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Bri Brown Bio, Age, Married, Job, Great Chocolate Showdown

Bri Brown has been passionate about baking ever since a child. No wonder, she was disappointed when she wasn’t chosen for the second installment of the Great Chocolate Showdown. However, Bri’s unyielding! She auditioned for the Food Network’s popular show the next season, and finally, got the chance to win the $50,000 grand prize.

Keep reading this Bri Brown Bio to learn more about her.

Bri Brown On Great Chocolate Showdown

Food Network’s Great Chocolate Showdown season 3 premiered on March 1, 2022, and there appeared Bri Brown, all prepared to go head-to-head with all the chocolate-based challenges, and make a name for herself.

Just like always, the cast was diverse this season. Filled with immense talent and determination, the 10 from participants different walks of life and culture, each told their own story and represented their communities while also learning to navigate through each chocolate-inspired challenge.

Joining Bri over this third installment were co-stars — Amber Horn (Bartender), Connie Kazan (Stay-at-Home Mom), Evan Morgan-Newpher (Tulsa Zoo Manager), Gavan Knox (Home Dad), Ian Frias ( Children’s Museum Finance Manager), Lexi Christiansen (Realtor/Model), Maile Crewdson (Homemaker), Shyam Rethinavelu (Fashion Stylist) and Vince Driver (Artist/Host/Photographer).

As for the judges, they were the original three — Anna Olson, Cynthia Stroud, and Steve Hodge, who each are hard to please. So, Bri’s admitted feat of baking her way through Betty Crocker’s Ultimate Cookie Book is going to come in handy a lot. Also, we believed if there’s a cookie challenge she’s going to slay it!

Reminding her followers not to miss the premiere, Bri took it to her FB on Feb 8 to write, “Mark your calendars! Watch me & 9 other amazing bakers from all over North America compete to win $50K!!” 

Also, on Feb 18, she let her well-wishers know that a watch party was being held through Facebook live, and requested everyone to join in.

Bri Brown Age

Bri Brown was 33 years of age when she appeared on Great Chocolate Showdown premiered in March 2022. Making her one of the younger participants that season.

The oldest was Gavan Knox (44 then), while the youngest was Ian Frias (28 then).

Is Bri Brown Married?

Like most of her co-contestants, Bri Brown’s married life remained a mystery. 

In the earlier episodes, she never talked about her husband or her boyfriend. But then again, the show was all about baking, not dating.

Bri Brown Job

Bri Brown is a self-taught baker with some serious skills.

She’s been baking for as long as she can remember. Initially, starting with an Easy-Bake oven, this pastry chef has come a long way to own her pastry shop called “Baked with Bri.”

According to her, Bri opened her home bakery in May 2020 after a “culmination of a life-long passion paired with COVID quarantine boredom, a camera, and a couple of bottles of fine Bourbon.”

The last we checked, her shop offered Cinnmons rolls, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Strawberry Sugar Cookies, and even hoodies and tees, all ranging from $20 to $35.

One may even book a 30 mins dessert consultation with Bri for $25.

But, solely baking wasn’t enough for the star to pay her bills. Thus, she also took on a job as a mortgage company’s team lead. After all, she had to make good use of that B.B.A. degree from Wayne State University.

Bri Brown Height

Bri Brown stands tall at a height above 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Her distinct features include — an oval face and curled-up hair. Also, she liked to wear big earrings most of the time.

Is Bri Brown On Instagram?

Yes, as of March 2022, find her over Instagram @_bakedwithbri_.

Also, here’s her Facebook @brianajanine (private), and @BakedWithBri (professional).

Bri Brown Family

Bri Brown comes from a family of at least five — her parents, herself, and her sisters.

According to Bri, her parents have given her a lot of gifts that she can never repay. Her father was a professional chef, and this is where her talent for baking comes from. While Bri’s mother taught her “survival” while not raising them in “survival mode.”

With this being said, there were also a few things, she wish her parents understood. For instance, acknowledging her talent. “I asked my parents for a yellow KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas when I was about 9 or 10. They refused to buy it! About 15 years later, I bought my KitchenAid,” she shared.

Besides them, Bri also has cousins named Ramona, and Lyric Elliott whom she called her “mad scientist” Why? Well, Lyric has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and German Linguistics.

Also, Bri has a family member named Breaunté Jesse Brown, a Michigan State University Geography/GIS graduate.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Bri Brown’s Birthday?

 Bri receives her birthday wishes on July 25, making her of the Leo zodiac.

  • Where Is Bri Brown From?

She hails from Detroit, Michigan.

Also, her fellow star Connie Kazan hails from Wayne County, Michigan.

  • How Much Is Bri Brown Net Worth?

By 2022,  Bri allegedly garnered a net worth of under $400 thousand.

Reportedly, her job as a Mortgage Operations Team Leader then made her around $64 thousand per annum.

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