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Carol Dulaney Bio, Leroy Dulaney Mother, Today, Age

Carol Dulaney is a strong woman and an even stronger mother. When her son Leroy Dulaney went missing and she had an intuition he was dead, Carol launched an investigation of her own which eventually led her to uncover a world of drugs, rumored satanic cults and a possible serial killer!

This Carol Dulaney Bio explores her life.

Meet Carol Dulaney, Leroy Dulaney Mother On Hulu’s Where Is Private Dulaney?

Carol Dulaney’s life turned upside down when her son Leroy Dulaney went missing on an ordinary day on May 22, 1979. Her son, whom she raised in West Virginia, just completely disappeared from his post at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

Later, reports said that he was murdered by a fellow Marine officer. But Carol remained unconvinced because Camp Lejeune in the 1970s and 1980s was described as the Wild West. It had a reputation for being pretty rampant — including homicides, rape, robberies, sexual assaults, narcotics, illegal drug usage, and more.

So, she started an investigation of her own.

The last time Carol saw her saw was after Leroy walked with a cane, which he named Elmo. He had recently fallen off a horse and cracked his hip bone at the time.

“They started to pull out, back out of the driveway. And then he pulled back into the driveway. I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ He said, ‘I forgot Elmo.’ He had left his cane lined up against the bricks. And he said, ‘I don’t think Elmo wants to leave this time, mother.’ He said, ‘He knows we’ll never be back,’” Carol explained.

As she kept asking questions, scouring base, looking for clues, and more, Carol realized that another fellow Marine named, Mark Fletcher, kept coming up in her investigation. But with no help from local authorities, it was hard to contact that person.

However, determined Carol eventually found Mark at the Camp Lejeune cafeteria. Upon meeting him,  Carol said, “I said, ‘I’m here to find my son, he’s been killed.” To which, the Marine replied, “‘Well, if we’d only known he had a hundred and thirty-four dollars, he wouldn’t have been killed.”

But the crime wasn’t that simple. Later, Mark’s girlfriend, Benjamin Duval, came to light and revealed that she drove the car and helped Mark bury Leroy’s body. Further investigations revealed that Mark asked if Leroy had hashish to sell, and then led him out to a car where he said someone was waiting to buy the drugs.

After that, the case snowballed. And cults were investigated, during which the murder of another Marine, Ronald Ray Jenkins was also pinned on Mark!

This event series is detailed in the Hulu special Where Is Private Dulaney?

Where Is Carol Dulaney Today?

Carol Dulaney is living in West Virginia and has surrounded herself with her family and loved ones today. She lives a happy life as a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, witnessing her bloodline grow each day.

However, the pain of losing a child still lingers around her. Even though her effort has put the criminal behind the bar, she rued the fact that she would never be able to meet or talk to her son again.

The criminal, Mark Fletcher today is serving a life sentence in prison. He was incarcerated in 1980.

Fun Fact: Carol Dulaney actively participated in Mark Fletcher’s trial.

Carol Dulaney Age

Carol Dulaney was 81 years of age in 2022.

She lost her when she was 32.

Carol Dulaney Job

Carol Dulaney is the owner of Heritage Place. Sadly, we don’t know much about her job.

But we do know that Heritage Place is an assisted living facility in Weirton, WV. It offered activities for residents that generally allow residents to maintain healthy lifestyles by encouraging movement and socializing with their peers.

What Is Carol Dulaney Maiden Name?

Carol Dulaney’s maiden name is “Chiarenza.”

Carol Dulaney Husband And Kids

Carol Dulaney was married to her late husband Jimmy Alton Dulaney (1937 – 1999). Unfortunately, the two divorced when Leroy was just attending school. So, it’s no surprise she had expectations from Leroy — her eldest child — that he would teach his sibling and take on the parental role.

But sadly, after Leroy graduated high school, he decided to join the Marines and was murdered. And it wasn’t just his mother and siblings that he left behind. Leroy also left his wife/high school sweetheart Brenda alone.

 “Everybody that knew him knew that I was his girl, and he was my man, He was it. That’s just all I can say. To me, he was it, he was the one,” Brenda regretted.

Besides Leroy, Carol has two other kids named Gregory, and Michael Dulaney. They were born on Mar 1960 and Oct 1970 respectively.

“Leroy was the wild one, I was the middle one, Mike was the baby, Mommy’s boy,” Michael recalled. Also, the brothers labeled their departed sibling as a jokester, cocky, and the protector of the family.

Related FAQs

  • Is Carol Dulaney On Instagram?

No, Carol wasn’t on Instagram.

However, she was on Facebook @carol.dulaney.1. Most of her posts featured her kids and grandkids.

  • When Is Carol Dulaney Birthday?

Carol celebrates her birthday in December.

  • Where Does Carol Dulaney Reside?

As of 2022, Carol resided in Weirton, WV.

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