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Love During Lockup Emily Age, Last Name, Job, IG

Meet Emily, the Season two newbie on Love After lock Up that premiered recently on 21 October 2022. She appears on the show alongside her incarcerated fiancé Duari. This couple has an understanding relationship, according to Emily. However, from the first episode, viewers have felt they could be the shadiest couple of the season.

Let’s find out in the rest of the writing that is in-depth about Emily, her age, last name, job, social media reach, and more.

Is Love During Lockup Emily Still With Dauri?

Emily and Dauri met when Emily clicked on an ad for prison pen pals. She chose Dauri from a list of men because she thought him to be the most attractive. Then, when Dauri received his first letters from Emily, he explains on the show, he thought she was a catfish. But then, even fans have been convinced that Emily might have catfished her Dauri since she had not visited him once. However, it’s been also portrayed on the show that the attraction is mutual right away and they are even engaged now. But of course, things also have not been easy for them.

Emily talked to the camera on the show that she caught Dauri cheating by way of sending another woman letters. But, to this, Dauri explains that he only pretended to be this mystery woman’s boyfriend in exchange for money.

When their story on the season came to end, Dauri and Emily were shown to have stayed together. Viewers also witnessed them getting engaged. In fact, Emily even revealed that she is in charge of his finances until he is released from prison.

Dauri, if you already don’t know, is serving time for first-degree armed robbery and charges involving carjacking. During his appearance in Love During Lockup, he had already served six years. It was unclear how much time he had left then, but the crime for which he was originally arrested happened back in 2016.

Also, by the time the show came to an end, Emily seemed determined to make things work, even if that also meant dealing with Dauri’s infidelity.

According to Emily, the two have been in this for three long years.

Love During Lockup Emily’s Age

Love During Lockup‘s Emily was born in October 1992. So, she reached the age of 30 in 2022.

What Is Love During Lockup Emily Last Name?

Love During Lockup‘s Emily’s last name is Aschenbach.

Today, Emily volunteers with CASA of Union County to serve as an advocate for abused, neglected, and abandoned Union County children and that is mainly because she herself was adopted. She was adopted from foster care when she was a few months old by Eileen E Aschenbach and Daniel J Aschenbach.

The adoptive parents also have since adopted five other children out of the foster care system.

Today, speaking of her biological mom Emily says she would not have this life at all if she was still with her.

Love During Lockup Emily’s Job

Emily is an experienced court researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the wholesale industry. She is skilled in Microsoft Word, eCourts, and Adobe Illustrator. On her LinkedIn, she also mentions being a strong research professional B.S. focused on Criminal Justice.

Since July 2019, she has been working full-time as a criminal data researcher at InformData.

Before this, Emily was a part-time team leader collaborating on a team to provide educational activities to young children and families at Pace University.

Between 2014 and 2016, she also worked as a full-time office assistant at Union County College.

Speaking of her education, Emily studied associate’s degree in Liberal Studies at Union College in New Jersey from 2013 until 2016. Between 2016 and 2019, she attended Pace University for a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Lately, in 2022, she also worked for an advanced certificate in Criminal Investigation at John Jay College (CUNY).

While we do not know about Emily’s net worth, she was seen using Dauri’s stimulus check money on herself.
We see in a Love During Lockup clip, that she goes shopping for a new engagement ring for herself. In fact, it is believed that she only agreed to stay with him after he signed over his power of attorney to her, and after she became entirely in charge of his finances.

The November 2022 episode also saw Emily agree to meet with Dauri’s former bunkie Storm, the one she can not stand, to give him $200 of Dauri’s money to invest in a business.

In the meantime, there are fans assuming that Emily could be playing a dangerous game. They think she could get pretty ugly between them if she continues to spend his money at the shown rate.

Love During Lockup Emily Height

Love During Lockup‘s Emily stands below 5 feet and 7 inches tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love During Lockup Emily From?

Love During Lockup’s Emily likely hails from Cranford township in Union County, in the U.S. state of New Jersey, located 18 miles southwest of Manhattan. She had also been staying here as of 2022.

  • Is Love During Lockup Emily On IG And Facebook?

Love During Lockup‘s Emily could be found on Instagram @thequeenofnj_ with 20 posts and 6,243 followers as of 19 November 2022. However, she was not easily discoverable on Facebook.

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