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Naomi Judd Parents: Pauline (Mom) And Charles Judd (Dad)

Meet Naomi Judd Parents: Pauline Judd (Mom) And Charles Judd (Dad)

Below, you’ll learn about their upbringing, age, how they met, and their jobs. Keep reading to learn more about Naomi Judd’s parents.

Who Were Naomi Judd Parents Parents?

Naomi Judd was born to her parents Pauline “Polly” Judd and Charles Glen Judd. Her parents married on 25 May 1943 in East Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky. They had six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

In Ashley Judd’s book All That Is Bitter and Sweet, she wrote about her maternal grandparents. Ashley wrote, “Charles Glen Judd, my maternal papaw, came from a family that didn’t have much money, but they had laughter, stability, and love. He was born on Shirt Tail Fork of Little Blainecreek, alongside a farm that had been in the family for generations. Papaw Judd and his folks moved to Ashland because the job options in Lawrence County were coal mines or nothing.”

She added, “When he was a senior in high school, he fell for a fourteen-year-old strawberry blonde cashier named Pauline “Polly” Oliver”.

Ashley further revealed, “Polly, my maternal grandmother, whom we call “Nana,” came from a strange and troubled background.”

She stated further, “Her paternal grandfather, David Oliver, had turned on the gas oven and then hanged himself in front of his sons, aged only six and four, apparently because he was distraught that my great-great-grandmother had left him. Howard, Nana’s father, managed to save himself and his younger brother by breaking out a window.”

Ashley continued, “Howard, in turn, married a flophouse alcoholic party girl named Edie Mae Burton, who repeatedly cheated on him. When Nana was nine years old, her dad was found in the bathroom with a bullet in his head; it looked like suicide, but everyone suspected Edie and her boyfriend”.

Ashley added further, “Edie took off soon after the funeral, dumping Nana and her two younger siblings with her rigid, intimidating grandmother, Cora Lee Burton. Nana raised herself and her brother and sister among a collection of maladjusted grown aunts and uncles who were still living at home, and she went to work at her grandmommy Cora Lee’s restaurant, the locally loved Hamburger Inn”.

Meet Naomi Judd Mom, Pauline Judd

Pauline Ruth “Polly” Oliver Judd was born to her parents late Howard Waverly and Edith Mae Burton Oliver. She was born in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio, USA. Naomi’s mater grandparents were Howard Waverly Oliver (1905-1936) and Edith May Burton (1907-1977).

  • Is Pauline Judd Still Alive?

No, Pauline Judd died on 31 July 2019. Before she died, she lost her brother Norman Oliver and a sister Martha Thorpe.

  • Pauline Judd Age

At the time of her death, Pauline Judd was 91 years old.

  • Pauline Judd Job

Pauline was a homemaker. But, she also worked with her daughter at Hamburger Inn, owned by Polly’s parents. Polly later worked as a cook on an Ashland Oil barge and become an Ashland city commissioner. Polly was a graduate of Ashland High School, Class of 1945, a former Ashland City Commissioner, and a member of First Baptist Church of Ashland.

Meet Naomi Judd Dad, Charles Judd

Naomi Judd was born to her dad Charles Glen Judd. Charles was born on 30 December 1924 in Louisa, Lawrence County, Kentucky.  His father, Roy Ogden Judd, was 28 and his mother, Sallie Ellen Moore, was 30 at the time of his birth.

Charles’s siblings were Hazel Pauline Judd, Evelyn Watseka Judd, Mariolive Judd, and Gwendoline Faith Judd.

  • Is Charles Judd Still Alive?

No, Charles Judd died on 4 July 1984. He died in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky.

  • Charles Judd Age

At the time of his death, Charles Judd was 59 years old.

  • Charles Judd Job

Charles Judd was the owner of Judd’s Ashland Oil. He was also the in-charge of the company’s operations. Charles’s wife Pauline was just fifteen when she married him. Glen bought his own treasure of a gas station and called it Judd’s Friendly Ashland Service.

His granddaughter wrote in her book, “When he and Nana started having children, they bought his parents’ big wood-frame house at 2237 Montgomery Avenue. Diana was the firstborn, followed two years later by Brian, then Mark, then Margaret”.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Naomi Judd Parents Married?

Naomi Judd’s parents were only married for 41 years until the death of her father.

  • How Many Kids Did Naomi Judd Parents Have?

Naomi Judd’s parents had five kids. Besides Naomi, she had a brother named Mark Judd and his wife Middy of Elizabethtown, KY; daughters, and Margaret Mandell of Los Angeles. Her brother Glenn Brian Judd, who was born in 1948, died in 1965. He reportedly had Hodgkin’s disease and passed away when Naomi was a teenager.

  • Where Did Naomi Judd Parents Live?

Naomi Judd’s parents lived in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio when they were alive.

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