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Evan Morgan-Newpher Bio, Age, Partner, Great Chocolate Showdown

Chocolate fanciers could not be more excited for the Great Chocolate Showdown’s return for a third season on Food Network Canada on 1 March 2022.

Like old times, 10 new home bakers were going head-to-head in the chocolate-based challenges as they temper, melt and swirl their way to a hopeful $50,000 grand prize and the chocolate crown. Evan Morgan-Newpher whom we are going to discuss here is among the competitors taking to the kitchen in hopes of impressing judges Anna Olson, Cynthia Stroud, and Steve Hodge.

Now, get to know him better in this ‘Evan Morgan-Newpher Bio’.

Evan Morgan-Newpher On Great Chocolate Showdown

Evan had been sitting on his little secret about Great Chocolate Showdown until he disclosed it over social media in January 2022. As he pressed his people on the internet to see him compete for the title of Great Chocolate Showdown Champion he promised them what they see is going to be an “absolutely WILD ride” full of ups and downs, tasty treats, and insane chocolate creations.

Joining Evan on this journey were co-competitors turned friends Ian Frias, Lexi Christiansen, Bri Brown, Connie Kazan, Gavan Knox, Amber Horn, Shyam Rethinavelu, and others.

Evan Morgan-Newpher Age

Evan Morgan-Newpher was 31 years old at the time of filming Great Chocolate Showdown in 2021.

Is Evan Morgan-Newpher On Instagram?

Yes. Evan Morgan-Newpher could be found on Instagram and as of 1 March 2022, the account @enewp included 909 posts and 1,411 followers.

He also occasionally shared glimpses from his personal/professional life on ‘Evan Morgan-Newpher’ Facebook.

Evan Morgan-Newpher Job

Evan is a self-taught baker and has a track record of following his dreams. He was 20 when he decided to switch from an Accounting degree to Zoology so that he could fulfill a childhood wish and train elephants. Even pointed out that when he sets his sights on something, there is no stopping him.

This passion for zoology explains his current job as a manager/zookeeper at The Tulsa Zoo.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes story on how Evan started baking.

Several years ago, Evan had hurt his back and, being an elephant trainer at the time, he was out of work for a couple of weeks. That is when he fell in love with Netflix’s Great British Baking Show. A few months later his partner Jared got him that season’s cookbook (in the picture) for his birthday. Evan thus began baking his way through it, and the rest is history.

By the look of things, Evan was in a competition called Greatest Bake (2020) and nearing the semifinals back in November 2020.

Evan Morgan-Newpher Height

What’s more, Evan Morgan-Newpher stands below 5′ 9” tall.

Does Evan Morgan-Newpher Have A Partner?

Yes. Not just Evan Morgan-Newpher has a partner. He is married to him.

Evan recalled traveling the world together with his husband when barricaded in their home during the pandemic in February 2021 (PIC: Instagram)

So, it’s Jared Morgan-Newpher who is Evan’s husband. They have been married on 27 July 2019 and the first time they went on a date was the 12th of October in 2013. Recalling this day 8 years later, Evan took to his Instagram to write, “8 years since our first date and I still love “sailing” through this life with you @therealjaredmorgan! Here’s to as many adventures as possible together and always testing our relationship by traveling “Amazing Race” style! I love you to the shores of Santorini and beyond!”

So you know, Evan’s husband is a French tutor at Sand Springs Public Schools who studied Biochemistry when at Campbell University. He hails from Hendersonville in North Carolina where his mom owned a donut shop many years ago.

Fun Fact: Three days after Evan turned 31 (13 October 2021) Jared turned 30-year-old, making them both Libras.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Evan Morgan-Newpher Birthday?

Every year the 10th of October marks Evan Morgan’s birthday.

  • Where Is Evan Morgan-Newpher From?

Morgan-Newpher was born and bred in Depew, Oklahoma, and was based in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the time of this writing. In between, he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma (2008) and Auburndale, Florida (in 2013), and Stillwater, Oklahoma.

  • What Do We Know About Evan Morgan-Newpher Family?

Evans’ mom is Melinda McKinzie Newpher of Depew, Oklahoma. She formerly worked at Oklahoma Baptist University.

According to Evan, she is the best he and his sister could ever ask for. “You’ve always been there for our family and today we celebrate you! You’ve raised such a funny, dapper, and great baker of a child (oh and then there’s sister, can’t forget about her!). So cheers to you and celebrating many more birthdays! Love you, Mom!”, Evan paid a tribute to her via social media on Mother’s Day.

Then, on Father’s Day, Evan also thanked Papa Newph for being his biggest cheerleader and supporter. Evan says he could be happier to have inherited his dad’s dashing good looks and a fabulous sense of humor.

The patriarch, Bill Newpher, aka William Newpher, is a senior business analyst at United Health Care at Danboro, Pennsylvania. He has also been a referee at Montgomery Count Senior Citizens Olympics since 2014.

As for siblings, Evan has a big sister/his role model named Lindsey Myers who one could find on Instagram @lindseynewphermyers. Lindsey seemed to be happily married with one young daughter.

Lastly, Evan lost his grandmother Trela McKinzie of Depew, Oklahoma in January 2018. She was the mother to Evan’s mom and ten more children.


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