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Brenda Lafferty Parents: Larae (Mom) And James Wright (Dad)!

Meet Brenda Lafferty Parents: Larae (Mom) And James Wright (Dad)!

Below you’ll learn about their relationship, age, job, and current residence. Keep scrolling down to learn more about them.

Who Were Brenda Lafferty Parents?

Brenda Lafferty was born to her parents James Louis Wright and LaRae Wright on 19 July 1960 in Logan, Cache County, Utah. LaRae met the love of her life James at a church dance in Great Falls, MT who had just returned from a church mission. They married on 6 June 1958 in the Salt Lake City, UT Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

They spent a short time at Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX then moved also to Logan, UT, and to Ithaca, NY.

Although Brenda’s family liked Allen at first, LaRae regretted marrying off her daughter to the Lafferty family. LaRae Wright said. “We just didn’t have any idea the Lafferty family situation was that bad. It was a real shock to find out some of those things”.

In December 1991, during the trial, Brenda’s parents also voiced frustration. LaRae said, “I think a new trial is just a waste of the Utah taxpayers’ money.” “There is no doubt” Ron Lafferty murdered her daughter, she said.

Jim Wright said three words describing his response to the ruling: disappointment, anger, and disgust.

“I think this will revictimize the victims again. There will be more pain, suffering, anguish, and concern,” he said. “It will be traumatic for my family. But I don’t expect it to be devastating.”

The years since Brenda’s death have been peaceful ones for the Idaho family. “We’re doing great,” LaRae Wright said. “I think it’s because of our religious beliefs. We know that Brenda’s all right and Erica is fine. We needed to get on with our lives and we’ve done that”.

Brenda’s parents also lost touch with their son-in-law, Allen Lafferty, in circa 1987.

Meet Brenda Lafferty Mom, Larae Wright

LaRae Wright is the mother of Brenda Lafferty. LaRae was born on 12 February 1934 to John Ansel and Neola Marie York Hatch. She grew up in the Bancroft, ID; Logan, UT, and Drummond, MT areas.

  • Larae Wright Cause Of Death

The cause of LaRae Wright is not mentioned in her obituary but it is likely the complications due to old age which took her life.

  • Larae Wright Age At The Time Of Her Death

At the time of her death, LaRae Wright was 82 years old. She died on 15 February 2016.

  • What Did Larae Wright Do For A Living?

After completing high school, LaRae Wright attended Brigham Young University graduating in 1958 with a degree in Business Education. She taught high school in Browning, MT. Moreover, she was an excellent fast typist, played the piano and organ, and had a beautiful singing voice.

While in Ithaca, NY, LaRae worked as a secretary and typed theses and term papers to help support a growing family for which she earned her PHT (Putting Hubby Through). Because James was attending graduate school at the time.

LaRae was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and served in many callings including Ward Organist, Young Women’s leader, Librarian, Relief Society President, and served several years in the church Family History program entering information into the database. She had a strong faith and abiding testimony of Jesus Christ.

Meet Brenda Lafferty Dad, James Wright

Brenda Lafferty’s dad is James Louis Wright.

  • Is James Wright Still Alive? 

Yes, James Wright is likely still alive. He had interviewed with KUTV in November 2019. In addition, there is no obituary in his name.

  • James Wright Age

Born in August 1934, James L Wright is 87 years old.

  • What Did James Wright Do For A Living?

James Wright served in the U.S. army. But, he dedicated most of his life to the work of God. He was an active member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He appears to be serving as the Bishop.

In 2019, he talked about his late daughter and granddaughter with KUTV. “She was quite a scrapbooker,” Jim remembers as he starts flipping through pages. One of his fondest memories is giving his granddaughter Erica ice cream for the first time. “I had to stir it up for her so it was soft like Dairy Queen,” he said with an affectionate smile.

Jim visits his daughter’s grave every week and told the KUTV reporter, “They laid Erica on Brenda’s chest like she’s holding her. I do find comfort here”. He’s lived through the worst nightmare possible but Jim’s faith is unshakable, saying: “It’s just a matter of going on in daily life, and looking forward to seeing them again”.

Related FAQs 

  • How Long Were Brenda Lafferty Parents Married?

Brenda Lafferty’s parents were married for 57 years. They were four-and-a-half-month away from celebrating their 58th anniversary.

  • How Many Kids Did Brenda Lafferty Parents Have?

LaRae and James Wright were parents to six daughters and one son. Apart from Brenda, their children are Betty and Bruce McEntire (Bradley, Blake, and Brent) of St. George, UT; Bonnie Wright and Howard Minster (Jessica and Nathan Wewers) of Folsom, CA; Janette and Darrell Jack (Abigail, Samuel, Elliott, and Lohmen) of Jackpot NV and Hollister, ID; Sharon and Dave Weeks (Victoria, Alexis, Delaney, and Madeline) of St. George, UT; Joanna Lea and Jeff Henry (Sadie) of Marysville, WA and Dr. Steven James Wright of Davis, CA.

  • Who Play Brenda Lafferty Parents On Hulu’s Under The Banner Of Heaven?

Actress Vanessa Holmes plays LaRae Wright while Darren Goldstein plays her James Wright.

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