDS Ex-Members Myrna And Lloyd Wall! Age, Today

Myrna and Lloyd Wall who were FLDS members, like other ex-FLDS members, came forth to share their recounts from their time in the church on Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey. One old couples were Myrna And Lloyd Wall. The couple shared their first-hand experience during the time of Rulon Jeffs and his son Warren Jeffs leadership.

In this article below, learn about their age and where they are today.

Meet FLDS Ex-Members Myrna And Lloyd Wall On Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

Myrna and Lloyd Wall weren’t born into the FLDS church by birth.

Myrna Bradshaw and Lloyd L Wall were married on August 25, 1954. At the time when they decided to join and convert to FLDS, Lloyd and Myrna had 5 children from their marriage. Together, they gave birth to 9 children (Jeffrey B., Julie, Neil S., Charlene, Gail, Matthew W., Suzzane, Michael L., and Connie). After they joined the FLDS, the FLDS prophet “Rulon Jeffs” approached Llyod and told him that Sharon Steed belonged to his family.

While Myrna and Lloyd lived upstairs, Sharon lived in the basements with her kids. Teresa, Myrna’s step-daughter sister shared that Sharron worked tirelessly. Teresa shared that her mother cooked, cleaned, and sewed for both families. “We were the first family’s servants,” Teressa Wall said. She shared that her nose was bloodied and her jaw bruised in the course of standing up for her mother and siblings to the first wife. “It made me so mad, the way they treated her,” says Teressa, “the way they treated all of us.”

When Lloyd had physical altercations with his son, Warren Jeff used the “opportunity” and deemed Lloyd “unworthy”. At that time, the family was living in Salt Lake City.

Warren reassigned Lloyd’s second wife to another man named Fred Jessop, hence Lloyd separated from his second wife and their fourteen children. Then, Sharon and the fourteen children started living in Hildale, Utah.

At one point, Lloyd who was working as an engineer also lost his job because of his altercation with his children. After leaving the church, Lloyd married his third wife.

Where Are Myrna And Lloyd Wall Today?

Myrna and Lloyd Wall made their peace with the church. The latest appearance on Netflix’s show confirmed that they are living in La Verkin, Utah. According to Ownerly, they reportedly own a property worth $195.8K that sits on 0.17 acres.

Ex FLDS Member Lloyd Wall Today (Pic: Netflix)

In 2014, Lloyd appeared on Dr. Phil alongside his and Sharon’s daughter, Rebecca Masser. While he was being sat in the hot seat, he was confronted about how could possibly let his young beautiful daughter marry off to Rulon Jeffs who was 85 at the time. He shared that when he was part of the church, the men were programmed to believe that their daughter marrying the prophet was an honor. So, it seemed like the right thing to do, having Rebecca marry Rulon Jeffs, who was about 85-years-old at the time in 1995.

He also published a book titled titled Truth Matters: A Father’s Rebuttal of “The Witness Wore Red”.

In the show, Lloyd talked about disagreeing with Warren on many things and not liking his abuse of the position he held.

Myrna And Lloyd Wall Age

Born in September 1935, Myrna Wall is 86 years old. Meanwhile, Lloyd Wall was born in February 1936 and turned 86 in February 2022.

Are Myrna And Lloyd Wall On Facebook?

No, Myrna and Lloyd Wall are not on Facebook or any other social media accounts.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Myrna And Lloyd Wall Live Now?

Myrna and Lloyd Wall are living in La Verkin, Utah.

  • How Many Kids Do Myrna And Lloyd Wall Have?

Myrna and Lloyd alone shared 9 children. Meanwhile, Lloyd had 24 children from three marriages.

  • What Else Do We Know About Myrna And Lloyd Wall Family?

We know that Lloyd’s second wife is still in the FLDS church which is currently run by Lyle Jeffs. According to Rebecca, her mother still believed in the salvation they were going to achieve. His daughter Elissa was getting married to her maternal cousin without any consent.

Elissa told Teressa, that she wasn’t ready for sex and babies, especially not with her cousin. “You’ve got to stand up for yourself, Lisie,” Teressa insisted. But Elissa was too young and scared. Despite Teressa’s passionate efforts to rally her sisters and even her mother to stop the marriage, the brethren yanked Elissa out of the eighth grade.

Lloyd’s daughter Teressa left FLDS in 2005 at the age of 25. Likewise, her sister Becky, a plural wife of the wizened Rulon, had quit the group in 2002, at age 26. Their brother had already left FLDS and managed to escape the community providing something of an emotional and logistical path for the sisters.

Elissa and her two sisters focused themselves on their two teenage sisters who would surely be forced into marriage soon if no one intervened. The three sisters were desperate to protect them, Elissa overcame her fear of government and law enforcement long enough to contact a lawyer about what had happened to her; soon after, the Utah attorney general’s office got involved. Warren Jeffs was charged with rape as an accomplice, a first-degree felony.

Elissa, who released a memoir Stolen Innocence, said that she would not have been able to confront Warren Jeffs had it not been for Teressa’s flinty belief in justice and her encouragement that Elissa heeds the voice inside her.

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