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Carla Riccitelli Bio, Age, Net Worth, Maurizio Mian Ex

Carla Riccitelli appeared on Netflix’s latest offering Gunther’s Millions. He is the first wife of Maurizio Mian and the mother of his first child. How old is she? What is her net worth? Who is her son?

Delve into this bio which attempts to uncover it all here.

Netflix Gunther’s Millions: Meet Carla Riccitelli, Maurizio Mian Ex

Carla Riccitelli is the first wife of Maurizio Mian from Netflix Gunther’s Millions. She apparently met Gunther (the dog) and Maurizio for the first time in 1993 while working at an advertising agency in the hopes of writing about their amazing rise to fame, but she never looked back.

Carla is the “second-in-power to the Gunther trust.” She introduced herself as “The CEO of my advertising company told me, “Carla, we should go to Pisa and meet this strange guy.” “His name is Maurizio.” When I first arrived, I said, “Oh my God, where I am? It’s paradise.” And there, he was playing on the ground with Gunther. So I had so much fun. And when Maurizio told me that he was working for a dog, at that point, I fall in love with him because that was my dream too, you know? So I said, “‘Okay, I want to do that too.’ ”

Before obtaining a tattoo of the significant name on her right collarbone—a name she has openly stated is for both her son and the dog—the former actually requested that their child be named Gunther. It should therefore come as no surprise that their small family was anything but traditional in every way, whether in terms of monogamy, parenting styles, or work-life balance (lack thereof).

Since Maurizio is Gunther’s caregiver and appears to place a scientific, communal society above all else, it also had an impact on how his family members lived. Even Carla has generally always agreed with him, as seen by the fact that she was actively involved in The Burgundians entertainment group as a member and leader and took part in all activities. Unfortunately, despite having comparable goals, lifestyles, feelings for their son, and respect for one another, they were unable to make their relationship work and permanently parted ways.

Carla then said, “Still now, even if we are not together anymore, I really care about him. Nobody can touch him. I would kill for him.”

But she was with Lee Dahlberg, the spokesperson for the world’s richest dog for 20 years. Lee, who appeared on the show said, “From the moment I met Carla, I was taken aback. Carla just seemed so, like, worldly and powerful, and I knew, a lot of times, she’s just as much in control as Maurizio of the situation. I totally crushed on her, like, totally crushed on her, and it was reciprocated. Maurizio for years would introduce me as, “Oh, and this is Lee, Carla’s boyfriend.”

In 2023, Carla remains a resident of Tuscany, Italy, where she continues to act as Maurizio’s right hand as well as second in command at The Gunther Trust/Corporation. Although the couple did their separate ways romantically in the past without making amends, their relationship is still going strong for the benefit of Gunther, their kid, Gunther the dog, and their respective careers.

Since they acquired Gunther’s still-expanding empire together, their current relationship is actually such that they each adamantly maintain that they wouldn’t be anywhere without the other.

Carla Riccitelli And Maurizio Mian Children

Carlina Riccitelli and Maurizio Mian shared a son together who she also talked about in the show. She said, “Maurizio and I had a son in September ’95, and we name it… I name it, Gunther.” She also got a tattoo below her right collarbone for “the dog” and “her son.”

Gunther Mian is currently 27 years old and works as a DJ. Learn more about him in a separate article here.

Carla Riccitelli Age

As of early 2023, Carla Riccitelli is above 45 years old.

How Much Is Carla Riccitelli Net Worth?

Carla Riccitelli’s net worth exceeds $1 million. According to her LinkedIn, she is working as an executive at PIRILLA srl, TOSCANTIQUA srl, and PERFUMES OF PANTELLERIA, FORTERIVA.

The brand’s bio read, “There where Venus is reflected in the freshwater, where the lava stone lends itself to architecture, on the island long disputed between Carthage and Rome, here the natural fragrances contained in the Perfumes of Pantelleria originate. A bouquet of herbs, flowers, spices, and aromas which, like the Mediterranean, unite apparently distant worlds.”

It concluded, “From bergamot to Provençal lavender, from sandalwood to white musk, from blackcurrant to jasmine, from peach blossom to rosemary. A sensory journey that traces the history of the island, which has always been a crossroads of peoples and traditions. And it is precisely this variety of notes from different origins and, at the same time, united by history and nature that makes Pantelleria unique. Like his Perfumes.”

Carla Riccitelli Height

Carla Riccitelli’s height measures a moderate 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Carla Riccitelli From?

As per our research, Carla Riccitelli is currently based in Pisa, Italy.

  • When Is Carla Riccitelli Birthday?

Carla Riccitelli’s birthday is not clear yet.

  • Is Carla Riccitelli On Instagram?

Yes, Carla Riccitelli is on Instagram (@carletta69) and Facebook (@carla.riccitelli).

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