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Maurizio Mian Son: Who Is Gunther Mian? Age, Mother

Netflix’s Gunther’s Millions star Maurizio Mian has a son named Gunther Mian. What happened to Maurizio’s son Gunther? How old is he? Who is his mother? What does he do for a living? Did he commit suicide?

Find all the details below as you keep scrolling down.

Meet Gunther Mian, Maurizio Mian Son

Gunther Mian is one of the two children of Maurizio Mian. His dad was born on March 25, 1956, in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. It is true that Maurizio was raised “in the environment of a huge family.” As depicted in the Netflix original production, he so followed in their footsteps and completed medical school before concentrating on pharmacology. He did not become a professor until he was 37 years old.

Truth be told, the scion of Istituto Gentili (or Gentili Institute) was successful on his own, which ultimately proved to be the key factor in his decision to leave the organization quickly.

To this day, Maurizio still lives in Tuscany, Italy, with Gunther VI, the world’s richest animal according to the paper. Therefore, he is theoretically the person behind every sale and purchase made for the German Shepherd in addition to being a pharmaceutical heir, an entrepreneur, and the CEO of The Gunther Corporation. In other words, despite the fact that Gunther’s name appears on boats, properties across the world, media outlets, and sports teams/sponsorships, the 66-year-old is essentially the true owner.

Despite his fervent efforts, Maurizio was unable to discover the scientific formula for happiness for either himself or others, but he does seem content these days. He said that he is “a person with a lot of faults” in the four-part documentary. He has bipolar disorder and occasionally feels happy. No one is intended to be happy forever, thus it won’t last forever.

What Happened To Gunther Mian?

There are reports that Gunther Mian committed suicide struggling with depression. But, it appears to be a hoax and likely a misinterpreted story because Gunther is still alive. Several outlets claimed that he died at the age of 26, but Gunther turned 27 in September 2022 and his most recent IG post dates back to 25 December 2022. His last FB post is in November 2022.

Furthermore, there are no obituaries or tributes paid to him, if the unthinkable had actually happened. Since there are no such pieces of evidence of his passing, we can tell that he is well and alive.

And Gunther appears to be in a relationship since 2022. He posted a pic of him and his girlfriend in August 2022. Here are his IG and FB.

Who Is Gunther Mian Mother?

Gunther Mian is the son of Carla Riccitelli, the ex-wife of his father Maurizio Mian. His mother apparently met Gunther (the dog) and Maurizio for the first time in 1993 while working at an advertising agency in the hopes of writing about their amazing rise to fame, but she never looked back. “When I first arrived [in Pisa], I said, ‘Oh my god, where I am? It’s paradise,’” she conceded in the Netflix production. “There, [Maurizio] was playing on the ground with Gunther. I had so much fun.”

Gunther’s dad then confessed that he worked for the dog, which made her fall madly in love with him because she had the same dream job and acted on it immediately.

Carla and Maurizio had no idea, however, that they would soon find themselves deeply in love, becoming connected, and eventually settling down, getting married, and having a son in 1995. Before obtaining a tattoo of the significant name on her right collarbone—a name she has openly stated is for both her son and the dog—the former actually requested that their child be named Gunther. It should therefore come as no surprise that their small family was anything but traditional in every way, whether in terms of monogamy, parenting styles, or work-life balance.

Since Maurizio is Gunther’s caregiver and appears to place a scientific, communal society above all else, it also had an impact on how his family members lived. Even Carla has generally always agreed with him, as seen by the fact that she was actively involved in The Burgundians entertainment group as a member and leader and took part in all activities. Unfortunately, despite having comparable goals, lifestyles, feelings for their son, and respect for one another, they were unable to make their relationship work and permanently parted ways.

Gunther’s mom resides in Tuscany, Italy. She serves as the second in command at The Gunther Trust/Corporation and as Maurizio’s right hand. His parents divorced but their relationship still remains intact.

“Still now, even [though] we’re not together anymore, I really care about [Maurizio],” Carla said in the Netflix docu-series. “Nobody can touch him. I would kill for him.”

You can find her on Facebook and IG.

Gunther Mian Age

Gunther Mian was reportedly born in September 1995. As of 2023, Gunther is 27 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 30 September.

Gunther Mian Job

Gunther Mian apparently dabbled in the music business. He had shared several pictures of working as a DJ. Additionally, he has shared pictures of his equipment on his Instagram calling it his lover. In November 2019, he also performed at Swamp Club in Carrara.

In another post around the same, Gunther posted on his IG, “Some years ago, still spinning records on the turntables. It’s fine to look at the past and remind some memories, but only the good ones.”

Gunther has also posted a sample of his music on his socials. Also, you can find his music on SoundCloud.

Gunther is the co-owner of a record label named Italian Weapon Records. According to the bio on Bandcamp,  “Italian Weapons was born from the connections and bonds established during the pandemic. ITW will be a real magnifying glass with the aim of enhancing young Italian artists. The non-exotic search for mainly native sounds and the mutual respect between the artists involved in the various releases is the true essence of the soul of this all-Italian project.”

They have released one album called ITWVA001. It was the first deep collection of House Music. This collection was entirely produced by young and talented Italian artists. Italian Weapons are always looking for sounds from the Italian house scene, allowing their artists to travel back to these golden age sounds.

ITWVA001 includes 5 tracks carefully selected by the Italian Weapons label owned by Niccolo Turini and Gunther Mian. The first various artist ranges through all the nuances of Italian house music produced by artists located throughout the country and beyond.

The first round of artists includes Matteo Mangano aka; James Brucke, Heat Alliance, Gunther Mian & Niccolo Turini aka; Funksonik, Samuele de Santis, and Sandro Pandullo.

Talking about his education, Gunther revealed on his Facebook that he attended Scientific High School “U. Dini” followed by the University of Pisa. He also has a LinkedIn which doesn’t reveal much about him because he attended the university.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Gunther Mian Born?

Gunther Mian was born likely in Pisa, Italy.

  • Does Gunther Mian Have A Sibling?

Yes, Gunther Mian has one half-sister from his father’s second marriage. He has also featured his sister on several of his IG posts.

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