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Caitlin Atwater Bio, Today, Father, Kathleen Peterson Daughter

Meet Caitlin Atwater, the only daughter of Kathleen Peterson, who famously died in 2001 in her North Carolina home. After the HBO Max’s recent announcement The Staircase, Caitlin drew everyone’s attention to where she is now?

Below, we cover her age, and detail about her father, husband, and kids. So, keep scrolling to learn more about her.

Meet Caitlin Atwater, Kathleen Peterson Daughter

Caitlin Atwater is the daughter of Kathleen Peterson and her ex-husband, Fred Atwater. Both of her parents attended Duke University, and that’s where their paths crossed for the first time. Her parents then moved to Maryland where they had her. She remembered Kathleen as a doting mother who, despite her thriving career at Nortel and as a prominent Durham socialite and arts benefactor, made time for her.

Initially, Caitlin didn’t believe that her step-father Michael Peterson could kill her mother. She remembered their relationship as pleasant. She testified, “My mother and Mike had an absolutely loving relationship and there is no way that either of them would ever wish any sort of harm on the other one”.

It was after seeing her mother’s autopsy photos and learning and her step-father’s involvement with men, that she turned against him. She also filed and later, in 2008, won $25 million in connection to the suit she’d filed against her former step-father. Although she didn’t receive any money, she wanted him not to profit in any form.

Her mother reportedly met Michael because she was friends with, Margaret and Martha, the adopted children of Michael and his first wife Patricia. “They all sat me down and said: ‘How would you like it if Martha and Margaret come live with you?’ And I immediately thought—’a permanent sleepover!'” Caitlin told NBC.

Before her mother’s death, Caitlin, Kathleen, and Kathleen’s mother Veronica flew to Paris to celebrate: Caitlin’s eighteenth and Veronica’s eightieth birthday.“I cling so tightly to that trip. I remember it so vividly,” she told the outlet.

Caitlin Atwater Father

Caitlin Atwater’s father is Fred Atwater. Fred is currently married to his wife Carol Atwater. Carol studied sociology at William & Mary after completing high school at Parkland High School. She formerly worked as a Director, of Community Planning and Investment at United Way of Forsyth County.

Fred is alive and active. He is often cycling with his family members if he is not busy hosting dinner parties for his family members. Back in 2017, Fred and Carol visited Peru. So, they have been together for more than five years.

Where Is Caitlin Atwater Today?

Caitlin Atwater, who is now a mother of twins, keeps the memories of her mother alive in many ways.

She also kept a bucket list that the mother-daughter couldn’t experience in their life. The list included big days such as getting married and having kids or buying a new home. She shared, “the big things in your life, the anticipation of those, of not having my mom there, those weren’t as bad as I thought because I was so dreading it”.

Caitlin added further, “When those moments finally arrive, you’ve already been through so much emotionally, that, yes, it’s still hard, but at least you know why it’s hard”.

Caitlin feared constantly that she would lose connection with her mother. “When your memories start to fade some, and they have started to fade, it’s hard,” she says. But it also drives her “to live the way I think I would if she were here with me”.

And today, Caitlin strives to remain her mother’s daughter, guided by the principles Kathleen lived by, even as her memories of her mother slip away.

As IndyWeek reported, Caitlin displayed just one picture of her mother in her home. In the picture, Caitlin, who was 5-year-old at the time, sat on her mother’s lap at the top of a mountain.

“I’ve tried to be the person I think I would have been if she were here,” Caitlin says. “And hopefully, that’s a part of her legacy I can pass on to my own kids”.

Caitlin Atwater Age

Born on 27 April 1982, Caitlin Atwater turned 40 years old in 2022.

Caitlin Atwater Job

Caitlin Atwater attended Cornell University. She earned a law degree while in London. She could be pursuing a career in law however, she doesn’t have a LinkedIn.

Is Caitlin Atwater On Instagram?

Yes, Caitlin Atwater is on Instagram (@caitievaclark).

Caitlin Atwater Husband

Caitlin Atwater is married to her husband Christopher Clark. They were registered at Bloomingdale for their wedding on 10 March 2012. They also lived in London for a few years before settling down.

After the marriage, they settled in Durham, where her mother lived. Together, Caitlin and Cristopher also became parents to twins named Thompson and Penelope.

Christopher is currently working at Lathan & Watkins. He joined as an associate in 2014. Starting in 2022, he started serving the firm as a partner. Before that, Chis worked for Allen & Overy and Georgetown University Law Center.

Caitlin Atwater’s husband, Christopher earned his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in 2012. He earned post-

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  • Where Is Caitlin Atwater Living Now?

Caitlin Atwater lives in Washington, DC as of 2022.

  • Who Plays Caitlin Atwater On HBO Max’s The Staircase?

Actress Olivia DeJonge is playing the role of Caitlin Atwater on HBO Max’s The Staircase.

  • How Much Is Caitlin Atwater Net Worth?

Caitlin Atwater’s net worth should be under $500 thousand.

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