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Jason Montgomery Bio, Age, Today, Candy Montgomery Son

Meet Jason Montgomery, son of Candy Montgomery.

9-May-2022 premiered-Hulu’s Candy is a crime drama miniseries that explores a real-life Candy Montgomery, a suburban housewife, who was accused of murdering her friend Betty Gore. Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery, Melanie Lynskey plays Betty Gore, Pablo Schreiber plays Betty’s husband, and there are many others as side characters in this story.

Since you’re already familiar with the story, as per Texas Monthly’s reports, Allan wanted to keep seeing Candy but guilt consumed him in late 1979 as Betty gave birth to their second daughter, Bethany, around that time. Candy, on the other hand, was unhappy to end their biweekly ritual but relented. Nonetheless, Allan cared for his wife and his family, which became why the affair came to an end.

“I wasn’t really in love with Candace. It was just a little fling for fun as far as I was concerned. She wanted it to be the same, but she fell in love anyway,” Allan told during police interrogation.

Meanwhile, Candy was only with Pat until her two children became an adult and she had planned to divorce Pat after that.

And seven months after this “break up” Betty decided to warn Candy to no longer see her husband. One thing led to another, they got into a verbal fight, Betty walked to the garage and grabbed an ax, and the rest is history.

That includes Jason Montgomery, Candy’s son in the Hulu original. And we shall discuss him more in the rest of this ‘Jason Montgomery Bio’.

Meet Jason Montgomery, Candy Montgomery’s Son

Before the killing of Betty Gore on 13 June 1980, Candy Montogomery was married to Pat Montgomery (Timothy Simmons) and with him, she had two adorable children, named Becky and Jason Montgomery. These names however are just fictional. Their real names from what we can tell, their real names are Jennifer and Ian, respectively.

Jason in the real world is Ian P Montogomery. However, respecting the makers’ decision to keep the real identity of these kids in shade, we shall also continue referring to them Jason and Jennifer through the rest of this writing.

It is unclear how old Jason and his sister were when their mom was involved with the infamous killing. What we know is they had a normal life and were extremely close to their parents, active in the community as well as the church events, and simply living the best possible life before it all changed.

Candy happily tied the knot with Pat, one of the brightest young electrical engineers at Texas Instruments, at the time. After marriage, they moved to the country in 1977, and before that both their kids had arrived. Everything was normal and Candy even was very much in love with her husband before she was “bored crazy”. They started having frequent arguments and these spats eventually led to Candy cheating on her husband with Betty’s husband, Allen Gore.

Jason Montgomery Today

Both of Candy’s children were brought up in court during her trial for murder in 1980. Throughout her trial, her husband also stayed by her side. And there was seemingly no evidence to suggest Candy was anything but a caring mother to Jason and his sister. Therefore, owing to the infamy and her pleading self-defense, the jury pronounced Candy not guilty on 30 October 1980. So, the family moved from Wiley, Texas to a new state altogether Georgia, where they seemingly continue to reside.

Candy and Pat, however, eventually divorced and Candy started using her maiden name as her last name.

Jason, on his Facebook, lists Marietta, Georgia as his hometown and Atlanta, Georgia as his current residence.

Speaking of where Jason is today, he, his sister, dad, and mum (who are likely divorced) preferred to stay well away from the limelight. Candy is residing in Dawsonville, GA whereas their father is likely residing in Saint Simmons Island, Georgia.

Years later since living the nightmare with his family, Jason, now grown up and nearing his fifties seemed to have made peace with the memories from the past.

Jason Montgomery Age

Jason Montgomery, the youngest among the two children, born to Candy and Pat was born in October 1974. So, he reached the age of 47 years old in 2021. His sister, on the other hand, arrived in the world one day in September 1972.

Is Jason Montgomery Married?

As of 2022, Jason Montgomery’s relationship status on Facebook read ‘married’. However, he was careful not to show his wife or give away anything about her.

Jason Montgomery Job

As per LinkedIn, Jason Montgomery is a carpenter with likely an establishment based in Marietta, Georgia. So, he likely made more or less than $57,893 per year as per’s estimation. The salary ranges, however, should depend on his experiences, certifications he acquired over years, and additional skills, he has spent in his profession, that we do not know yet about.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jason Montgomery On Instagram?

Jason Montgomery did not seem to be on Instagram as of 11 May 2022. And while we did find him on Facebook and Pinterest, even there, there was no activity.

  • Who Plays Jason Montgomery On Hulu’s Candy?

Child-actor Dash McCloud played Young Jason Montgomery as the real-life Ian. According to IMDB, Launchpad (2021) and Kenan (2021), other than Candy (2022) are his notable works.

Also as per IMDB, viewers get to see Jason in all the five episodes of this Hulu series.

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