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Choi Jong-woo Bio, Single’s Inferno, Job, Age, Height

Choi Jong-woo was one of the nine attractive singles who joined Netflix’s Single’s Inferno AKA Solo Hell. Who is he what does he do? How old is he? These are some of the questions of the fans we will be answering below. But before that, here is a brief description of the show.

After the successful first season of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno which premiered on 18 December 2021, the show is back for season 2 with a new line-up made up of single and attractive castaways.

If you’re unaware of the show’s premise, 12 gorgeous singles look for love on a secluded island called “Inferno” in the show. The contestants must develop a romantic relationship with another contender and get them to reciprocate in order to escape the inferno and travel to “paradise,” a location with opulent homes, where they can enjoy their new relationship. There they can have a romantic date and share additional personal information like their ages and jobs. However, the job is difficult, and romance is difficult to come by because so much drama occurs.

Basically, the show is the Korean spin-off of Too Hot To Handle. The show became the first-ever Korean reality series to make Netflix’s global top 10.

Choi Jong-woo On Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Season 2

Choi Jong Woo begins his introduction by stating that he has never truly dated anyone. He shared that he recently got his fortune read and the monk predicted that if he participated in the show he might end up getting married. So his curiosity pushed him to see where it would lead.

He’s described himself as competitive and confident about his strength. Whereas in his intro, he said that his charming points are his empathy, sensitivity, and the corners of his mouth which naturally curl up.

Talking about his type, Choi admitted that he goes after women who have attractive eyes. He is tall, handsome, and has a boyish charm and an attractive smile, and bears qualities that most women in the show would go after. And if he meets someone on ‘Single’s Inferno’, he plans to express himself a lot, “even if it’s nerve-wracking,” and do his best to make her like him.

The other eight cast members joining this season are Shin Seul-ki, Park Se-jeong, Lee So-e, Jo Yoong-jae, Lee Nadine, Kim Han-bin, Shin Dong-woo, and Choi Seo-eun. Season 2 of ‘Single’s Inferno’ stars Kyuhyun, Lee Da Hee, Hong Jin Kyung, and Hanhae appear as MCs.

Is Choi Jong-woo Dating Anyone?

In the first episode, Choi Jong-woo received a postcard from Choi Seo-eu meanwhile, he gave his postcard to Shin Seul-ki. However, Seul-ki picked Dong-wook. The first two couples to leave for the luxurious resort of Paradise in Single’s Inferno Season 2 is Dong-wook with Seul-ki and Yoong-jae with Seo-eun. So, he didn’t build a reciprocating connection with any of the females based on the first two episodes.

As for if he really found his wife after the show, we’ll have to wait and see because his social media is not giving anything away about his dating life currently.

Choi Jong-woo Age

In 2022, Choi Jong-woo should be around 26 years old.

Choi Jong-woo Job

Choi Jong-woo might’ve worked as a barista in a cafe in Gangneung, according to a blogger. She wrote he allegedly worked at Chodang Corn Latte restaurant at Gallery Bobs. She added that she recognized him immediately on the show.

was formerly a competitive athlete. He has played football since he was in elementary school. Even though it’s just a pastime now, he still keeps up with sports and tends to be very competitive.

Jong-woo does have a Youtube channel, @choi2451, with one Vlog video.

Has Choi Jong-woo Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Currently, there is no information on whether Choi Jon-woo had any surgeries done that made him look more handsome. But, he is not the only one who has viewers riled up asking about plastic surgeries. But, like all of his fellow cast members, he is also yet to address the plastic surgery rumors.

But, one thing that is clearly visible to the common eye is that he has gotten a nose job as most people do.

Choi Jong-woo Height

Choi Jong-woo stands tall above the height of (6 feet 2 inches) 1.87 meters. His distinct feature is the tattoo on his chest.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Choi Jong-woo Birthday?

No, Choi Jong-woo hasn’t shared his birthday details yet.

  • Where Is Choi Jong-woo From?

Choi John-woo’s hometown in Korea is currently a mystery.

  • Is Choi Jong-woo On Instagram?

Indeed, he is. Jong-woo’s IG has garnered him (@jvvcful) 21.7k followers.

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