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Brett Martin Age, Job, Faith Martin Husband, Still Alive?

Meet Brett Martin, the husband of Golden Bachelor Faith Martin. The couple were married for many years and after Faith’s appearance on the show, viewers are willing to learn more about her past married life.

Learn about Brett’s age, job, and about their marriage via this article.

Meet Brett Martin, Golden Bachelor Faith Martin Husband

Golden Bachelor Faith Martin was once married to Brett Martin. They were soulmates who met when Faith was 19 years old and they got married 8 days later. They were married for 22 years.

Speaking of their relationship, Faith wrote, “Brett was a wonderful Father, a hard worker, an incredible friend to so many people, and the most impactful person of my life! We basically grew up together and remained close and were there for each other even after our marriage ended. He was an AMAZING Grandfather and ‘Big Papa’ and his giant size 16 shoes he wore with passion will NEVER be filled! We will find the blessings in the life he lived always with the US!.”

The married couple shared two children Nick Martin and Brenden Martin.

Nick, their son took to his Facebook and wrote, “There are no words or pictures that adequately capture how special my dad is. I use that in the present tense because I know that he is here with us even though he left his physical body behind. I don’t know how I’m going to get by without being able to hear his wonderful laugh, feel his big bear hugs that swallow you whole, or that massive hand on my shoulder when we pose for a picture.”

He added, “My dad always joked how alike he and I are. Sometimes that led to some friction, but it also led to an understanding of one another that was truly special. I am so grateful that I was blessed with such an amazing dad. A guy who would work 12 hours in blazing heat only to come home and play basketball in a dirt driveway with his two sons. A man that would wake up every morning at 4 am during the winter to chop wood and make a fire so that his family could wake up to warmth.”

Nick concluded, “My dad cared deeply, was passionate, and worked every day to make the lives of those he lived a little more pleasant. And man was he a great storyteller. I’m gonna miss the hell out of you, pops. I know you’ll watch over us until we meet you again on the other side. I love you, dad.”

Nick is Joe – Mobile Order Ahead’s co-founder and CFO. In November 2022, Nick will turn 37. The largest marketplace for independent coffee in the U.S. and a point-of-sale & loyalty system created for coffee, he continues, “Joe takes the grind out of running a coffee shop. With Joe, coffee lovers never have to settle for corporate coffee.”

Brendan founded the website In Washington’s Kennewick, he resides. 36 years old, he was born in March 1987.

Brett and Faith share five grandchildren.

Is Brett Martin Still Alive?

No, Brett Martin is no longer alive. He passed away on 13 August 2022.

Brett Martin Age At The Time Of His Death

At the time of his death, Brett Martin was only 61 years old.

Who Were Brett Martin Parents?

Brett Martin is the son of Frank Ammons and Ramona Speelmon Ammons. The couple married in 1976 and after 42 years they had 79 grand and great-grandchildren.

Frank was born on April 26, 1936, in Pueblo Co. to Elbert and Jenny Ammons. As a young man, Frank enjoyed racing cars with his brother. He did work as a carpenter and later worked as a diesel mechanic at Kennecott Copper for 33 years. Not only did he work at the mine, but was an owner of a truck-driving company.

Frank passed away on November 25, 2018.

Late Brett Martin’s siblings are Maurice (Antionette) Martin, Vikki (Brad) Hansen, Karry Ammons, Vicki Siegel, Wendy (Bob) Tripp, Dodi Weese, Bart (Kathy) Coffey Martin, Lisa (Paul) Snyder, Sharry (Kevin) Johnson, Hank Ammons, Mandi Ammons, and Shandis Ammons.

Brett Martin Job

Brett Martin, according to his Facebook, worked at a Hanford Cleanup Site. He was a “nuclear chemical operator with the AZ Team and saw a better way to design the weights used for the pop-up shade tents in the farms. Using PVC, caps, glue, and gravel, he designed a more ergonomic weight for the poles that also presents less of a tripping hazard. The weights are designed to be used when winds are less than 20 mph.”

Brett worked for Washington River Protection Solutions.

You can find him on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Was Brett Martin Birthday?

Brett Martin’s birthday was on 13 June.

  • Where Was Brett Martin From?

Brett Martin was originally from Rexburg, Idaho. He was living in Benton City, Washington.

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