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Candy Montgomery Bio, Today, Story, Age Now, Job

Meet Candy Montgomery, the woman who murdered Betty Gore in Dallas, Texas in 1980. Scroll down this article to learn where she is today, her age now, and her job.

Candy Montgomery Story

Below you’ll read the story of Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore.

  • Candy Montgomery and Pat Montgomery

Pat Montgomery was one of the brightest young electrical engineers at Texas Instruments. At the time, Candy worked as a secretary. She was petite and blond and a little impish, with a thin, pointed nose and a contagious high-pitched laugh. After their marriage, they moved to the country in 1977.

Candy had everything except she was “bored crazy”. They had been arguing a lot lately.

She had brought home some A+ papers from the writing class she was enrolled in, but all Pat would do was glance at them and pretend to understand. His insensitivity infuriated her and led to harsh words. To Pat, they were arguments over nothing, but to her, they represented everything wrong with their marriage.

  • The Affair

Candy Montgomery and her victim Betty Gore were together because of The Methodist Church of Lucas. They performed church service together. The church also brought them together to the mutual closeness and eventually led to Betty’s death at the hand of Candy.

The place where they hailed from had no name and it was eight to ten amorphous little towns in eastern Collin County where people came to escape cities, density, routine, fear of crime, overpriced housing, and the urban problems their parents had never known.

Candy Montgomery was attracted to Betty Gore’s husband Allan Gore when they bumped on the church’s volleyball court. She was sexually frustrated and was honest with her about that front. For other people, it was an accident but for Candy: Allan Gore Smelled Se**. It was during the incident Candy had a revelation that she wanted to sleep with him.

For several weeks she talked to her friends about having an affair. Candy wanted something to shake up her “very boring” life with Pat. She was explicit about the kind of affair she was interested in transcendent sex. As she put it, “I want fireworks.”

Allan, who had a receding hairline and dressed blandly, to say the least, Candy wondered if she could actually have affair with him. But, he was the kind of man she might be able to have a good time with. They had only known each other for nine months.

The frequency of their interactions increased and a voice in the back of her head told her that Allan wanted to go to bed with her as she did. Allan would flirt with her more than any other woman in the church. Allan was friendly and had a sense of humor so sometimes she wondered if it was real flirtation.

One night after church, Candy got the chance to get to talk to him and slid inside his car and confessed her feeling, and left in a heartbeat. He thought about it for several days and was secretly pleased. Allan thought about his wife Betty who was as dour as ever while he found Candy was always up, always busy, self-confident, easygoing, and warm.

A week after the encounter, they met again in Candy’s car and Candy proposed the prospect of an affair with him. Allan wasn’t prepared. He opened up about his wife Betty’s previous affair in New Mexico which hurt him a lot and he didn’t want to hurt his wife.

Candy was surprised about the thoughts Allan had put into that. She admitted she didn’t want to hurt their marriage. Allan kissed Candy’s lips and left the car.

On her 29th birthday, she received a text from Allan. “Hi, this is Allan. I have to go to McKinney tomorrow to get some tires checked on the new truck I bought up there. I wondered if you’d like to have lunch, you know, to talk a little more about what we talked about before.”

It had been nearly three weeks since the last time they talked.

Allan and Candy met at an auto repair shop in McKinney, the venerable county seat a few miles north of Candy’s house. They went to a tea house and talked about everything except each other. Then, they talked about the risk of affairs and not wanting to hurt their partners. They hesitated for months.

They did Why? and Why Nots? And Candy even had a list of topics they would discuss.

They had their first s*x at Continental Inn near Alan’s office. After the first meeting, it was apparent both of them wanted more. The affair made both of them feel alive.

Candy slowly started falling in love with him but Allan wanted to patch up the relationship with his wife.

Candy and Allan met a few times after the Marriage Encounter of Allan and Betty. And Candy ended the affair in the end.

  • Death of Betty Gore

Allan was in Minnesota because of work, And they had planned a trip to Europe a week later after he returns, without the children for the first time in four years. Allan called him via payphone. The phone rang seven times but Betty didn’t pick up. He assumed Betty was taking her afternoon walk with Bethany, their youngest daughter.

In the evening he called again. After getting no answer after 15 rings, he called Richard who sold him the house to check if the phone was out of order. Richard knocked on their door but no response so they believed Betty must’ve been out.

Allan called Candy who told him that he saw her the morning when she went to pick up Alisa’s swimsuit.

Allan called Richard again to check the house. Richard discovered that there were two cars in the garage which he hadn’t seen the first time.

He could see a light under the door, but it was locked. Something about the house—the burning lights, the open garage, the silence—disturbed him. He left the way he had come.

“Something’s wrong, Allan. I don’t know what, but something’s wrong. Both cars are there and the lights are on, but nobody answers.”

Allan then called Jerry McMahan, a computer analyst at Texas Instruments who lived across the alley from the Gores. Jerry asked Lester Gayler, a barber who lived next door to the Gores to join him. Jerry and Lester tried to force open the sliding door again but failed.

Richard got his realtor keys to go from the front door.

Jerry and Lester check all the room and found Bethany. When they entered the utility room through the kitchen and found Betty dead. Candy, the last person who had seen her alive became the prime suspect in a matter of weeks. At the time of Betty’s death, the affair had ended seven months before.

Allan admitted that to the police. This gave police the motive for Candy’s involvement. They arrested Candy and charged her with murder.

On the day of her death, Betty confronted Candy about her affair with her husband Allan. She was there to pick up Alice. The encounter wasn’t aggressive. Candy accepted that they had an affair a while back but not now.

Betty ordered Candy not to see him again. Before leaving, Candy said, “Oh, Betty, I’m so sorry.”

All at once, Betty’s rage erupted. She flung the hand from her arm and shoved Candy backward into the utility room. Betty grabbed the ax resting by the doorway and rushed in after her, holding it like a weapon, diagonally across her chest. The blade was pointed at the floor. “You can’t have him,” Betty screamed, crowding Candy. “You can’t have him. I’m going to have a baby, and you can’t have him this time.”

“Betty, don’t,” said Candy, putting her hands on the ax as Betty moved in. “This is stupid. I don’t want Allan.” For a moment neither woman moved. They gripped the ax firmly, their eyes locked. Then Betty began to jerk the ax, trying to control it. “Betty, don’t do this,” Candy pleaded. “Please stop.”

“I’ve got to kill you,” Betty spoke slowly, with impersonal finality.

As they grappled for control, Betty wrenched the ax violently and jerked it upward. The flat side of the blade slapped against the side of Candy’s bobbling head.

Candy looked at her hand; it was streaked with blood. Then she looked back at Betty and saw her raising the ax blade over her head, almost to the eight-foot ceiling, as though to smash her with a single powerful blow. Candy screamed at the top of her lungs, a high-pitched, pleading sound, and jumped sideways into a cabinet, spilling books and knickknacks onto the floor.

Candy grabbed the blade, wrapping her fingers around the thick heavy metal.

Betty reeled backward and fell against the door of the freezer, her feet slipping a little on the linoleum. Candy didn’t hesitate. As Betty struggled to regain her balance, her body facing away, Candy brought the ax up with both hands and brought the blade down on the back of Betty’s head.

Even after that, they struggled for a while. There were 41 chop sounds 40 of them occurred while Betty Gore’s heart was still beating. She was killed on her 13 June 1980.

Candy Montgomery Today

As Candy Montgomery changed into her prison garb, jailers noted cuts on her toe and bruising on her head. Her trial began in October and lasted eight days in the Collin County courthouse. Candy killed Gore in self-defense, according to defense counsel Dan Crowder, when Gore struck her with the ax after learning about the affair.

Candy, according to Houston psychiatrist Dr. Fred Fason, blacked out during the murder and was caused by childhood trauma. Prior to the trial, he hypnotized Montgomery and made her recall her mother shushing her as a child, which she remembered doing to Gore as she died.

The jury of nine women and three men deliberated for three hours before ultimately acquitting her of murder on Oct. 30, 1989.

Candy was still living in Georgia under her maiden name Candace Wheeler when The Dallas Morning News reached out to her for her comments 20 years after. “I’m telling you in big bold letters,” she said, “I’m not interested”.

Public record shows that Candy Montgomery is today living in Dawsonville, Georgia.

What Is Candy Montgomery Age Now?

Born in November 1949, Candy Montgomery turned 72 years old in 2021.

Candy Montgomery Job

Candy Montogomery is reportedly living in Georgia. She is working as a family counselor and a certified therapist.

Is Candy Montgomery Still Married?

No, Candy Montgomery’s moved away three months after and got divorced. Her current marital status is unclear.

Candy Montgomery Parents

Candy Montgomery was an army brat. She was the daughter of a radar technician who had spent the twenty years after World War II bouncing with his family from base to base.

Candy Montgomery Siblings

Candy Montgomery learned most of what she knew of sex from Joy, her older sister, who traded secret knowledge in giggling, whispered confidences, and showed Candy how to use exotic paraphernalia like lipstick and nylons.

What Is Candy Montgomery Maiden Name?

Candy Montgomery goes by her maiden name Wheeler. She can be found as Candy L Wheeler.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Candy Montgomery Birthday?

Candy Montgomery celebrates her birthday in November.

  • How Tall Is Candy Montgomery?

Candy Montgomery stood tall under the height of 5 feet 9 inches.

  • Is Candy Montgomery On Social Media?

No, Candy Montgomery is not on social media.

  • Who Plays Candy Montgomery On Hulu’s Candy?

Actress Jessica Biel portrayed the role of Candy Montgomery on Hulu’s Candy.

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