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Brian McCaughan Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Gold Rush

Brian McCaughan and his family appear on Gold Rush. How much is his net worth? How old is he? Who are his family members?

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Brian McCaughan On Gold Rush

Brian McCaughan and his family were invited as a guest on the Gold Rush. The family is known for discovering a woolly mammoth in Yukon. On June 21, right before noon, Travis Delawski, one of Brian’s crew members climbed into his excavator and headed toward the river in the Klondike fields of Yukon, where he started to scratch the black ground.

He reported that he had “found a body” over the radio to his supervisor, Brian, as he got out of his machine to take a closer look. When Brian went to examine the animal, he claimed he was prepared to discover “broken-up bones,” which are common in the region.

“I walked over to look at the bones and it had fresh skin on it and hair and looked like it died a week ago,” he told ChatNewsToday.

According to the Yukon government, the mammoth is the most complete and best-preserved in North America and was discovered in the Tr’ondek Hwech’in traditional area. Elders of the Tr’ondek Hwech’in people gave the mammoth the name Nun cho ga, which translates to “big baby animal” in their Han tongue.

Even now, almost a month after her discovery, the gravity of the finding, he said, slowly dawns on him.

There is something in everyone’s life that stands out, and McCaughan said the day he saw Nun cho ga was his.

Many viewers of the show believed bringing up the event in the show was a way to sign up Brian for the show or invite him as a regular guest in the show.

GoldRush announced the McCaughan with a post that read, “Meet the McCaughans👋 A family operation; dad Brian, mom Sharon, and sons Gage and Bryce help run the mine on Eureka Creek. 💪 #GoldRush 🗓 Fridays 8p ET on Discovery.”

How Much Is Brian McCaughan Net Worth?

Brian McCaughan’s estimated net worth is above $1 million. He is the founder and owner of Treadstone Equipment Limited. Treadstone Equipment Ltd. is a family-run company that specializes in commercial trucking, fabrication, placer gold mining, and equipment purchasing and selling. For more than thirty years, the McCaughans have run businesses in the Yukon Territory and western Canada.

Following the mining season, the Treadstone Team returns to Alberta in order to concentrate on inventory purchases and marketing, manufacturing specialized mining equipment, and getting ready for the upcoming season.

Treadstone Equipment Limited provides equipment for sale (Heavy Equipment, Trailers, Vehicles, Mining Equipment & more), custom build (Trommels, feeders, sluice runs, etc), and trucking (Mixed loads, oversized trucking services).

Fun Fact: Brian’s personal traits are Risk Taker, Optimist, Jack of all trades, and Charismatic (Brian’s Vortex)

Is Brian McCaughan Still Married?

Brian McCaughan is still married to his wife Sharon McCaughan. In the show, Sharon revealed that she and Brian married in 1992 and have been married ever since. Together they “ran every kind of business possible.”

Sharon added, “Brian was a race car driver, we started gold mining in 2012 because the economy “went to sh**.”

Sharon describes how she and her spouse don’t always agree. Their “total opposites,” the newcomer continues, “are obvious to anyone who has worked with us—the drama between Sharon and Brian.”

The couple share two children Gage, 22, and Bryce, 23, McCaughan. Bryce celebrates his birthday on 23 October. Their eldest son, Bryce, tells how he started mining when he was just 14 years old. Bryce, who has nine years of experience, says he entered the gold mining industry straight out of high school.

At the time, Bryce works as an Excavator/dozer operator. He is best known for “Volunteers” for the night shift, keeps us laughing with his wit, goes back for seconds & thirds (if the cook is good), not answering the two-way, although you may not hear from him all day, the job gets done!”

Their eldest son, Bryce, tells how he started mining when he was just 14 years old. Bryce, who has nine years of experience, says he entered the gold mining industry straight out of high school.

Gage (nickname Qwage, Greg) celebrates his birthday on 10 August. He is also an Excavator/dozer operator. e is best known for “Ripping to Dawson City in his razor Saturday night, hugging & wrestling with Tusk & Bear.”

Brian McCaughan Age

In January 2024, Brian McCaughan is above 55 years old.

Who Are Brian McCaughan Parents?

It is not clear who Brian McCaughan’s parents are. Some of the family members and relatives of Brian are Sandie McCaughan, Rollie McCaughan, Dylan McCaughan, and Chase McCaughan to name a few.

Brian McCaughan Height

Brian McCaughan’s height measures above 5 feet 11 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Brian McCaughan From?

Brian is residing in Dawson City, Canada. He is originally from St. François Xavier, Manitoba.

  • When Is Brian McCaughan Birthday?

Brian McCaughan’s birthday is on 9 March.

  • Is Brian McCaughan On Instagram?

No, Brian is only on Facebook.

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