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Brianna Burrell Parents: Carolyn And Cedric Burrell Sr

Brianna Burrell, the newly crowned Miss Alabama 2023, is the daughter of her parents Carolyn and Cedric Burrell Sr. Who are her folks? How old are they? What do they do for a living? Are they still married?

Find out all the answers in this article here. So, keep scrolling down to learn more.

Who Are Brianna Burrell Parents?

Brianna Burrell has been crowned as the Miss Alabama 2023 at Samford University in Birmingham. She was born to Carolyn and Cedric Burrell Sr as one of their three children in 1998 on 28 January.

Brianna competed against 41 other contenders from across the state as Miss Baldwin County. As a result of winning Miss Alabama, Burrell received a scholarship of $15,000 in cash. Burrell received two preliminary prizes in the evening gown and talent categories during the preliminary competition.

Brianna earned a degree in Political Science from the University of South Alabama. She also previously held the title of Miss Saraland High School. Through his “SAVE-A-STEM” program, Burrell hopes to inspire minority students and students in impoverished schools to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Per Brianna’s LinkedIn, she worked at the University of South Alabama, Feeding the Gulf Coast, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Brianna is residing in Saraland, Alabama. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Now, back to her parents,

Meet Carolyn Burrell, Brianna Burrell Mother

Brianna Burrell’s mother is named Carolyn W Burrell. On her Facebook, Carolyn describes herself as “I am a Woman of God, a dedicated wife, mother, and friend…I Love Life.”

  • Carolyn Burrell Age

Carolyn Burrell reached the age of 61. Her birth year is 1961 and her birth month is September.

  • Carolyn Burrell Job

Carolyn Burrell is working as an independent sales representative at Avon since 2014. She had previously worked as a Medical Claims specialist. Moreover, she attended the Midwest College of Theology.

Carolyn has a LinkedIn that describes her as Hospital & Health Care Professional.

  • Is Carolyn Burrell On Facebook?

Yes, Carolyn Burrell is available on Facebook.

Meet Cedric Burrell Sr, Brianna Burrell Father


Brianna Burrell’s father is called Cedric Burrell Sr.

  • Cedric Burrell Sr Age

In October 2022, Cedric Burrell Sr. turned 57 years old. His birth year is 1965.

  • Cedric Burrell Sr Job

In 1989, Cedric Burrell Sr. joined Military Sealift Command and cruised the Caribbean, Bermuda, the North Sea, Great Lakes, and the Mediterranean Sea. His trip came to an end in 1991 when he began working in the Gulf of Mexico’s oil fields. Additionally, he has employment with marine companies like Cheramie Botruc, Tidewater Marine, Southern States Offshore, Global Industries, G&G Shipping, Seacor Marine, Abdon Callais Offshore, and Adriatic Marine LLC.

Through each chance provided by these exceptional professional companies, the ones on the list that have used his service and experience, he has been able to continue 25 years of accidents and incidents without any lost time or personal injury.

Cedric performed operations that included rig moves, domestic and international barge towing, anchor handling, dive work, acid work, cable work, emergency response, construction work, P&A work, drilling, and passenger accommodations. There is still life and lots of it in the maritime industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

Per Cedric’s LinkedIn, he has been working at Millers Launch as a captain since April 2022. He previously served Smith Maritime Ocean Towing and Salvage for five months in 2022 as a captain.

He has also worked for Abdon Callais Offshore, Adriatic Marine LLC, NRC National Response Corporation, Starfleet Marine Transportation, Oceaneering International Inc, and Harvey Gulf International Marine.

Regarding his education, Cedric attended Murphy High and Alabama Aviation Tech.

  • Is Cedric Burrell Sr On Facebook?

Yes, Cedric Burrell Sr is on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Brianna Burrell Parents Reside?

Brianna Burrell’s parents live in Saraland, Alabama.

  • How Many Kids Do Brianna Burrell Parents Have?

Besides Brianna, Carolyn and Cedric Burrell Sr. share other two children. Their other daughter is named Erica Ambrose.

Then, they have a son named Cedric Burrell Jr. Cedric Jr. attended Saraland High School. He received his college education in music at the University of Mobile. Cedric Jr. turned 22 years old in January 2023.

  • Are Brianna Burrell Parents Still Together?

Yes, Brianna Burrell’s parents are still married to each other. Cedric and Carolyn have been married since 2 December 1995.

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