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Tee Tot Bio, 60 Days In, Age, Real Name, Job, Husband

Tee Tot is the new inmate in Pitt County Detention Center and viewers are thrilled to meet her in the show. What is her real name? How old is she?

Here is what we know about her. So, keep scrolling down to learn all that we know about her.

Tee Tot On 60 Days In

The brand-new season of 60 Days In premiered on June 15, and this time around, the A&E program is being recorded in a different prison. The North Carolina prison in Pitt County is the subject of the program. Season 8 of the show features Sheriff Paula S. Dance, the state’s first female African-American sheriff, who is working to “evoke change.

In 2023, the A&E series, which features volunteers posing as prisoners, is in its eighth season. The volunteers are imprisoned for 60 days. Some people use their time on the show to draw attention to problems with the criminal justice system or a particular confinement facility.

In episode five of 60 Days In, a new prisoner at Pitt County Detention Center named Tee Tot is introduced. Following Tee Tot’s entrance, chaos breaks out in the women’s pods as an altercation almost immediately starts. The prisoner enters the pods while being pushed in a wheelchair and has one leg in a cast.

Tee Tot waves and says “hello” to many of the other prisoners as she enters the women’s pods and announces: “Tee Tot’s back on the block.” Some of the inmates appear pleased to see her, but others ask: “Who is Tee Tot?” Speaking in a confessional on 60 Days In, she says that she’s “very famous,” adding: “If you like me, you like me if you don’t, you don’t…”

When Tee Tot queries another prisoner, Candace, about her reason for being there, tensions in the women’s pods increase. She is informed of the cause and informed by Candace that she is “taking charge for somebody else.” After calling her “stupid,” Tee Tot continues, “You lame for that.” Tee Tot is yelled at by Candace to “leave her alone.” In a confessional, volunteer Sarah Anselment claims that things “escalated quickly” after Tee Tot insulted Candace.

Sarah further stated, “Tee Tot, I’m terrified of her.”

So how have fans taken her appearance on the show? Viewers are thrilled by her arrival.

One wrote, “She came rollin’ in like she at the club πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.”

Another viewer wrote, “She ain’t even say she was ugly she dragged it 😭😭.”

Likewise, another viewer added, “Omg that lady say Lawd have mercy leave me alone πŸ˜‚ she behind the door.”

Many of the viewers initially thought that they had mistaken Tee for rapper Lil Wayne. One TikTok user wrote, “Not me thinking it was Lil Wayne πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.”

Tee Tot Age

Tee Tot appears to be in her 40s. Her exact age is not available at this moment.

What Is Tee Tot Real Name?

The real name of Tee Tot is Tosha.

Tee Tot Job

At the time of this article, Tee Tot’s job and career detail is not available.

Tee Tot Husband

Unfortunately, Tee Tot’s relationship status and dating life are not available at this moment.

Is Tee Tot On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Tee Tot doesn’t seem to be on Instagram and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tee Tot From?

Tee Tot is likely from North Carolina.

  • When Is Tee Tot Birthday?

There are no details on Tee Tot’s birthday.

  • How Tall Is Tee Tot?

Per her pictures, Tee Tot’s birthday is not available.

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