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Charlotte Coco Marques Bio, Age, Job, Married, 60 Days In

60 Days In, the fan-favorite television docuseries on A&E returns for Season 8 on 15 June 2023. And like old times, sends seven brave volunteers into country jail (this time in North Carolina’s Pitt County Detention Center) to undercover. And, so the 60 Days In aims to explore prison corruption through the lens of inmates with hopes to encourage reform. Charlotte Coco Marques is one of the show’s cast members. So, in this writing, let us tell you all about her.

Charlotte Coco Marques On A&E’s 60 Days In

Unlike fellow co-star Brittney Wilcox, Charlotte Coco Marques has been incarcerated before IRL. So, clearly, she has a better chance of not failing the task she has been assigned to.

This time, she is returning to prison via 60 Days In to tackle the mistreatment of inmates. “I’m for them because I was them”, she even declared during her introduction.

Seven years ago she got released after serving one year in prison. Since then she has been outspoken about the injustices women experience behind bars, and the obstacles individuals face even after they have served their time. Inside bars, she was horrified by the lack of feminine hygiene, the corrupt staff who favored certain individuals, and the limited reentry support. Herself included, she felt as though many of the women behind bars were also wrongfully convicted.

Charlotte Coco Marques Age

Charlotte, AKA Charlotte Ann Fisher was born in 1979. So, she reached the age of 43 in 2022.

Apparently, Delgado is her married name, and Fisher is her maiden name.

Charlotte Coco Marques Job

To 60 Days In viewers, Charlotte Coco Marques is described as a stay-at-home mom. Meanwhile, on her Facebook, she defines herself as a comedian and TV personality, and a social media influencer from 20 December 2019 until now.

On 60 Days In, she also said she is excited to be starting a new job after years of incarceration-related discrimination. One day, she added, she is hoping to write a book or be a talk show host.

In high school, Charlotte was picked on by her classmates for not being “Black enough.” Then, at 18, she became a mom and worked two jobs to support her children and even purchased their first home. But in the blink of an eye, it was all gone. While she was working at a smoke shop, she was charged with drug trafficking and sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison. For someone who had never been away from her young children, she had to quickly learn how to be a parent from behind bars.

Is Charlotte Coco Marques Married?

Charlotte was not already married as of June 2023. But, she was happily engaged to this man named Jay Delgado (El Jefe). On his Facebook, Jay mentioned being self-employed, studying at the University of the Virgin Islands, about hailing originally hailing from Kingshill, U.S. Virgin Islands. He has often been featured on Charlotte’s famous TikTik videos.

Charlotte who already had three kids, had two more children with Jay. Now, they live together while parenting all of these kids.

On the 60 Days In show, Charlotte also revealed that she is a proud grandma and is still making up for lost time with her oldest kids.

“Happy Mother’s Day to one of the best mom’s that I know to walk this earth, enjoy your day cause you definitely deserve it. Superwoman at its finest 🥰 Coco Marques”, this was Jay wishing Charlotte on Mother’s Day back in May 2021.

Here are a few things that we know about Charlotte’s kids.

Dee Thomas (Dee) is the only son in the family. When he was sworn into the Marine Corps in April 2022, Charlotte was just so proud of him.

Older daughters are DeAsha Amari, AKA Amauri Olliver, and Tina Montana. The former graduated from college in May 2022 and the latter turned 25 years old on August 12th that year.

The youngest two daughters are still very young. Empress Jade just turned 4 on 18 February 2023. As for Duchess Jai Delgado, she was born either in late February or early March of 2021.

Charlotte Coco Marques Height

Beautiful, tattoo-loving Charlotte Coco Marques stands below 5’4” in height.

Charlotte Coco Marques Family

Charlotte Coco Marques is biracial. Her father is Black. She has talked about raising by a very strict army veteran father who served in Desert Storm. She said she was not allowed to wear makeup or girly clothes, and so she eventually acted out as a result.

Nevertheless, today, she has a very loving relationship with her father. She also often shows him to her people on social media. As for her mother, we have only been shown a few back-in-the-day pictures of her.

Charlotte also has a brother. He is Charles E Fisher who has his birthday on October 17th. He was born in 1982 and seemed to be residing in Austin, Texas as of now.

Related FAQs

  • Is Charlotte Coco Marques On Instagram?

Yes. Charlotte can be found on Instagram. As of 17 June 2023, the account @therealcoco512 included 306 posts and 2,178 followers.

Also, Charlotte entertained as many as 53K followers on ‘Coco Marques (Delgado)’ Facebook and around 42.7K followers on TikTok @therealcoco512. One could also give her a follow on Twitter @TheRealCoco512.

  • When Is Charlotte Coco Marques’s Birthday?

Charlotte Coco Marques’s birthday is on August 2nd and that makes her a Leo.

  • Where Is Charlotte Coco Marques From?

Not only Charlotte Coco Marques had been residing in Austin, Texas as of 2023, but she was also born and brought up there.

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