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Meet Jakie Cross, 1000-Lb Best Friends Vannessa Cross Sister!

Meet Jakie Cross, sister of 1000-Lb Best Friends star Vannessa Cross. This article covers her age, marital and boyfriend status, her kids, education, and her relationship with Vannessa.

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Meet Jakie Cross, 1000-Lb Best Friends Vannessa Cross Sister

Real name Jakolia Anne Cross, Jakie Cross is the older sister of Vannessa Cross from TLC’s reality show 1000-lb Best Friends. Jakie has played an instrumental role in her sister gaining weight. But, the two of them share a very deep bond as they grew up together.

Jakie and Vannessa were born to their parents Becki Cross and J.L. Moody. Two sisters lost their mother on 27 June 2006 when Becki was 52 years old. Losing their mother deeply affected them and they were left with their father who they lost probably during COVID-19 in 2020.

This is why they have reportedly been living co-dependent lives.

Vannessa who is having issues because of her weight, Jakie insists reinforces to her that it never was. Plus, she also enables unhealthy eating habits in Vannessa when she buys fast food or otherwise unhealthy meals. But, Vannessa is conscious about her weight and would like to move out of her sister’s place to lose her weight.

In one episode, she even compares it to someone attempting to quit using drugs but having another person supply them instead.

Meghan, another star from the show also insists that she should move out. She saw Jakie as Vannessa’s problem for not being able to attend to weight loss goals, to which Vannessa agrees. She even calls Jakie “being selfish” by wanting Vannessa to stay even though it’s not good for her health and eating habits.

Meghan says, “I know she loves her sister and her sister loves her. [Vannessa] doesn’t want to abandon her sister and she’s worried that if she moves out, that’s what Jakie is gonna feel.” At the end of the latest episode, Jakie says that Meghan “won” in convincing Vannessa to move out.

Megah defends herself saying Vanness is “gonna die like this,” pointing out the unhealthy eating habits. From the look of it, Vannessa and Jakie’s relationship is going to suffer because of this incident.

Jakie Cross Age

Reportedly born in 1976, Jakie Cross is 46 years old (as of March 2021).

Jakie Cross Job

On her Facebook, Jakie Cross shared that she attended Lamar County Comprehensive High School. In a Facebook post, while speaking with one of her friends, she revealed that she had failed 5th grade twice because of her 60-day absences when she was 13-years-old.

There is no information on her current employment status.

According to The Georgia Gazette, in January 2021, Jakolia AKA Jakie was booked for improper headlights and driving while license suspended or revoked.

Is Jakie Cross On Instagram?

Based on our research, Jakie Cross doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. But she has two Facebook accounts (@jakiecross) and (@jakie.cross.585).

Is Jakie Cross Married?

Likely, Jakie Cross isn’t married. But, she was at least in one relationship. Back in 2009, she shared on her Facebook a picture of herself attending a Braves game from 2008. She was in the stadium with two kids (Dakota and Kelci) and a man who was probably her partner at the time.

Jakie has featured both kids on her IG even when her partner didn’t appear on her FB after March 2009. So, it was probably her kids.

Jakie with her kids and her partner back in 2008 (Pic: Jakie’s FB)

While speaking with her friend in February 2021, Jakie shared about having a son and her ultimate goal for him. She commented, “I’m not giving in to the frustration Debbie! you of all people know..that im a..fighter. A fighter for ..goodness and. Happiness. Im no stranger to..toughing out times that put heavy weight on my shoulders! As u also know. and my ultimate life goal is to be successful and lead my son to have opportunities to be successful. That’s! ..what I will do! ..and.. hopefully, I can move on past those sorrows and keep them super close to my heart..with the memories and time I did get with them. And smile and laugh and ..not have to force it.”

So, Jakie has at least one son as of this writing. As for her marital status, she shared via her Facebook that she is single.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jakie Cross Birthday?

Jakie Cross celebrates her birthday on 15 May every year. She recently received a birthday wish from Vannessa where she wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER Jakie Cross I love you and am so proud of our accomplishments WE LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for always loving and supporting me no matter what… Your amazing, strong, and the most awesome sister”.

  • Where Does Jakie Cross Reside?

According to Facebook, Jakie is currently living in McDonough, Georgia. She hailed from Stockbridge, Georgia.

  • How Much Does Jakie Cross Weigh?

According to Jakie’s latest Facebook post, she should weigh not more than 65 kilograms (143 lbs). Putting her new and old photos in comparison, she has lost a lot of weight, more after the show.

  • How Tall Is Jakie Cross?

Standing tall under 5 feet 8 inches, Jakie has a wrist tattoo which is her distinct feature.

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