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Carl Hernandez Bio, Age, Married, IG, Port Protection

National Geographic’s Life Below Zero: Port Protection returned for its fifth installment in 2022, and it saw a few new faces including the survivalist expert, Carl Hernandez.

New to the name? Well, keep reading this “Carl Hernandez Bio” to learn all about him

Carl Hernandez On Port Protection

Carl Hernandez is one of the new casts who joined the Port Protection series in 2022, alongside the returning stars Mary Miller, Timothy “Curly” Leach, Sam Carlson, Matt Carlson, Stuart Andrews, David Squibb, and two other new faces Oliver Johnson and Morgan Turcott.

Searching for the name, Gary Muehlberger? Sadly, he passed in March 2021, reportedly from a fire in his home. He was thriving out in the wild and perfecting his self-subsistence techniques for over 39 years in Alaska then.

On the other hand, Sue Aikens, who has gotten into some extremely dangerous situations including a gnarly bear attack, was still alive as of 2022. But she seems to have left the Port Protection series.

The series, as well as the place, “Port Protection” is a home for those who chose to live an extraordinary life in a remote Alaskan community. Its population is so small that the individuals and community cannot sustain without the other. Plus, the rugged land and unforgiving seas — cold and merciless — don’t help their cause at all.

With that being said, Carl is happy to be a part of the adventure. He’s given up on the modern world values and is perfecting his self-subsistence techniques every passing day.

For those who don’t know, Life Below Zero: Port Protection is technically a continuation of Port Protection Alaska that first premiered in NatGeo in 2015.

Carl Hernandez Age

Carl Hernandez was reportdlty born in 1989. That made him 32 years of age in early 2022.

He was one of the youngest cast on Port Protection in season 5.

Is Carl Hernandez Married?

No, Carl Hernandez wasn’t married as of 2022. He was dating his Port Protection co-star, Morgan Turcott then.

The duo officially began their relationship on 28 August 2019.

Introducing Carl first the first time, Morgan took it to her FB on October 13, 2019, to post a picture of them. In the comment second, Morgan’s mother wrote, “He’s a lucky man.” To which Morgan replied, “We both are.”

The duo then again appeared on Morgan’s next FB posts in June 2020.

As for Carl, he had yet to feature his girlfriend (before 2022).

A Petersburg, Alaska, native, Morgan is a Petersburg High School graduate who grew up playing sports. Back in 2011, she even compete in Alaska ASSA Outdoor State Championship and placed 6th with her team members in the Girls 4*400 Meter Relay.

Talking about her family, Morgan is the daughter of Greg Turcott and Mary Christensen. Unfortunately, they are already separated. Her father later found love again in Feb 2015, and so did her mother.

Morgan also has a twin brother named Longan Turcott. He resided in San Diego, California with his two kids and partner as of 2022.

As for Morgan’s sister, Samantha Turcott lived in Petersburg, Alaska with her two kids.

Carl Hernandez Net Worth

Carl Hernandez garnered a net worth above $200 thousand by 2022.

A fisherman by profession, Carl is the owner of the East Rock fishing vessel. When he wasn’t working on his boat, Carl joined West Rock, Roedda, and Catherine Ann fishing vessels, on their fishing trips.

Before that, he also worked at the Dorleen fishing vessel from May 2007 to June 2011.

But initially, Carl started his career working as a delivery driver at City Cargo.

Talking about his education, Carl graduated from Petersburg High School in 2006. He then went on to enroll at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, only to keep “avoiding classes” and drop out.

For those of you interested, a fisherman in the US made around $50 thousand during a three-month working period.

As for his Port Protection salary, Carl was reportedly paid around $4,500 per episode.

Also, Port Protection former stars, Sue Aiken and Glenn Villeneuve were reportedly paid around $200,000 per year, while Andy Bassich only made about $100,000 a year.

Seems like the cast was paid handsomely.

But then again, considering the hassles that come with living in a forever minus-60 degrees-temperature environment, no salary would be enough to repay the inconvenience and risk.

Is Carl Hernandez On IG?

No, as of March 2022, Carl wasn’t found on Instagram.

However, here’s his Facebook @R3IK1531. Most of his posts then featured his time on the boat, and his doodles and sketches.

Yes, the fishermen liked to sketch. So far, he’s sketched Frank Zappa, Faye from Cowboy Bebop, El Diablo, Henry Paulson, and a few other personas.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Carl Hernandez?

Carl stands tall at a height above 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm). He’s taller than his girlfriend Morgan.

His distinct features include — blue eyes and a thick beard.

  • Does Carl Hernandez Still Reside In Port Protection?

Yes, Carl resided in Port Protection, Alaska, as of 2022.

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