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Louie Fojut Bio, Age, Love During Lockup, Arrest History

Love During Lockup‘s Louie Fojut and Melissa are one of the couples appearing on season 2 of WETV’s hit show. They were high school sweethearts but ran in different circles. When Melissa was having trouble finding Mr. Right, destiny linked her with her ex-boyfriend Louie.

‘I met Louie in high school. He was like hot,’ she recalls in the trailer.

Meet Louie from Love During Lockup.

Is Love During Lockup Louie Fojut Still With Melissa?

The Jersey girl Melissa and the bad boy Louie had occasionally crossed paths in high school, but they always ran in different circles. When Melissa was working as a mail carrier, she saw some prisoner letters that motivated her to write to Louie while he was incarcerated. She is utterly in love with him, but her vocal family is against their union.

Even now, her father won’t be the one to walk her down the aisle. In the teaser, she can be seen dressing up as his cheerleader during one of their video conversations and, in spite of his protests, flashing him from outside the prison. As she gets ready to go to Georgia to be with her boyfriend, Melissa joins a prison wives club for assistance because she battles with loneliness while Louie is incarcerated.

Louie did not like the entire encounter, especially Melissa distantly flashing her breasts at him. They have been friends for a long time, and in addition to visiting him at work, Melissa is also in town to see Louie in jail.

It appears as though Louie may be at a sizable repair shop when Melissa pays him a visit at work, albeit from across a sizable field so she isn’t immediately noticed. It’s possible that Louie works on trucks while he’s on work release from prison because the parking lot is full of semi trucks and other work trucks.

Welders may also use the facilities. Inmates in Georgia have access to a variety of prison work release programs, including painting and bodywork for government cars and trucks, other jobs including mechanics for gas and diesel cars and trucks, road construction, and facility upkeep.

It’s obvious that Louie still has a set of regulations to obey when he’s on the job, regardless of what he does for a living during his work release program. He is angry when Melissa flashes him in the video. He admits to her that he is unsure of what will happen if he gets in trouble as a result of Melissa’s unexpected visit.

“I mean, I came all this way and I just wanted to see you,” Melissa states.

Since she developed a crush on Louie in high school, Melissa hasn’t actually seen him in person. As they wait for his release, they may become more than just pen buddies in jail.

We also see Louie’s mom on the show who put Melissa in her place for an “impulsive” visit to his job. Melissa flew hours out of her state to Georgia in order to spy on Louie as he participated in his work release program since she was so desperate to see him. After her unplanned visit, Melissa sits down with Louie’s mother to tell her about the far-off experience.

From Friday’s episode, an exclusive WeTV clip reveals how angry Louie’s mother is about Melissa’s uninvited visit. When Louie’s mother confronts Melissa about why she showed up at her house so late, Melissa tells the truth. Melissa replies, “Because I actually did get to see Louie”. Louie’s mother appears visibly surprised. She says, “Excuse me.

Melissa continues by revealing how she spied on him while driving a considerable distance to his work release program.

“We don’t put Louie in jeopardy,” his mom quips. “I want him to come home, so don’t do that,” she adds. Melissa explains how she only wanted to get a “peek” at Louie and admits her visit was “impulsive” and not the best decision.

Love During Lockup Louie Fojut Arrest History

Louie from Love During Lockup is currently serving a 20-year sentence for armed robbery and is currently in custody at the Phillips Transitional Center in Georgia.

Despite being incarcerated for armed robbery, Louie is undoubtedly granted perks like a work release program due to his good conduct. When Melissa contacts him directly, we can see that he too has a cell phone. Additionally, the Georgia Department of Corrections let offenders on work release have cell phones until May 2022.

Prepaid cell phones from authorized visitors were allowed for eligible convicts residing in Transitional Centers. These were thought to aid the prisoners in preparing for life on the outside by assisting them in locating accommodation and employment prior to their release.

When that changed in May, the Georgia Department of Corrections instead gave new phones to the same approved offenders. According to reports, the phones are outdated flip phones without internet or social media connectivity. It’s probable that Louie was using a cell phone that Melissa or someone else outside the group had bought for him when the scene was being filmed. Despite Melissa’s flashing episode, Louie is now abiding by the rules till his release.

The “max possible release date” for Louie was set for November 29, 2022.

Love During Lockup Louie Age

At the time of filming the show, Louie from Love During Lockup was 41 years old.

What Is Love During Louie Fojut Last Name?

Love During Lockup’s Louie’s last name is Fojut. Meanwhile, some of the cast members with last names from season 2 are Dauri Cabrera, Emily Aschenbach, Mike Harmon, and Dustin Phillip.

Love During Lockup Louie Height

Based on the picture, Love During Lockup Louie stands tall above 5’10”.

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  • Where Is Love During Lockup Louie From?

Love During Lockup Louie hailed from Georgia.

  • Is Love During Lockup Louie On Instagram And Facebook?

Although Love During Lockup Louie could be on social media, because his last name isn’t public, it is almost impossible to track his social media platforms.

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