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Chevie Roach Bio, Net Worth, Height, Life Below Zero

Meet Chevie Roach from season 4 of National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero: Next Generation.” Here, you’ll learn about his wife’s net worth, information on kids, his height, and his journey in the show.

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Chevie Roach On Life Below Zero

For those who are interested to learn about what it’s like living off-grid, or for those who have already watched similar shows before, good news. National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero: Next Generation” is back for season 4. The first episode of the show premiered on 18 January 2022.

This season you’ll be seeing Chevie Roach and his wife Sonta Roach and their three children, Sydney, Ryder, and Emery, trying to tackle every challenge while they prepare themselves to live in Alaska. We will be seeing the family joining other casts such as Chris and Jessica Morse, Johnny Rolfe, Kaleb & Brittany Rowland, Robert & RJ Miller, and Alex Javor.

Season 4 for Chevie and Sonta mainly focuses on teaching their kids the necessary survival skills so they could become self-sufficient individuals.

Sonta And Chevie Roach’s Relationship

Chevie Roach is exploring the topography of Shageluck, Alaska with his wife 34-year-old wife Sonta Hamilton, and their three kids Emery, 5; Ryder, 7; and Sydney, 9. He moved to his current residence after he met Shonta. His wife was born and raised in Shageluck, where her parents still live. Shageluk is an Athabascan village located on the east bank of the Innoko River, approximately 20 miles east of Anvik and 34 miles northeast of Holy Cross.

The family now relies on subsistence activities to survive as they fish for king salmon, dog salmon, and whitefish in June/July. They hunt ducks, geese, moose, and black bears in the fall; and wolverine, wolves, lynx, martin, mink, otter, beaver, and fox in the winter. Come spring, they hunt black bears, geese, ducks, and mallards.

Sonta worked as a school teacher. Chevie and Sonta also ran a business named The Flyaway, a local store which he had built himself.

In early July 2019, the married couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Their family friend (probably) wished via Facebook, “Happy 10th Anniversary to Sonta Hamilton Roach and Chevie…. a couple of days early! Thanks for all the good foods, laughs, and happy memory-making times today. Thanks for 10-years of watching you grow as a couple, and thank you for the grandchildren! May you have many more blessed years while staying strong throughout.”

In 2009, Craig Roach shared Sonta and Chevie’s wedding pictures. So you know, they have been married for 12+ years.

Craig and Sonta welcomed their son Ryder Valles in September 2013. Just after two weeks of having her son, Sonta decided to ease herself in classroom thoughts. She shared on her blog that education and teaching run on her family and it is very important to her and her family.

Sonta’s parents were both excellent teachers. Her dad Rudy Hamilton was an expert in traditional cultural education and her mom Joyanne Hamilton was in high school. She completed her HS at Mt. Edgecumbe, graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) with BA in Rural Development, explored the Indigenous Studies Program, and now at UAS MA in Elementary Education here I come.

Sonta taught 8 K-2 graders in 2013 and she had started teaching in 2010.

Chevie Roach Net Worth

Chevie Roach has a net worth under $500 thousand which is yet to be confirmed.

He worked as a mayor of their current residence, Shageluck, Alaska. Chevie served as the mayor while he had Alana Notti as Secretary. The City of Shgeluk had 11 total employees across all of its locations.

According to his LinkedIn, he is also the owner of Big Wheel Hauling LLC in Fairbanks, Arkansas. Big Wheel Hauling (BWH) LLC helps to get the project done whether their client requires building materials or any equipment to be moved. The business boasts that it can do it fast and safely. Based out of Fairbanks, Alaska, the company provides service to anyone on the road system.

BWH haul items and materials up to 20,000 lbs. with minimal notice. Personable service will ensure your items arrive when needed. BWH will also drop off goods at remote camps and other locations seven days a week.

Besides his businesses, he now makes his living with the income he makes from the Nat Geo show. According to Distractify, Nat Geo pays their stars $4,500 per episode.

Chevie Roach Age

Chevie Roach is 38 years old as of Jan 2022.

How Tall Is Chevie Roach?

Chevie Roach stands tall to the height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Is Chevie Roach On Instagram?

No, Chevie Roach doesn’t have his own Instagram account. But, he has been featured on his wife’s Facebook account (@sonta.roach).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Chevie Roach Birthday?

Chevie celebrates his birthday every year in November.

  • Where Was Chevie Roach Born?

Chevie was originally born in Fairbanks, Alaska. However, he was later raised in Tok, Alaska.

  • Who Are Chevie Roach’s Parents?

Chevie Roach was born to his father Craig Roach. After his anonymous mother died, he stayed single and widowed. After his father died, Chevie’s wife started a fundraiser in memory of her father-in-law.

Craig was a veteran teacher of AGSD who impacted so many students through his work as a mentor, a coach, and a friend. He wanted and expected the very best from his students, and he loved them all very much. Craig wanted his students at Mentasta to be taken care of and supported, and the funds raised went towards Mentasta school.

As for Chevie’s siblings, he had a sister named Romanie Roach (@romanie.roach). Romanie attended the University of West Florida.

Other family members of Romanie include Sugar Roach and Marvin Roach.

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