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Don Crowder Bio, Sill Alive, Candy Montgomery Lawyer

Meet Don Crowder, lawyer of Candy Montgomery. Keep scrolling down to know if he is still alive, his football career, marriage, and children.

Tag along with this Don Crowder Bio to learn everything about him.

Meet Don Crowder, Candy Montgomery Lawyer

Candy Montgomery knew her lawyer, Don Crowder from church. She hired him to represent her. At the time, Don was a partner in a small firm with attorney general Jim Mattox, usually handling personal injury work.

Don had never worked on a murder case before, and now he was dealing with the hottest one in Texas. As he got more into the investigation, he realized he’d need some help getting Candy’s recollections of that dreadful June day out of her head. He enlisted the help of Dr. Fred Fason, a good-natured, fatherly charmer with a large nose, bushy eyebrows, and a pleasant, intelligent mouth from Houston.

He advertised himself as a River Oaks psychiatrist, and he saw a lot of Valium-addled socialites and impotent millionaires. Dr. Fason didn’t mind if people knew; it was his only form of advertisement.

Candy and Dan flew to Houston, where Fred performed a series of tests on them. The psychiatrist declared himself addicted to the case after that. He agreed to use hypnosis to try to break into Candy’s memories. Candy returned to Houston two weeks later, escorted by Elaine Carpenter, a Crowder employee.

On the plane ride down, Elaine noted Candy seemed more disconnected than usual, almost numb, and as they waited in Fason’s dark, antiseptic reception area, Candy became even more blank. Fred also performed hypnotism on Candy and drew the conclusion that he had found—in the memory of Candy’s mother’s perhaps ill-advised discipline at a painful moment—the trigger of Candy Montgomery’s rage.

In October 1980, Don stunned everyone by stating that his client pleaded self-defense.

Don had been explicit about Candy’s wardrobe. He started taking her testimony and feared that Candy sounded too rehearsed. “When you went over there,” Don said, “did you mean to kill her with that ax?”


Don picked up the ax and placed it on his right hip. Time for a bootleg play, he thought. “But you did kill her with the ax, didn’t you?” he said as he walked back toward the witness box.

Don grabbed the ax with both hands, brought it into full view, and thrust it toward Candy’s face. He pressed again, “You killed her with this ax right here, didn’t you?” Don led Candy through the rest of her day and had her admit all the cover-ups and evasions of the following week, as she had tried to avoid detection.

Candy was found not guilty.

Where Is Don Crowder Today? Is He Still Alive?

No, Don Crowder isn’t alive. He sadly died on 10 November 1998. He was suffering from depression and drank a lot. Don, who had never owned a gun, had brought one home two weeks ago. He shot himself in the workout room and told his wife he loved her before he took his life.

Don Crowder Age At The Time Of His Death?

At the time of his death, Don Crowder was 56 years old.

Don Crowder Wife

From Don Crowder’s time as a teenager, he was insecure about his looks. So, he wasn’t so brave as to actually ask one for a date. However, as soon as he heard a girl was interested in him—usually through the football grapevine—he would go after her with a frenzied passion.

As reported, Don was se**ally aggressive. At sixteen, he and his girlfriend were caught making love, by her mother. “Yeah,” Don would say later, “her mother caught me fu**** her. It was back in the days when you had to pour me into my jeans, and I couldn’t get my prick back in”.

Don had abandoned his one-night affairs in favor of a serious relationship with Carol Parker, a newly divorced lady he had known but never dated. Carol had two children, Rhonda, five, and Jimmy, a baby, and Don adored all three of them. The courtship was brief, and after they married, he redoubled his efforts to establish himself as a personal injury attorney.

Don and Carol had been married for almost 30 years.

After his divorce from Carol, he married his second wife Sheri who was with her until his death.

How Many Kids Did Don Crowder Have?

Don Crowder and his ex-wife Carol had twin daughters, Christy and Wendy, and decided to relocate to the countryside. Don had always lived in Dallas, but he had a nostalgic romantic longing for his father’s upbringing on a farm, and he had considered moving to a rural region where he might have a few acres of his own on and off.

Wendy attempted to crawl up into a built-in shoe drawer a month before her first birthday, traumatizing her trachea and suffocating to death. Wendy died in 1971.

Don Crowder Career

Before pursuing a law career, Don Crowder had dreams of becoming a football star. He was very athletic and played baseball and basketball at the age of 5. In elementary school, he would sleep in his football uniform on the night before Peewee League games. Thomas Jefferson High School, “TJ High,” was the site of Don’s transformation from class bruiser to athletic star.

Don received praise for a roll-out quarterback and bone-crushing flying tackles as a defensive halfback.

In Don’s senior year the Rebels won exactly two games, and that almost put an end to his college plans. He was an honorable mention on the Dallas All-City team, but all that was good for him were scholarship offers from East Texas State College in Commerce and Hardin-Simmons College in Abilene.

In the spring of 1961, Donnie was practicing track-and-field one day when he noticed Sleepy Morgan, a legendary recruiter for Southern Methodist University, sitting in the stands. Morgan asked for Don Crowder when he walked past him. Donnie couldn’t believe it. “That’s me,” he said. Morgan handed him an envelope, but Donnie was too nervous to open it right away.

It was a letter of intent for something called a “one-year-make-good” scholarship to SMU. It would put him in the big time, the Southwest Conference. He signed immediately. The distance between TJ High and SMU was only about ten miles.

Don arrived at SMU weighing only 140 pounds. He joined the weight-training program with single-minded zeal and bulked himself up to 160 by the time his freshman season started. By his sophomore year, he weighed 185 and was moved to running back, where he earned a letter mostly because the other backs were injured.

After a particularly nasty collision, he was carried off the field with blurred vision and within a few days had surgery for a detached retina. He remained in the hospital for weeks, his eye patched, lying flat on his back, and the wisest of the many medical opinions paid for by the SMU athletic department was for Don to give up football.

By that time, he had already finished his bachelor’s degree. Strictly in order to play football, he enrolled in law school.

He spent most of the spring semester sending letters and films to pro teams; the result was a single offer. Otto Graham, head coach of the Washington Redskins, liked Don’s enthusiasm enough to invite him to summer training camp as a free agent. The Redskins doctor took one look at the injured eye and refused to approve him.

Don felt frustrated, bitter, and completely disillusioned.

Despite his mediocre grades, Don managed to get a job the next summer working for a firm run by one of his father’s friends. From the lawyer who hired him, Don learned the basics of what he would later regard as his calling. Don called it personal injury law. By the time he received his law degree, Don was more than willing to take the $700 a month his father’s friend was offering.

In the early days, Don covered accidents from vehicle accidents to factory accidents, and he won. In fact, he was so thrilled about his victory, that he went on to win nineteen straight cases, losing only when he got so cocky about his prowess that he took an obviously bad case to trial.

By 1970, had netted him a comfortable $50,000 a year.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Don Crowder Born?

Don Crowder was born in Dallas County, Texas.

  • Who Were Don Crowder’s Parents And Siblings?

Don’s mother Tynie Eudauxie Greer Crowder was Irish and feisty and strong-willed, a woman who brooked no nonsense and once strapped Donnie into a bathtub and left him in a darkened garage for several hours to teach him a lesson about playing in the street.

His father, Alton Dowe Crowder, had spent time in Guam during the war and suffered from clinical battle fatigue for the rest of his life. Both parents taught the same lesson: life is hard, and don’t expect it to get better. Donnie fought with his father as he fought with everyone else. They both had hair-trigger tempers. All it took was one reference to his teeth, his intelligence, his family, and Donnie would fling his books to the ground and tear into the kid who popped off.

Growing up in Dallas in the forties and early fifties, Alton was the scrawniest, homeliest kid in the class, the one with jug ears, red hair, and buck teeth. He was so prone to quick anger and ill-advised confrontations that, as a young man, he carried with him a perpetual air of menace and brutality. He had lost a dozen teeth in brawls and street fights by the time he was nineteen, and he had never overcome his capacity for sudden, uncontrollable rage.

Dan’s father died on 31 December 1999 at the age of 81. Whereas, his mother died on 24 September 2005 at the age of 86.

He had a brother named Barry Wade Crowder who died in 1997 at the age of 41.

  • Who Plays Don Crowder On Hulu’s Candy?

Actor Raul Esparza plays Don Crowder on Hulu’s Candy.

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