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Shin Seul-ki Bio, Single’s Inferno, Age, Job, Plastic Surgery

Meet Shin Seul-ki or Shin Seul-gi, one of the contestants of Netflix’s hit show Single’s Inferno or also known as Solo Hell.

After the successful first season of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno which premiered on 18 December 2021, the show is back for season 2 with a new line-up made up of single and attractive castaways.

If you’re unaware of the show’s premise, 12 gorgeous singles look for love on a secluded island called “Inferno” in the show. The contestants must develop a romantic relationship with another contender and get them to reciprocate in order to escape the inferno and travel to “paradise,” a location with opulent homes, where they can enjoy their new relationship. There they can have a romantic date and share additional personal information like their ages and jobs. However, the job is difficult, and romance is difficult to come by because so much drama occurs.

Basically, the show is the Korean spin-off of Too Hot To Handle. The show became the first-ever Korean reality series to make Netflix’s global top 10.

Shin Seul-ki On Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Season 2

Shin Seul-ki has been praised for having something “very Korean” that other contestants didn’t. When the hosts Lee Da-hee and Hong Jin-Kyung first saw Shin, they both gasped. They both said, “She’s so beautiful.” On the other hand, host Hanhae commented that “there’s something very Korean about her.” She exudes elegance.

Shin sat down on the sand, and they commented that she appeared innocent.

When she came to the show, Seul-ki stated that she hasn’t actively dated for a very long time. She was eager to meet new people and it was the reason behind her joining the show. Seul-ki also mentioned how people who are unfamiliar with her like to label her as “cold” and “snobby.” But she claims that after getting to know her, people discover that she is “quite easygoing” and “surprisingly fun.”

Shin bursts into laughter as she claimed that guys comment on her “stars in her eyes.” The hosts said, “Such an old pickup line.”

Along with Seul-ki, other cast members who signed up for the dating show are Park Se-jeong, Choi Jong-woo, Lee So-e, Jo Yoong-jae, Lee Nadine, Kim Han-bin, Shin Dong-woo, and Choi Seo-eun.

Is Shin Seul-ki Dating Anyone?

Currently, Shin Seul-ki is keeping her lips sealed about her dating life. Her Instagram doesn’t give that much away. Talking about her appearance on the show, two boys Shin Dong-woo and Choi Jong-woo. Meanwhile, she picked Dong-woo. Later, Shin also picked Seul-ki to go to Paradise.

Eventually, one of the two couples leaves for the luxurious resort of Paradise in Single’s Inferno Season 2 became Dong-woo with Seul-ki, and the other couple is Jo Yoong-jae with Choi Seo-eun.

Shin Seul-ki Age

The elegant beauty, Shin Seul-ki or Shin Seul-gi 24 years old. She was reportedly born in 1998.

Shin Seul-ki Job

Shin Seul-ki is reportedly attending Seoul National University International Piano Academy while majoring in Piano at the College of Music. She is also an avid traveler who has been to different parts of and outside of Korea. In February 2022, her IG posts show that she was in Budapest.

After Seoul National University, she competed in Miss Korea or Miss Chunhyang. The centerpiece of the Chunhyang festival, which is based on the love story of Chunhyang and Lee Mongryong from the well-known Korean love story Chunhyangjeon, is Miss Chunhyang, for those who is new to Miss Chunyang.

Overcoming more than 30 other exceptional contenders, Shin Seul-gi was named Miss Korea Traditional 2020 (Miss Chunhyang 2020). The beauty contest conclusion was held in Namwon City, 389 kilometers south of Seoul, without an audience because of the epidemic condition, and it was also streamed online.

Seul-ki was one of the strong contestants during the competition and was praised for having a beauty that was a blend of traditionality and modernity. She is constantly at the top of the list in terms of appearance, behavior skills, and education. During the 100 days of competition, Shin Seul-gi did not expect the final victory, holding the crown of Miss.

Many people believed that she is much more beautiful than the beauty queens of Korea over the years. They said that Shin Seul-gi possesses pure beauty, not inferior to any famous Korean movie actor. She is also very talented in speech, singing, and dancing.

Miss Chunhyang 2020 is a contest to find the traditional beauty representing Korean women. Korea has many beauty contests, but in recent years, it has always disappointed the public. They are often criticized for their beauty not being worthy of the crown they won.

Has Shin Seul-ki Undergone Plastic Surgery?

There is no telling if she did undergo plastic surgery because she looks as if she hasn’t done any work on her looks. Although she seems to have done a nose job, she is yet to confirm that along with other surgeries that she might’ve undergone.

Shin Seul-ki Height

Shin Seul-ki’s stands tall at a height of 5’6”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Shin Seul-ki Birthday?

Shin Seul-ki is yet to open up about her date of birth.

  • Where Is Shin Seul-ki From?

Shin Seul-ki likely hailed from Seoul, South Korea.

  • Is Shin Seul-ki On Instagram?

Yes, Shin Seul-ki has an Instagram (@shinseulkee) that flaunts 34.1k followers.

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