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Freda Black Bio, Husband, Kids, Death, Michael Peterson

Meet Freda Black, one of the prosecutors who was involved in the 2003 Michael Peterson trial for the murder of his second wife. This article covers details regarding her husband, kids, her death, and her career.

So, keep scrolling to learn more about Freda.

Meet Freda Black, Prosecutor In The Michael Peterson Trial

Freda Black was one of the prosecutors in the infamous Michael Peterson trial and was also best known for featuring in The Staircase documentary. She is known for weighing in about the infamous Larry Pollard owl theory.

She assisted and gave the closing argument in the trial of Michael Peterson. Her closing argument started with the “wedding vows” soulmates say to one another. And then she questioned if Michael honored his vows as he called Kathleen soulmates. Then she talked about the 911 call that brought everyone together in the trial.

Around the end, Freda addressed the lacerations found on Kathleen’s head. She talked about the location, the length of the laceration, the severity of the laceration, the number of lacerations, the direction of lacerations, and the energy required to cause the lacerations. She talked about Michael’s homosexual relationships.

Freda pressed on the fact that Kathleen would’ve never approved of the “Pure T filth” Michael was involved in.

In the closing statement, Freda added, “We do thank you. All of our lives have been disrupted. But it’s worth it, to find the truth and to seek justice. Not just for Michael Peterson, to seek justice for Kathleen. She’s the one that died a horrible, brutal death. Nobody deserves that. Not even a DOG deserves to die like the way she had to die. Can you imagine the pain and suffering she endured? You can just look at the pictures of the back of her head and just — try to fathom that thought.”

She continued, “But you know, we will be finished with this case one day. Believe it or not. We’re all gonna get back to our normal lives, hopefully… And the day you return your verdict, whatever day that might be, you’ll go home… in the evening, you’ll ready yourself for bed. Before you go to bed you’ll probably have a conversation with — either your maker… your child… maybe even your pet… your spouse… your significant other — and then you’ll lay your head down and close your eyes… and begin to fall asleep. And you know as long as you’ve done what you believe is right in this case, nobody will fault you for that. Not a person in this courtroom, not a person watching TV — nobody will fault you for that, as long as you know that you have done the right thing.”

Freda concluded, “I argue to you, that after you consider this case fully, you consider all of the evidence, and after you apply the evidence to the law and you use your common sense — that the only right thing for you to do in this case, is to return a verdict of guilty. Michel Peterson is guilty of 1st-degree murder. Thank you so very much for your attention”.

Freda Black Death: How Did She Die?

Freda Black reportedly died on 29 July 2018. She reportedly died of end-stage liver disease due to chronic alcoholism, according to an autopsy report. She was found dead in her S. Roxboro Street home. Durham police said at the time that her death did not appear to be suspicious and the autopsy confirmed that.

According to the autopsy, Black was found deceased lying on her right side on her living room couch.

Did Freda Black Leave Behind A Husband?

Freda Black was likely single at the time of her death. Also, her husband wasn’t mentioned in her obituary. However, our research showed that she was married to Vance Black. They divorced before 2004. Reportedly born on 25 March 1960, Vance H Black is 62 years old.

He is currently living in Durham, North Carolina.

Freda Black Kids

Freda Black was survived by her two daughters: Jordan Leigh Black of Bradenton, Florida, and Jeanette Bowman Black of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Born on 14 September 1994, Jordan is currently 27 years old. Jeanette, on the other hand, is currently 25 years old as of 2022.

Freda Black Career

Freda Black began her legal career as a public defender in Robeson County, North Carolina, and then Durham County, North Carolina as an Assistant District Attorney in the criminal division. She then went into private law practice as a criminal defense attorney toward the end of her career.

She worked as an assistant prosecutor in Durham County from 1991 through 2005. Gregory Bagley, Brett Potter, Donald Scanlon, Isaac Strond, Syreeta Edwards, Norma Brown, Eric Crutchfield, Michael Peterson, Al Atwater, Darryl Crawford, Todd Boggess, and Everett Russell were among the homicides and other major felonies she prosecuted during those 14 years.

Freda was either dismissed or resigned in May of 2005 by District Attorney Mike Nifong and subsequently ran against him in a Democratic primary the following year. He then defeated her in the May 2006 Democratic primary.

She ran for the job of Durham County District Attorney a second time in 2008. She agreed at the time that the age for adult prosecutions of minor offenders should be raised from 16 to 18 because children under the age of 16 do not fully appreciate the implications of their acts.

In 2006 and 2008, Freda ran two unsuccessful bids for Durham County District Attorney. She also ran for and lost a seat on the Durham County District Court bench in 2010. In January 2015, Freda was dealing with personal concerns. She was working at a dry cleaning business when she was arrested for several DUI offenses.

Freda had graduated with a B. A. From Wake Forest University in 1982 followed by obtaining her law degree from the Campbell University of Law in 1985.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Was Freda Black At The Time Of Her Death?

At the time of her death, Freda Black was 57 years old.

  • Who Were Freda Black Parents And Siblings?

Freda Black was born to James Fred Bowman and Dr. Betty Lynch Bowman.

Her mother, Betty died at the age of 85. She earned a Master’s Degree in 1957, and a Doctorate in Education in 1971. Betty was a principal in elementary schools in Burlington, NC as well as a Sunday school and Bible Studies teacher for 60 years.

Whereas, her father, James survived her and continued living in Alamance County, Burlington, NC.

Freda’s brother Dr. Zebulon L. Bowman died of diabetes on February 14, 2016. She also has a brother named Dr. Tom Bowman and his wife, Dr. Karolen Bowman of North Wilkesboro, and a sister Nan Bowman Wooten and her husband Steve Wooten, of Guilford County.

  • Who Plays Freda Black On HBO Max’s The Staircase?

Actor Parker Posey plays the role of Freda Black on HBO Max’s The Staircase.

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