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Bruce Elieff Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Dr Jen Armstrong Ex

If you’re familiar with the Real Housewives of Orange County star Dr Jen Armstrong then you probably have heard about her ex Bruce Elieff. Well, if you haven’t, he is Dr. Jen’s former boyfriend who sued for her a total of $850 thousand.

This Bruce Elieff Wiki explores everything you need to know about Dr Jen’s ex.

Meet Bruce Elieff, Dr Jen Armstrong Ex

Bruce Elieff and Dr Jen Armstrong broke up in 2013. However, they didn’t exactly separate on good terms. After dating over 4 years, Dr Jen gave birth to her twins whom Bruce did not the father! 

Naturally, it only seemed right for Bruce to call it quits.

Furthermore, Bruce did not only cut her off his life but also went on to sue for her a total of $850 thousand. According to NY Post, Bruce said that his then-girlfriend had loaned money from him where “$160,000 went to tuition at the University of Hawaii, $10,000 in monthly expenses, $160,000 for cancer treatments and $37,000 to freeze her eggs.”

As for Dr Jen, she sincerely denied the claims and mentioned that everything Bruce offered was a gift. “I feel that this lawsuit is (Bruce’s) last-ditch effort to continue controlling my life. It’s completely baseless,” she spoke.

Also, she went on to add that Bruce slept with multiple women other than her “during a brief period that (they) had broken up.”

But Bruce’s ravage doesn’t stop her. He also went on to sue Dr Jen’s friend John Luciano, accusing him of taking a cut of the funds.

“It’s ludicrous for him to claim these were loans,” Luciano said. “If all of the money he has given to women over the years were loans, he’d have given out more loans than Bank of America,” he added.

As for the final verdict, the cast remained a mystery. The legal update on the case simply mentioned, “Not Classified By Court.”

What Is Bruce Elieff Relationship Status Today?

NY post mentioned Bruce Elieff to be Dr Jen’s “sugar daddy.” So, maybe that’s what he is probably doing today. However, this time his relationship status was out of the light.

If you don’t know, Bruce also has a daughter named Kendra Leanne Elieff. She is a Univerity of California Berkeley graduate who lived in Newport Beach, California before 2021.

Here’s her IG @kendra.elieff and Twitter @KElieff. Also, she had an account over Etsy @kelieff.

As for Dr Jen, she went on to marry the father of her twins Ryne Holliday. Her husband was featured shirtless on RHOC’s trailer, and the charming guy soon garnered a fan base of his own.

Ryne Holliday’s is a Belleville, Ill native who went moved to Hawaii in 1998 and started his own travel company named Hawaii Hideaways. This guy loved Hawaii so much that he refused to branch his company out of the state.

Bruce Elieff Net Worth

Bruce Elieff’s flaunted a personal net worth of over $300 million by 2021.

His company SunCal was worth $4 billion before its largest lender Lehman Brothers collapsed. Reportedly, SunCal hit a major obstacle in 2008 after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., filed for bankruptcy, which forced the company to suspend work on 20 large residential property developments.

According to Wall Street Journal, if SunCal wasn’t able to finish the projects or sell them to a developer who can, Bruce could be personally responsible for as much as $230 million.

We have no idea if Bruce ever kept his deal.

But this wasn’t the only obstacle SunCal faced. Back in 2017, Bruce was ordered to pay $20.3 million to a former business partner who claimed the Irvine developer failed to pay off an earlier court settlement worth almost $50 million.

As for his education, Bruce went to Bell High School, City of Bell, CA

Bruce Elieff Age

Bruce Elieff was born in December 1954. That made him 66 years of age in 2021 when Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 premiered.

He is 25 years older than Dr Jen who celebrates her birthday on Jan 17.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Bruce Elieff From?

Bruce Elieff hails from Irvine, CA.

  • Who Are Bruce Elieff’s Parents And Siblings?

Bruce Elieff was born to parents Boris Elieff and Helen Mihail. His father was the founder of Suncal Companies, while his mother was a philanthropist and woman rights activist. 

Unfortunately, both of Bruce’s parents have passed away — Boris (in May 1967), and Helen (in Septmber 2018).

As for Bruce’s siblings, he has two brothers named Boris Jr. and Stephan Elieff, and two sisters named Rada Garcia and Susan Baucom.

Trivia: Bruce has nephews and nieces named Jason and Suzanna Chan and Kendra Elieff. Also, he is a grandfather to Jackson and Grant Everett, and Colin Chan. 

  • Is Bruce Elieff On Instagram?

No, as of 2021, Bruce wasn’t on Instagram.

However, here’s his Facebook @bruce.elieff.

  • How Tall Is Bruce Elieff?

Bruce Elieff stands tall at a height above 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm). 

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