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Caroline Martins Bio, Married, Age, Great British Menu

The beloved British TV show, Great British Menu, has returned to the TV screen and seems to be going perfectly well. This season will feature a new batch of contestants, including Caroline Martins (the subject of this piece), an entirely new judging panel, and a new theme.

In this article, we cover the basics of the current season of the Great British Menu and tell you everything about Caroline Martins, who is one of the contestants representing the North West region of England. Read on.

Caroline Martins On Great British Menu

After the first episode of Great British Menu aired, Caroline announced her participation in the show on her Instagram with the captions, “Right! The cat’s out of the bag!” In the post, she continued to say that she was proud  “to represent [thier] beloved Manchester and showcase amazing independent suppliers and producers…”

If you do not know GBM, (you are missing out on one of the best shows on TV right now) it is one of the cooking competition reality series that airs on BBC Two. The series started in 2006 and the current season that premiered on the 1st of February is the seventeenth series.

The seventeenth season will feature the judging panel of Ed Gamble, Nisha Katona, and Tom Kerridge. Each episode will also feature one guest judge. Andi Oliver returned as the host of the show.

So far, BBC has revealed the chefs (contestants) for the Central region and North West region only. Caroline Martins is representing North West alongside Sam Lomas, Dave Critchley, and Stevie Lamb. And four other chefs Sally Abe, Liam Dillon, Ben Orpwood, and Harvey Perttola are representing the Central region.

This year’s theme on the Great British Menu is British Broadcasting. And to celebrate British broadcasting, Caroline will be making dishes based on her favorite British comedy shows like Monty Python, Red Dwarf, etc.

Before the Great British Menu, Caroline had participated in Brazilian MasterChef and even came runner up in the 2020 edition of National Chef of the Year.

According to her profile on BBC, Caroline is a Brazillian chef currently living in Manchester. In Manchester, she runs Sao Paulo Project, where she shows some brilliant British-Brazillian fusion food.

It further adds, “Caroline’s cuisine brings together Brazilian flavors and culinary techniques with the best of local British ingredients in a unique fusion. She likes to bring color and visual flair to represent her Brazilian roots.”

Caroline Martins Career

Before starting her career as a chef, Caroline had a career in physics with a specialism in plasma physics. She studied plasma physics in Sao Paolo. She has a Ph.D. in plasma physics. Furthermore, she has also worked as a theoretical physicist in Caldarache, France, as a university researcher in Austin, Texas.

However, while she was in Texas, Caroline started to grow bored of her line of work. Instead, she was more interested in cooking dinners for her friends than in doing the research work.

So, Caroline participated in the MasterChef Brazil so that she could afford to study culinary at Le Cordon Bleu. Caroline admits that it was a rather unpleasant experience and she was happy that she got eliminated after a few rounds.

After that, Caroline saved some money and joined Le Corden Bleu in London anyway. After graduating from Le Corden Bleu, Caroline worked in various Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe like Trenkerstube (in Italy), Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs, Galvin La Chapelle, (both in the UK).

In 2019, Caroline took a break from her work in those high-profile restaurants to work on her project, which was Sao Paolo Project. Her project is based in Ancoats Manchester and has rave reviews from many Manchester-based news outlets.

Caroline has mentioned that her chief mission as a chef is to show the world that “there is more to Brazilian food than meat”. And she is doing just that with her Sao Paolo project.

Is Caroline Martins Married?

Chef Caroline Martins has not revealed anything about her romantic life, either on social media or traditional media outlets. However, based on a few hints, we have guessed that Caroline is most likely single. What hints?

For instance, in February 2022, Caroline announced her special Valentine’s Day Menu. She shared the announcement on her Instagram with the captions, “Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Us!” The menu cost £58 for each person and had 5 courses.

In other words, Caroline was working on Valentine’s Day. And that most likely means she might not have a significant other to celebrate the day with?

Anyway, regardless of whether Caroline had a romantic partner, she does have somebody to love. She has a dog named Larry who has been making her “days brighter for over 5 years”. And she loves Larry.

Caroline Martins Family

Caroline Martins comes from very humble roots. No one in her family had gone to college. And that was why her family was not very impressed when she switched her career from a physicist to a chef.

Caroline grew up with her parents and her Portuguese grandmother. It was her grandmother, who bounced little Caroline on her hips while she baked bread, who instilled the love for cooking in her.

Caroline has not revealed any information about her parents.

Is Caroline Martins On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Chef Caroline Martins is on both Instagram (as @caroline_gl_martins) and Facebook. She has both a Facebook page and a regular Facebook profile. You can also find her on Twitter as @MChefCaroline.

Caroline Martins Age

As of 06 February 2022, Chef Caroline Martins was 35 years of age.

Caroline Martins Height

Caroline is not more than 5 ft 2 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Caroline Martins Birthday?

Reportedly, Caroline celebrates her birthday on the 26th of February.

  • Where Was Caroline Martins Born?

Chef Carloine Martins was born in Barretos, Brazil.

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