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Catherine Ebs Family: Mother, Father, Siblings

Catherine Ebs as you all know is a TikTok star. She is known for posting content about her life, her home, and funny videos with her family. On her social media platforms, among other things, she has also frequently discussed conflicts related to her marriage. And lately, with her 1.1 million followers on TikTok @cadyebs, she dished out her family drama involving her brother and his girlfriend. So, in this writing, we thought we would tell you all about her family, about her father, mother, and siblings.

Meet Catherine Ebs Family Members

So, in her family, Catherine Ebs has her mother and siblings. Her father is no more. He passed away on 7 November 2022, while on Vacation with his family in Denver, Colorado.

Let’s get to know each one of them better.

Catherine Ebs Father

Catherine’s father was William James Eberlein, AKA Bill Ebs. He was 60 when he lost his life last year. He was born on 22 August 1962 to Kenneth and Frances in St. Paul, Minnesota. Late William was the youngest of three children. He was only 8 when his father passed away unexpectedly. That, he said, always left a life-long loss in his heart.

William, per his obituary, was a humble and faithful man, who treasured his family and his strong, long-lasting friendships. It goes on to tell that he had a heartfelt way of touching people’s lives. Also, it is said, he was an avid bird watcher, fisherman, outdoorsman, and Viking fan. Since his passing, people have mostly missed his smile and lively spirit.

William loved to talk, share stories, and discuss all kinds of topics. He is said to have always taken the scenic route, and not necessarily the fastest route. And, of course, he enjoyed all of it.

Just on 7 June 2023, Catherine took to her social media to talk about how miserable her life in the past 7 months has been without her father. “It’s been 7 long months without your drop-ins to my house, our daily FaceTime calls, tini time dates, and your hugs. There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do to get him back. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know” – right back atcha dad 💙”, she gushed.

Catherine really had an inexplicably loving relationship with her dad. So, his passing was bound to leave her feeling numb just as she has said more than once. One time in a social media post, she talked about her being the first person she opened her eyes to the day she was born and her being the last person he closed his eyes to the day he left.

Catherine Ebs Mother

Catherine Ebs’s parents were together and married until one of them died. In her father’s obituary, it’s been worded: “He will be dearly missed by the love of his life, Shannon.” Shannon, here, is Catherine’s mom of course. Her full name is Shannon McGurran Eberlein. She turned 58 in April 2023. And as of this time, she seemed to be living in Oakdale, Minnesota.

On February 12th, in the year Shannon’s hubby died, they celebrated their 22nd marriage anniversary.

Catherine is professionally an MN-certified accessibility specialist, certified aging-in-place specialist, and senior home modification assessor.

Shannon BIO on her work website also reveals that she worked exclusively in the field of accessibility for more than 30 years and has been involved in over 2,000 home assessments and modification projects. With a BS degree in Housing with an emphasis on Interior Design and Barrier Free Design and a career focused on residential and commercial accessibility, Shannon loves to tell everyone she is familiar with accessibility-related building codes and design guidelines.

Yet, at times, on social media, it appears that Shannon is not Catherine and her brother William’s biological mother. Instead, this lady named Sheila Rose seems to be their mom.

Who Are Catherine Ebs Siblings?

Catherine Ebs has three siblings. It is said they were their father’s greatest joy. Nevertheless, Catherine was a bit more favorite of his.

Catherine has three brothers. They are William, Aaron, and Andrew. It’s with one of these brothers and “meep meep” Allie that Catherine recently had a rift with.

Catherine’s brother Aaron can be found on IG @aaron.ebes. Per LinkedIn, he most lately worked full-time/on-site as the brand ambassador and retail stylist of Queen Anna House of Fashion in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before that, he studied at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Another brother is Aaron Eberlein and he too went to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Later in life, he started working as a record center specialist at Iron Mountain. As of now, he seemed to be living in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

As for Andrew, he graduated from college in June 2020.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Catherine Ebs Family Reside?

Catherine’s mom seemed to be reading in Oakdale of Minnesota as of 2023. About each one of her siblings, we have already talked about their habitats earlier in the writing.

  • Are Catherine Ebs Family Members On Facebook?

Yes. most of Catherine Ebs’s family members can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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