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Sonta Roach Bio, Age, Net Worth, IG, Chevie, Life Below Zero

Life Below Zero: Next Generation premiered on the 18th of January 2022. And for the new season, the Nat Geo show is coming with a whole bunch of new cast members. Among the added cast are the husband and wife duo of Chevie and Sonta Roach and their three children.

In this article, read about Sonta Roach. And find out about her age, her net worth, her job, her relationship with her husband Chevie, and more.

Sonta Roach On Life Below Zero

Sonta Roach is appearing on Life Below Zero: Next Generation with her husband Chevie Roach and their three children, Sydney, Ryder, and Emery. According to their Nat Geo bio, Sonta and her husband do have regular jobs (see below) but they also live by hunting, as in true Alaskan fashion.

They fish for coveted Alaskan fishes like white fish, dog salmon, king salmon, silver salmon, etc. And they hunt for ducks, geese, for food, and black bears, wolves, wolverine, lynx, mink, otter, etc for fur and skin and other items. (

Life Below Zero: Next Generation will follow Sonta and Chevie in their hunting, fishing trips, and other general survival works. The couple will also be teaching their young kids the basics of hunting and fishing and survival skills.

Apart from the Roach family, the reality show will feature other cast members like Chris and Jessica Morse, Johnny Rolfe, Kaleb Rowland, Brittany Rowland, and their three kids, Robert and RJ Miller, and Alex Javor.

You can watch the trailer of the show here. And you can tune in to National Geographic Channel for the full episodes.

Chevie And Sonta Roach’s Relationship

The only thing we know about Chevie and Sonta Roach’s early relationship is that Chevie, who was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, and raised in Tok, Alaska moved to Shageluck after meeting with Sonta. They got married in July 2019. The couple celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in July 2021.

In their over 12 years of married life, Chevie and Sonta have had three kids. Their eldest, daughter Sydney was 9 years old. And their second child, a son named Ryder Valles, was born in September 2013 and is 7 years old. Their youngest son, Emery was only 5 years old.

Sonta Roach Age

As of the time of the airing of Life Below Zero in 2022, Sonta Roach was 34 years of age. And her husband, Chevie, was 37 years of age.

Sonta Roach Net Worth

Sonta Roach’s reported net worth surpassed $500K.

When she is not fighting against sub-zero temperature and being a real superstar, Sonta Roach is a school teacher. She teaches in the Iditarod Area School District in her hometown of Shageluck.

Sonta’s teaching philosophy is that learning the native Alaskan culture and language is important for the education of young Alaskan children. She even incorporates Deg Hit’an ways (traditions of her native Alaskan tribe) in teaching and even parenting practices.

Sonta went to Mount Edgecumbe High School in Sitka, Alaska. Later, for her college education, she went to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and got a Bachelor’s degree in rural development. And then she went to the University of Alaska Southeast and got a Master’s degree in elementary education.

Sonta has also co-authored a book about education called Culture in the Classroom: Standards, Indicators, and Evidence for Evaluating Culturally Responsive Teaching. As the name suggests, the book was about cultural proficiency in the classroom. It was released in 2015 and written by Gerald Briscoe with 8 contributors including Sonta.

As a teacher, Sonta earns a salary of $73 thousand a year.

Apart from being a teacher, Sonta also owns a consulting business called Hamilton Consulting in Shageluck, Alaska.

Is Sonta Roach On IG?

No, we could not find Sonta Roach on Instagram. However, she was present on Twitter and Facebook.

Sonta Roach Parents

Coming to her parents, Sonta Roach’s father’s name is Rudy Hamilton and her mother’s name is Joyanne Hamilton. They are both teachers. Her father’s expertise lies in traditional cultural education and her mother’s expertise lies in high school education. They still live in Shageluck, Alaska.

Sonta’s father-in-law (Chevie’s father) was also a teacher. His name was Craig Roach. He died in 2019. Sonta created a GoFundMe fundraiser in his memory for the benefit of his students.

We also know the names of her grandparents. On her father’s side, her grandparents were Adolph and Margaret Hamilton. And on her mother’s side, her grandparents were Delores and Harlan Knauf. Her maternal grandparents were from Bloomington, Minnesota. However, her father’s parents were Shageluck natives as well.

Sonta is a native Alaskan and her mother tongue is Deg Xinag, which is one of many Athabascan languages spoken in the North-West of the North American continent.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sonta Roach Birthday?

Sonta (and her family) celebrates her birthday every year on the 25th of July. And because of that, her zodiac is Leo.

  • Where Is Sonta Roach From?

Sonta was born and raised in Shageluck, Alaska. She still lived in Shageluck with her husband and kids. Although, she had left Shageluck for about seven years in her younger days.

  • What Is Sonta Roach Maiden Name?

Sonta Roach’s maiden name is Sonta Hamilton.

  • How Tall Is Sonta Roach?

Sonta Roach is not more than 5 ft 4 inches tall.

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